Secret Garden

Photo by Brett Sayles on

There once was a Secret Garden filled with beautiful blooms of every colour and hue, ruby reds, yellow, purple, orange, pink and blue filled every flowerbed.

Everything from delicate Daisies to strong Sunflowers thrived in the rich dark earth everywhere. Bluebells, Freesias, Lilies, Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Roses all harmoniously blending into one heavenly perfume. A myriad of intoxicating fragrances filled the air.

There was magic in this special place, kissed by warm Summer rain, caressed by Sunlight and bathed in Moonlight, the Secret Garden created a dance of the senses for those who knew the inter connection of all things and felt the hand of Grace. Honey Bees gathered sweet nectar, birds sang, beetles and ants worked hard, Butterflies and Dragonflies danced.There was a home for everything and all was in perfect balance and harmony. A Secret Garden filled with all that was good, hope, faith, love and serenity.

Until one day the Stranger came.

With jealous eyes he looked through the garden gate, there was no admittance for him there for his heart was filled with hate. Rather than just walk away, the Stranger decided to stay.

With malevolent eyes, he looked to the skies and cursed the Sun as he scattered seeds of hate. His darkness grew and infernal night came riding in. Without the Light from a benevolent Sun and the kiss of soft Moonlight, the garden of love withered and died.

The Stranger smiled, his dark deeds done. If he could not have admittance to the beautiful garden, then no other ever would. He alone would enjoy the seeds he had sown, once they bloomed. Eons passed. He regarded what was now his garden. The ground was barren and bare, not even Bindweed grew.

The Stranger cried out into the darkness ‘Why does my garden not grow?’

A soft voice answered ‘Love cannot grow from seeds of hate.’

Understanding tore through his rigid body, a lightening bolt of realisation. He closed his eyes and began to cry. A blinding flash of Light filled the darkened skies. His tears of remorse formed into a pool. A Nightingale began to sing a soft, sweet song. The sound filled the caverns of his empty heart.

Opening his eyes, he saw upon the pool of tears a perfect Lotus Blossom.

And the Stranger understood.

For the rest of his days he walked lightly upon the Earth, tending the garden with deep gratitude. The Sun and Moon poured Blessings and Benedictions upon their Son. No longer a Stranger, he had found his way Home and the garden grew in such beauty that the people came from far and wide. They asked him what was the secret of such a magical place.

Smiling he simply said ‘Love.’

Eily Nash (2021)