The Empty Well

I am delighted to share more from my favourite American modern day Writer and Poet, Randy Wiley, his words explore all aspects of love and the vagaries of the human heart. This is poignantly painful, something so relatable for so many. I hope you enjoyed reading!

His ink well ran dry
He wanted to cry
So many words yet to spill
Empty pages he’d never fulfilled
His blood was all that remained
He etched in vain until he was drained
One final verse from the heart
I love you forever and now I depart
© Randy Wiley (2019)

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Lament for a Lost Love


The Lament of Jephthahs Daughter (c1880) George Elgar Hicks



At the Twilight of the day


When the sun dies away


I see you standing there


Fading light upon your hair…


Feel me reach for your hands


Across time’s shifting sands


Beloved, come to me, I implore


Our Souls entwined evermore


Do I yearn for you in vain?


Do you not suffer as I do?


Hear me cry, feel my pain!


My aching Soul calls to you!


At the dying of the light


And the coming of the night


Like the ebb tide of the sea


You fade away from me…



© Eily Nash