Wolf song

On a wild Winter night, the West wind whipped & howled around a solitary Wolf as he sang his song of love to the Moon above. Lady La Luna smiled down, banished the wicked wind & sent snowflake kisses to her Lone Storm Lupine for his loyal devotion

The Lady had chosen Her Priestess well, for Moon Fire’s heart blazed with the fire and passion of all who have walked the Path of Initiation through the deep dark woods to tend Gaia’s Sacred Flame by the Light of Night

Grey Crescent was a Wolf of the Old Ways. They said She walked a liminal path, an Adept of healing and magickal Arts. Her song rang through the forests of the night,all who heard were soothed & comforted. And in the heavens above, the Goddess smiled blessings upon her Lupine child.✨

Moon Vixen and Magic Vixen were twin sisters. The Goddess, Lady La Luna, had chosen the brightest stars from the nurseries of Aldebaran and transformed them into sinew, blood and bone. She breathed life into Her star children, cloaking them in bodies of rich, soft fur. They were very beautiful and very strong, for they wore the bodies of Wolves. One as white as pure snow, the other as black as deepest night.

Pulling her children to her throne, The Lady whispered words of wisdom. And two tears fell from her celestial eyes. Pearls from the Moon. Taking the pearls, she created two pendants and placed one each around her lupine daughters necks.

‘My Children, I have a task for you. To leave this place, our heavenly home. There is work to do. My sister Gaia cries out in great pain, fir the sons of men are causing havoc upon the Earth.’

‘Oh Mother!’ They watched the Earth rise and saw all Lady La Luna had said was true.

‘You will go to help Gaia, but know for Celestials to walk upon the Earth, it will be a baptism of fire. You will find strength forged in a foundry of pain. Now for your names you shall be known as Moon Vixen and Magic Vixen. Together you are Moon Magic with the power, strength and grace of the Vixen. Together you will bring my magic to my stricken sister, Gaia upon the Earth.’

They understood and in unison replied, ‘We will go as One. For our Souls were formed from your Love and when we need your strength our beloved Mother, we will sing to you in the deep heart of Night.’

‘I will listen for your song, my daughters, your Wolf Song.’

Eily Nash (2022)

A Mindful Life

There is a time when it is necessary to abandon the used clothes that already have the shape of our body and to forget the paths that take us always to the same places. This is the time to cross the river, and if we don’t dare do it, we will have stayed forever beneath ourselves.

Fernando Pessoa

Dave Thomas

It is my pleasure dear Readers to introduce you to a wonderful Podcaster, Dave Thomas from “A Mindful Life”.

For a great many years I followed his original Podcast “Walk The Talk” where many people from all walks of life shared their stories of life experiences, facing adversary and finding hope.

Dave, a recently retired long standing Police Detective, shared that he had suffered a breakdown through the pressure of ‘The Job.’ I was very concerned as I have a deep respect for those who put their own wellbeing on the line to look after others, and believe so much more can and should be done to Protect our Protectors in all emergency fields.

A mental breakdown can happen to anyone at anytime. Dave bravely and openly spoke about his lived experience and documented finding his path back to wellbeing on his social media accounts.

I was totally immersed following his journey of the many ways he discovered mindfulness and wellbeing. He is an inspiration to me and many others.

A man who really does Walk his Talk. It takes a huge amount of courage to show up in the World and let others see us as we truly are, our weakness and fears as well as our glories and successes.

Eventually Dave produced, what for me as an avid listener, is his most significant and emotive Podcast. Sharing the story of what led to his breakdown and his way back to Himself. It is a powerful listen. With kind permission I share the links below.

Dave Thomas has a deep well of empathy and compassion as he holds the space for those dear Souls who appear on his shows to allow their stories to unfold. He gently asks insightful questions, his many and varied guests range from a very poignant talk with a bereaved Mother, Sue Davies, chatting with a totally engaging former Chief Constable Mike Barton, to Bestselling Author John Sutherland and wonderful heart transplant recipient Katie Hutchings.

Each episode always ends on a positive note, no matter how emotive the narrative may have been. I find him to be one of the most authentic, kind and empathetic of people.

