The End of the Affair

You played your game…

Played it well.

I fell under your beguiling spell.

Did you hope to hurt me

By the silence of your heart?

Was that your cruel intention from the start?

Your unsaid words

Speak loud and clear

There is nothing left to say

I have no tears to shed

I will walk away, head held high

And keep your secrets,

My dignity and my pride

Goodbye, My Lover, Goodbye.

Check Mate ♟

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You were the one who chose the game

And placed the pieces on the board.

You made your opening move.

Lies wrapped in Truth.

Wanted your Lover’s game darker.

Black Queen with sights set.

Picked up your sacrificial pawn.

You did not see the gambit

….until it was too late.

The silent Rook took flight

Swooped and took your white Knight.

Check Mate.

Game over


Eily Nash ~2020

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