Ruby Red Wine

Image from Pixabay
Dark and delectable as ruby red wine
The taste of her lips touching mine
Fingers run through long blonde hair
Smoke from candle flames curl in the air
Mirror reflects the look in her dark eyes
Black satin dress slides to the floor
The promise of night, lust and amour
Smiling she steps naked into my arms
I am lost to the beguiling Witch’s charms

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Why did you wake the sleeping Tiger that lay dormant and hidden within me?

For now she prowls the corridors of Night, filled with unassuaged hunger and longing for Your touch.

Feel her tongue, and the hot flames of desire licking with satisfaction your pliant, willing skin.

Are you afraid, or will you let the Tiger in to taste you and feed upon your molten flesh?

You cannot tame her, only acquiesce and appease her …

Perhaps she will not devour you…

Just yet.

Keys of the Night

From Pixabay

The mystery and magic of She who holds the keys of night began to unfold as my words delicately caressed her fragrant skin.

Black velvet robe falling to the floor, she brought me to my knees and pulled me in deeper, deeper to swim in seas of sensuality.

Enticed, enchanted, charmed …

I fell under my own spell, for that Witch of mine, she knew me well. In her eyes and in her arms I found both the agonies and ecstasies of heaven and hell.

Eily Nash ~2021

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