In life, the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ can feel all consuming. It is only retrospectively we realise why it had to happen. Many of us will resonate with this. I am not ready to tell my own story of a descent into darkness just yet, instead channel the experiences and lessons into writing my books. That is why I salute the bravery of people like Dave Thomas who stand up and shine their Inner Light to guide others through their own darkness and pain.

“Having completed 25 years police service, a new chapter in my life has begun. Previously focusing on blue light wellbeing on Walk the Talk I will now be focusing on the wider picture of wellness as I pursue my own journey in retirement and I would be delighted if you could join me on A Mindful Life.” 

Listen to “A BROKEN COP AND MY ROAD TO RECOVERY” on the Audioboom network.

A Broken Cop

It would seem fitting perhaps that my first podcast under the new mantle of A Mindful Life should concentrate on myself.

After 25 years in the UK police, I suffered a mental breakdown. Even now I feel weak for admitting that. That is my ego talking though.

My hope is that my experience in the blue light services will assist others to make sense of their own journey.

I retire in 2022 where I will explore so much more than I did in my previous podcast Walk the Talk

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A Planetary Healing Meditation

I would like to share a little 20 minute meditation that I made up and  have been doing for a great many years.I strongly feel that when we are at one with Nature and look after our beautiful Planet Earth, then we, Gaia’s Beloved children, are also nurtured and grow in love and understanding for All that Is.

I offer this, with Love from me to you x


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, making sure you will be warm and not disturbed. Take several deep breathes. As you breathe in, you are filling your lungs with energising pure white Light. And as you breathe out you are letting go of all stress, strain or worry. This is your special time to connect deeply with Gaia, the spirit of our beautiful planet Earth and your own special deities, with the Saints, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and the Divine Feminine and with All that Is, Source, God, The Godhead. We are all one.

As above, so below, as without, so within.

When you are ready, we will begin. Use whatever senses you like to enjoy our planetary healing visualisation/mediation: See, hear or sense the words in a way that works for you!

See a beautiful crystalline pyramid surrounding  you, the base beneath your feet and the tip of the pyramid reaching through the stratosphere to the very edge our beautiful planet Earth. Now see another inverted pyramid, the base beneath your feet and the tip to the underside of Earth, our home in our amazing Universe. The two pyramids merge into an octahedron, with you perfectly calm and perfectly safe within.

Now see/sense/feel a brilliant white Light pouring from the Heart of Heaven down through the pyramid, through YOU…The Light is cleansing, purifying and healing. It pours through your crown and fills every part of you: skin, bones, muscles, organs, blood, nervous system and also your auric field.

The Light travels through, in, around and down you and out your feet continuing through the pyramid, through to the edge of the Earth. It is beautiful to be held in this Light from Heaven itself.

From your lovely and loving heart centre the Light begins radiating out in concentric circles to your home, your loved ones, friends, neighbourhood, your village, city, town, your country and onwards in waves out into the whole wide world.

It feels so good to be held in the light of Love. Knowing you are a Light-worker for the good of both Gaia and the Cosmos.

Hold in your heart and mind this healing Light of Love as it travel through you to all of Humanity. To all of the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. To the elements and creatures of each element, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Ether. Send this Light to everything and everyone you wish to focus on. 

The Keepers of the wisdom of the Deep, Dolphins and Whales. To Sea mammals. All the fish and crustaceans and water dwellers. 

To creatures of the land both warm and cold blooded, carnivores and herbivores, to ruminants, flocks and herds of all animal families, beetle and bugs, creatures that creep and crawl. To all reptiles.

To the creatures of the air who take flight, birds, butterflies, bees, bats, flying insects.

And to the Earth herself, all her geology and geography. Her fossil fuels, minerals, crystals, rocks, granites, marbles, geysers, hot springs. Her Polar Caps,Mountain ranges, Valleys, Rain Forests, Woodlands, Fields, Prairies, Desserts, Beaches and her grasses, trees, flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables. Her oceans, seas, rivers, waterfalls, tributaries, streams, ponds and resevoirs.

FEEL AND KNOW yourself connected with all of Creation.

In this place of total connection, feeling your special place in the Divine Plan, we will call in the Divinities.

Invite the Angels to pour their Love and Light into your octahedron pyramids, to you and through you out into the whole world and everything that is in, on  and of the Earth.

