Gifts of the Graces

The Three Graces ~ Edouard Bisson
Three Celestial sisters stood on the roof of the World looking down on the Sons and Daughters of Men.


‘What should we gift them this Christmastide,’ asked Aglaia.

‘Essences of our Grace, Beauty and Charm?’ Suggested Thalia.

‘What have they need of the most?’questioned Euphrosyne.

They conferred for a while.

The Three Graces having decided on their gifts to Humanity, scattered Star Seeds down onto the Earth below.

In time the seeds would grow in the hearts and minds of Mankind and so the World would come to know the gifts of the gods.











Eily Nash ~2021

Wild Roses

‘Let me take you by the hand, ‘ he said.

‘I will take you to to the place where the wild roses grow, we will sit a while upon the the lush green riverbank beneath a sun kissed sky and watch dragonflies dance upon peaceful waters as they flow by. There is no other, my dear, I plight my troth to thee!’

I took him at his word and my True Love gave to me a rose. Petals as dark as blackest night. The thorns tore deep and caused my heart to bleed. My red blood fell upon pure white snow. My tears lost upon turbulent seas. A murder of crows cawed at my misery, the truth was there to see.

My True Love lied to me.


Eily Nash (2019) ⌒*✰‿✰*✰‿✰

Howling, hungry Wolf

The wild North wind howls, a hungry Wolf at the door seeking to feast on the souls of the lost and the lonely. Seek warmth from the Applewood burning in the hearth, let the flames warm the ice within your cold heart...Lest He creeps stealthily within, stealing you far away from the place the sweet wildflowers grow, to His frozen lair in a wild domain .

Eily Nash (2021)

Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

The tale of the 40D’s and Tiffany’s 😉

O’er, my Beloved’s thoughtless treat has caused me such distress. He has given given me a bucket full of manky stress 🙁

Dear Eily, what could make you so mad. Has your man been really bad??!😡

Well listen up, M’dears with eager ears…

‘Darling, I am going to gift you a Premier 24 hour Membership to the gym with me!’ Says he, a touch too gleefully.🏋️‍♀️🤼‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏊‍♀️

I trembled, I shook. Sweaty excercise, so not in my book!

‘Er, no! ‘ says I ‘that would make me cry. I am lush & lovely as I am. Don’t you appreciate my gorgeous assets, 40D … do you want to shrink me?? ‘

I saw the thoughts whirl in his head…As I invited him to snuggle up and watch my favourite movie in our king size bed.

‘Oh no my Love, what would you prefer instead?’

‘Beloved, I don’t want to throw my toys from my pram, but I’d rather like a shiny, Sparkly something. Nothing grand, a bracelet for my hand. I’m feeling a tiny luxury, maybe a little trinket from Tiffany’s!’ 💍💝💎

His face lit up in a big smile, ‘The 40D’s are here to stay, both yummy breakfast in bed and the Tiffany trinkets are on the way!!’

Ohh I do love Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

~Eily Nash

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