Child Within

I saw behind the strength of the man, the kindness, love and care he gave to others, but rarely to himself.

I saw deep.

I saw the hurt child within.

My heart cried in pain for him, what had been, all he had seen.

I called upon the Sun & Moon to shine their Celestial Light upon the darkness that cast a shadow over his life.

Reaching out friendship’s hand, I bid him leave his worries and concerns. They could wait another day.

Time now to be carefree and just play.

Seeing the reticence in his eyes, I smiled and reassured, as my own inner child whispered…

‘It’s OK, I know. I hurt too.’

So from the mundane world we walked away and went off to find Starfish on the beach and magic in the forest deep.


You found me playing in the warm shallows, intrigued by my strange beauty, you plucked me from my peaceful shores.

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In your hands, I could not breathe. I tried to break free, but thinking you knew me better than I knew myself and what was best for me, you would not let go, and took me far away from the sea that was so much a part of me, to your home upon the land instead…

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If only you knew the magic of the Deep, and were not afraid to leave the safety of the shore!

For there is so much more far beyond the horizon than your eyes can see. Maybe then, there would have been a shared life of adventure for you and I.

For some can only walk upon land and some have wings to take to the skies and fly.

And some, like me, can enjoy the gentle kiss of the Sun, caresses of the breeze whilst we rest awhile upon a sandy shore. But for us to live and breathe, we have to slip away from the shallows and gently drift back home to the comfort of the endless mysteries found in the seven Seas.

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How I wish you had walked on by on that sun kissed day and left me on the beach!

I shall surely die in the Winter of your cold and captive hands.

For now I know you are unwilling to set me free as you are unable to swim with me.

I shall never truly know what it is like to be who I was meant to be…

A Starfish swimming in the deep blue sea.

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Eily Nash ~2021

Song of the Siren

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In shallow waters he teased and played, enticing hungry bodies to lust and fall to sin. Then with practiced ease, no remorse or backward glance, he would callously walk away, leaving heartache in his wake. Broken shells and shattered dreams on the empty shore of love.

Until the fateful day he heard the Siren’s warning call.

‘Beware the beautiful mind that draws you in.’

Intrigued by the beguiling deep, he slowly waded into the stillness of the sea, thinking he was free to ebb and flow and ride the tide, like the Starfish on the beach.

Yet each time he heard the song of the Siren, he went further until there was no ground beneath his feet.



Siren calling …

Who could save a drowning man from his own desires as he became a willing prisoner to the deep?

Eily Nash

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