Invite the Ascended Masters, the Saints and Illumined Ones for their compassion and understanding as they once walked your path and that of all of us upon the Earth.They understand our challenges, our hopes, dreams, fears, desires, aspirations. Our creativity, our destruction, our Light and our Darkness.

Invite the the twelve Archangels Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Raguel, Sandelphon, Uriel, Zadkiel to bring their Divine power and Light, healing and Love.

Invite all the other Angelic Host, the Principalities, Powers, Virtues,Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim for their Heavenly Love.

Invite the Divine Feminine, The Sophia, for the Unconditional Love in Her Aspects of Mother God: Mother Mary, The Lady Mary Magdalene, The Lady Kwan Yin, Gaia and The Goddesses known to the World.

Now see a brilliant golden Light pouring down, the Christ Light of compassion and Love for all that is, all that was and all that will ever be. 

Finally sense, see, feel  the Violet Flame of God holding the Earth, Our Gaia Herself, in Divinity. The Love of the Godhead for all creation transmuting all fear, pain and suffering into the pure essence of LOVE. For love is from where we came and where we will return. In truth, all there is and ever will be, is LOVE.

This healing meditation for yourself and our beloved planet is now complete.

Take several deep breathes and give gratitude for the blessings you have invoked for All.

Ground, by seeing golden roots from your root chakra, your feet and hands going deeply down into the good, rich Earth. And KNOW you matter and you are Loved.


© Eily Nash 


My path is mine and mine alone to walk, as is yours too. Happenstance, time to time we meet others along our way and travel together for a while. Perhaps we share stories, laughter, music and song. Perhaps we commiserate and offer advice for things that have gone wrong. Maybe we have words to inspire or the strength to carry a weary Soul for a while. May we feel better for the time shared and Merry Meet and Merry part as we continue the journey on the long road ‘Home’. Love Eily 💜

Far Horizon

How many times …

Have I stood here
Alone upon a sandy shore
Watching the far horizon
Beyond an endless sea

How many times …

Have the waves rushed over me
Angry breakers pounding my heart
Yet I stand.
I withstand
Watching the far horizon
Beyond an endless sea

For life, in her wisdom teaches
Look way beyond the far horizon
Know the silent secrets of the sea

The waves that come rushing in
Can try but will never break me
For they have no choice but recede
To the far horizon
On the ebb tide
Of an endless sea

~Eily Nash

Flowers in Her Hair



Her feet were bare, flowers adorned her hair.

Kissed by the sun & the soft touch of sweet summer rain, she stepped out of her black velvet cloak to dance sky clad in fields of green and crops of gold.

Gaia’s child chanted Her words of power, with a heart flowing with gratitude for the bounty of the land and the gift of life, for the Great Mother had showed her the secrets, wonder and beauty of the Earth.

A canticle of praise flowed from her lips to God in His heavens above.

The Father’s benediction spread across skies of blue and fell upon her and all his holy creation below, and those who follow ancient paths and the ways of old.

✨Blessed Be✨

As Above, So Below.





Gifts of the Graces

The Three Graces ~ Edouard Bisson
Three Celestial sisters stood on the roof of the World looking down on the Sons and Daughters of Men.


‘What should we gift them this Christmastide,’ asked Aglaia.

‘Essences of our Grace, Beauty and Charm?’ Suggested Thalia.

‘What have they need of the most?’questioned Euphrosyne.

They conferred for a while.

The Three Graces having decided on their gifts to Humanity, scattered Star Seeds down onto the Earth below.

In time the seeds would grow in the hearts and minds of Mankind and so the World would come to know the gifts of the gods.











Eily Nash ~2021

Merry Meet & Merry Part

Two strangers met deep in the Greenwoods and both being lost decided to walk with each other for a while. 

The rugged path diverged to the left and the right. A simple glance was all it took, a tacit agreement ~ it was time to part, as each had a different journey to undertake.

Perhaps further down the line their paths may merge again. Perhaps not.

The journey of the eternal Soul is never simple nor set in stone. That which we think we need/want/desire in our human form is seldom what Spirit requires.

They smiled and said farewell with a ‘Merry Meet and Merry Part.’

Vagaries of Men

The Lords of Darkness and of Light sat down to dine, drink some wine, all on a moonless night. Up for discussion, the subject of Souls. It never grew old. 

‘ Which are mine, who are thine?’

An age old theme arose again. They debated. Conclusion came, they agreed the same.

