Beautiful Fairytale

Did she fascinate, charm and beguile? Maybe a distraction for just a while. 
Did she fill your thoughts in your waking hours and seep into your sleep.
Before you knew, were you in too deep?
Did she really have that power?
With her faraway eyes, she saw other worlds, far beyond the veil.
Was she for real or were you lonely?

Was she just a beautiful fairytale?

~Eily Nash

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Walk Away

She felt the absence of his heart

Long before he even realised she had gone.

Walked away …

Silently closing the door on the place

Where love did not live anymore.

Eily Nash (2020)

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Dance of the Dragonfly

Autumn leaves are falling. Summer has long gone, fading into memories of the magic of a love that enchanted both Earth and Sky. What mortal hand can hold the dance of Dragonflies?

Not you, nor I.

Winter bids me time to sleep, The yearnings of Spring call to you.

Fly away, fly high, on gossamer wings, my Dragonfly.

Your seasons of passion change, my constant heart sings a song of eternal love.

~Eily Nash