Tendrils of Love

Enchantress, what witchery is this?

Weaving your magic through the dark heart of night, tendrils of love reaching through the ethers. The Essence of you, slipping beneath my sheets and into the fabric of my dreams…

Eily Nash~2022


She beguiles, enchants, summons, calls; do not fall. 

Her world is not yours, it would only be ephemeral for a mortal man.

She is of the Night, the Darkness.

Her world is ‘twixt night and day, she is a numinous creature of liminal light.

Beware the charms of a Witch.


Eily Nash~2022
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Tenebrous Tendrils

Darkness beckons
I hear Lilith’s call
Willingly Falling
Into the soothing deep
Velvet night beguiles
Enchants, revives
By Moonlight the pain
Of brittle, harsh day
Fades away.
Tenebrous tendrils
Drawing body and Soul
Into the Void
Inner Light
I am Home.
I am Whole.

Eily Nash ~2022


My path is mine and mine alone to walk, as is yours too. Happenstance, time to time we meet others along our way and travel together for a while. Perhaps we share stories, laughter, music and song. Perhaps we commiserate and offer advice for things that have gone wrong. Maybe we have words to inspire or the strength to carry a weary Soul for a while. May we feel better for the time shared and Merry Meet and Merry part as we continue the journey on the long road ‘Home’. Love Eily 💜

Flowers in Her Hair



Her feet were bare, flowers adorned her hair.

Kissed by the sun & the soft touch of sweet summer rain, she stepped out of her black velvet cloak to dance sky clad in fields of green and crops of gold.

Gaia’s child chanted Her words of power, with a heart flowing with gratitude for the bounty of the land and the gift of life, for the Great Mother had showed her the secrets, wonder and beauty of the Earth.

A canticle of praise flowed from her lips to God in His heavens above.

The Father’s benediction spread across skies of blue and fell upon her and all his holy creation below, and those who follow ancient paths and the ways of old.

✨Blessed Be✨

As Above, So Below.





Eyes of the Witch

Image of Pythia ~Priestess of Delphi by John Collier (1891)

She saw deep into the souls of men.

Their secrets, fears, hopes and desires.

Such was the power of the witch.

She needed no obsidian scrying glass.

Some scorned her for her second sight.

Some found her an illuminating Light.

She cared not, for it was all the same in this game called life✨

~Eily Nash

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Night’s Magic

Image by Eily Nash

Meet me on the field of dreams

Where nothing is as it seems

Deep in the realms of dark fantasy

Desire brought us together in reality

Summoned by power of Witch light

Love and lust lit up the heart of night

Dawn broke and the cold light of day

Crept in to steal night’s magic away✨

~Eily Nash


Spellbound, I held him in my arms✨ summonded by magick, candles and charms✨ Illusions of distance and linear time✨dispelled by a bewitching rhyme✨that which I desire shall be mine✨My Beloved will come to me✨So mote it be.✨

Succubus Spell

I loved him well, I loved him true
Something he just could not do
For to lay with me would be a sin
I knew he longed to touch my skin
Yet he kept me so far out of reach
Scared his defences I may breach
Passion’s flame burnt in his chest
Lustful thoughts gave him no rest
At last, of free will he came to me
Torn, tormented by his own misery
My beloved Mortal slipped into my bed
Offering his body, I took his soul instead
And down we went to the depths of hell
For he had fallen for a Succubus spell.

~Eily Nash

Obsidian Eyes

Dark Angel who carried me to the edge of heaven, wrapped in your flaming wings of burning desire, you who cast me into the abyss of unrequited love. Exulting in bones broken, laying in unhallowed ground. Hear my lost soul wandering, weeping, through Hades Halls searching for you.

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Keys of the Night

From Pixabay

The mystery and magic of She who holds the keys of night began to unfold as my words delicately caressed her fragrant skin.

Black velvet robe falling to the floor, she brought me to my knees and pulled me in deeper, deeper to swim in seas of sensuality.

Enticed, enchanted, charmed …

I fell under my own spell, for that Witch of mine, she knew me well. In her eyes and in her arms I found both the agonies and ecstasies of heaven and hell.

Eily Nash ~2021

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Power of Love

She had a special way with words, knew how to soothe his unquiet Soul. Written in velvet, wrapped in silk, the Truth fell upon his hungry ears. For with a magic touch, the woman knew just how to ease his fears. Was it witchcraft, he never knew. She smiled, for her power was so much more than the arcane arts.

Love heals all.

Eily Nash ~2021

Queen of Witchery

Photo by Ferdinand Studio on Pexels.com


A golden crown upon my head

Clothed in a gossamer gown

I sit upon a silver throne

My palace is my heart’s home

I have no subjects, I am all alone

All cares, burdens, concerns unladen

For others sins, I have long atoned

From skies above the Goddess looked down

Upon her broken and lost Handmaiden

The Lady in Her mercy revealed to me

Her Majesty and Secrets of alchemy

Now I preside from the seat of my soul

I am healed and whole.

Queen of all Witchery

Eily Nash ~2020


Witch Lit Eyes

By beguiling witch-light I fell so deeply into the depths of her Obsidian eyes. What was I looking for, perhaps some long forgotten lost aspects of myself?

Instead I found her true essence hiding in the twilight chambers of her heart.

Through me, a mortal man, she was set free. No longer destined to be imprisoned walking on hot burning coals behind hell’s gates, but to walk hand in hand with me, in the hallowed halls of Sacred Love that flow into Eternity.

Eily Nash

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