Humans were over rated. Their little lives need not be fated. Let them use Free Will, they will heal or harm, bring pleasure or inflict pain,cure or kill.

There is no celestial charm to cure the vagaries of men. Having thus concurred the gods refilled their goblets of nectar and wine once again.

Eily Nash (2021)
Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

The Bodhi Tree

A solitary man, Siddhartha

Sat in the shade

Beneath the boughs of a

Benevolent Bodhi Tree.

In his heart he knew

The Light of Illumination

Shines from within

He who seeks to be free

From the illusions of Humanity,

Suffering and need caused by

Selfishness, negativity and greed.

In such quiet repose,

Knowledge slowly grows.

Silence speaks to He

Who bathes in Serenity’s Seas.

The Seeker who seeks

Keys to Earth’s Plane of Duality

Finds there is so much more.

Spirituality is there for those

With ‘eyes to see’ that

It is simply found in simple simplicity.

Eily Nash (2021)

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

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Song of the ReNewed Earth

Sadness came seeping into the fabric of life, for a terrible contagion raged through the land of men.

Gaia, Great Mother wept for her children.

The little birds asked ‘What shall we do?’

They began to sing of hope, love and of Spring.

One by one, the people heard and they sang too…

The Song of the ReNewed Earth.

Eily Nash ~2021

Gifts of Light

adolescence attractive beautiful blur
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Her gift was of the Soul, in her hands she held healing Light.

Her Heart a home for the lonely, the broken and those who lost their way.

She knew, with time and tender care they would dare to love again. Walk free from the brutal chains of shame and pain that bound them to the past.

They would no longer be fragmented, but healed and whole.

Ready to the embrace the dawning of a brand new day.

There were those who called her an Earth Angel. She would shake her head and smile. For there was no need for them to know the tears she shed alone or the scars she hid, or that the Gifts of Light were forged in a foundry of her own pain.

Eily Nash

Faraway Eyes

The sun was high in the Summer sky, salt from the sea fresh on the breeze refreshed my tired and overwrought senses. My walk had meandered from the beach far below to the breath taking heights at the edge of the cliffs. It was time to stop and reflect for a while, maybe take a seat on some ancient stones, before deciding what to do.

Then I realised I was not alone.

I watched him sat all alone in quiet repose with only thoughts and memories for company. I wondered if he was lonely too? And tired of the game of life? Then decided he was not. For those nutmeg brown eyes held the wisdom of the ages and his gnarled face, like the bark of an ancient and proud Oak tree, wore the knowledge of the Sages. His aura was wrapped in a cloak of inscrutability.

I did not think he was aware of me standing there, his gaze was too far away, looking at sights I could not see. Some inner world of wonder and mystery.

A subtle smile played on his lips, like a butterfly kissing a wild meadow flower. Then he winked at me and said, “Come Child, hold my hand. You will see the magick that I do.”

His voice was grainy and deep and reassuring. Without hesitation, I took a seat beside him and placed my trust, as easily as I placed my hand, in his. His skin was surprisingly soft, not at all like the texture of rough weather beaten leather I expected it to be. He cupped my hand in his and I felt a jolt of electricity run up my arm and a bright light flashed like a starburst in my mind. A sense of extraordinary peace filled me. And I saw the wonder of it all…

A sweetness filled the air and I heard the Angels sing to the music of the Spheres. I saw Suns, Moons, Planets, Stars and spiral Galaxies. I saw they were all within me. Then I met with the Spirits of the Ancestors, all who had gone before me and the dancing light of Souls, and those yet to be. I saw me too, in the unending chain that all there ever was, and all there would ever be. I saw God and HE saw me.

And HE showed me from outside, looking in, the beauty of a blue planet, the beauty of the Earth.  The song of the Dolphins and Whales, keepers of the secrets of the deep. The ebb tides of the seas throwing starfish and shells upon shifting sands and seahorses playing in the depths. Rivers flowing over pebbles, gravel and rock hewn from the ages, down to the embrace of the endless seas. I saw birds in flight, by both day and night, heard the screech of the Owl and sweet song of Nightingales that weep. Butterflies, Bees and creatures with wings taking flight. I saw forests and the Green Woods, fireflies, glow worms and dragonflies. Meadows and prairies, fields of gold and where the wild flowers grow. And then I sensed my self falling, falling and in fear I gripped his hand. I found myself in the caverns of the night, the heart of the Earth in the dark and the dirt. I saw primal pools of raging fire, craters, crystals and Salamanders and Elementals. And at its core, the Earth was raging, raw and made from a power that roared. I saw in a burning furnace, the foundry of pain on which was carved my name. In that moment I understood the terrible beauty of it all.

