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Black Friday Freebie

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Fancy a  …

A delicous  for you…

“Meet Me At Midnight”

Free on the Apple Bookstore ~Get your copy now!

A delicious collection of short stories, with supernatural undercurrents…

Midnight Movies ~Night, that strange nocturnal world, inhabited by amoral London drug dealer  ‘H’ who may have just sold his soul to the Devil.

Beguiled By Beauty ~ ‘I am an actress,’ she said, ‘A weaver of dreams and a maker of magic!’ Maude beguiles a married man in a  bar in MidTown, New York. Will he betray his wife?

Dancing To Darkness ~ Johanna choses to ‘Dance with the Devil’ when she takes up with Nick Mephistopheles only to find there is a price to pay. Nick already owns New York City and now he wants to own her, body and soul.

On A starlit Sea ~ “If you could, would you?” From her Manhattan Penthouse, Stella looks out over the twinkling lights of New York searching for something…or someone.

Angel Of The North ~ Darkness comes creeping in and Cassie is lost and alone under Newcastle’s iconic ‘Angel Of The North’. A beguiling stranger offers to guide her  way home, to herself. Will she accept his help?