Swallowing Like Sorrow

I believe music, like poetry, to be gifts of the Soul. There are some creative people who through their creative talents bring magic, healing and love to the World. I am in awe of the sheer beauty of the lovely Penny from Penny’s Scar. The Lady is a Poet, Songwriter and musician. It is my pleasure to share with you some of her work. All her music is free to listen to and also download from Soundclick. Have a listen and immerse yourself in the haunting, mesmerising and sultry tones of Penny’s Scar 🎶

The bridge is down
My heart has found
Another rock to throw
Wispy sounds on the water
Rippling through broken shadows
Kissing time frozen inside
Which way do I go
Midnight coming
Slowly takes the pain away


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Drinking You In

With kind permission, I am delighted to share another sensuous piece from the sultry pen of Pammy…

I am seeping inside 

Drinking you in 

Lavishly wanting 

My body arches


 As I quiver in your arms

The things you do to me 

When I am thirsty 

You quench me   

I lay pleading 

Screaming your name again 

and again 

And again


again ...

©Pammy/Penny's Scar