Coffee Shop Tales #1

Hello there my Lovelies,

Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen ~Tournée du Chat Noir de Rodolphe Salis via Wikimedia Commons

Henry the cat here with a little coffee time tale from my home at the Black Cat Café in Providence, Rhode Island. My person Cassie owns the place. Whilst she is busy brewing and baking, I like to curl up on a cosy couch and people watch. Entertaining business for a fabulous feline with an interest in depth psychology.

A quiet Monday, mid morning and I saw her, one that left a mark. A woman of a certain age, nicely dressed and sat ensconced in one of the big leather armchairs. She’d nabbed a quiet place tucked in the corner of the coffee shop. I watched her nursing her cup of strong black coffee, pain etched on her face.

She did not see me. Her eyes were fixed on something or someone in her own private mind movie. I wondered what hurt she was reliving and was it somewhere back in time or a fresh memory? No matter, really. Heartache is heartache. It all hurts the same, be it old or new.

I padded over and jumped up on the seat beside her. Maybe I could help? Sometimes humans find it good to talk, especially to a handsome and understanding chap like myself.

She became aware of my Presence, and blinked away threatening tears as she came back into the space we shared. But the shutters were down. I had intruded on a private thing. But being rather empathetic, it was if a huge wave of emotion had washed over me and I felt the full force of her pain. I saw she knew I knew! I looked forward to getting down to the nitty gritty, a little psychoanalysing on the couch and her eternal appreciation. I considered maybe even letting her stroke my luxurious fur as party of my feline therapy session. And then with an almighty shock I realised she resented me for it, my seeing deeply inside her. I felt my claws involuntarily come out, ohhh what an ungrateful human!

Cassie came over to the table, all smiles and blonde curls swinging around her cheerful face. She looked at the claws, I quickly retracted. Cassie asked the woman if she would like a refill, on the house.

With a curt ‘No’ she thrust her empty cup at Cassie. Not expecting it, Cassie grasped for the cup which melted through her fingers and shattered on the floor. My hackles raised, I hissed. And then I saw them. The commotion had caught other Patrons attention, all except a well dressed man of a certain age, studiously avoiding looking in our direction, and his much younger, very pretty and smiley female companion snuggled close to him on a couch made for sharing.

The Ingrate got up, without giving me a second glance, and walked away trailing her sadness behind her like cheap perfume. I was right, it was a matter of the heart, but if that was how she responded to kindness and empathy, well, no wonder her man was with another woman!

Feeling a sudden warmth towards the ‘other woman’, I sauntered over and brushed against her legs. With a tinkle of laughter, she leaned over and gently brushed my fur and tickled my ears. I immediately liked her, a lot. What was a boy to do? I immediately rolled over for belly rubs, the lady’s illicit companion also joined in the adoration of Moi, and that was when I saw the evidence.

Oh my, appearances can be deceptive. They had matching diamond wedding bands. The light of illumination came on…

I promised myself if that old nasty woman ever came back there would be no retracting my delectable claws!

Eily Nash ~2022

Photo by Marek Kupiec on