My tears began to flow, for me, for humanity. For now I knew the secrets of the elements, of Earth, of Air, of Fire, of Water. I also knew I had work to do, work the Lord had decreed for me.

A soothing mist filled my mind and once again I was falling, falling…into the Void. But now I was no longer afraid but filled with serenity and perfect peace. A myriad of colours began to swirl from the nothingness. I understood that from the void sprang forth the seeds of all potentiality. I had been given wings to fly free from my own self imposed captivity.

I heard a rush of Eagles wings and the beating of my heart.

When I opened my eyes I was alone, but would never ever be lonely. For in my hour of need when all I could see from the top of the cliffs was the freedom of falling into the deep blue sea, the Lord had sent an Angel to me. He had given me eyes to see. And now I truly understood, lived and breathed the magick and the mystery. I knew HE lived in me.

Eily Nash ~2020


Thank you for reading!

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Dream Dancer ✨

The Day is done, tired thoughts slowly fade to grey. Do you find comfort, as you lay down your weary head on the island of your bed? Drifting on the shifting sands of reality upon the shores of sleep. The Sandman will soon take you sailing into the void and blessed oblivion of the deep.

Catch the Moon beams as they come dancing in a playful game, glancing off the window panes, across the ceiling and upon the walls. They turn the darkness of your room into sacred, hallowed halls.

For in twilight hours and liminal space, nothing is as it truly seems. Do you want to walk into the forest of the night? I will take you through numinous mists and midnight rays of Light, onto the field of dreams.

Lady La Luna’s tendrils weave Her gossamer, silken strands, enticing you back to the Heavens above. Entranced by the music of the night, dancing across the stars, into the arms of the pure Light of Love.

The Lady heard the yearning of your Soul to be free, to be whole. There is so much more to see, so much more for you to be! Forget life’s silent screams, believe in Magick and know that you are innocent when you dream.

With the rising of the sun, the mysteries of night are done. Leaving fragrant fragments like blossom on the breeze and the whisper of the trees, beyond reason, beyond rhyme. Moments that breathe, in fragile memories of the Truth, we only find by stepping outside time.

~Eily Nash 2020

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Love Song of the Universe

From my home midst the Star Nurseries of Alpha Tauri we saw Her tears falling and heard Her distress call come travelling from a beautiful blue planet, across time and space and our shared galaxy, Orion’s Arm.

The Spirit of the Earth, Gaia, had cried out in anguish. Her children were in pain, for in their ignorance they had opened Pandora’s box and unleashed the Furies upon themselves. We set sail, across the cosmos, passing planets, nebulae, suns, stars and moons.

With heavy hearts we stood on the roof of the world and looked down, as if into the abyss itself. Gaia whispered the Truth. That which should have been heaven upon the good Earth was now becoming hell. And all was in the balance betwixt Light and eternal darkness.

We looked and saw deep into the hearts, minds and souls of Man. There were those who wore the armour of dishonour, prepared to sacrifice the World for greed, seeing goodness as weakness. There were also those who wore a mantle of goodness, loved and cared deeply for all Life, knowing it to be a precious gift of the Godhead. They longed for the paradigm shift that would birth a new way of Being. Understanding that ‘All is One.’

The sorrow of the Earth ripped through us. We could not stand still and watch the sons and daughters of the Earth destroy each other along with Gaia, their Great Mother. We had carried with us across the Galaxy Seeds of Light. We scattered the precious seeds far and wide, knowing they would grow in the hearts of men. It would take time, but the tide would turn.

Our mission complete, we returned home, And as we travelled, we played the music of the Spheres and sung in praise.

Back on The beautiful blue planet, our Star Seeds heard the Love Song of the Universe. They remembered they were born from Love and would return to Love and they too began to sing✨

Eily Nash ~2020

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In 2012 I penned my first novel. It came from a place of pain. Seven years on I have grown both as a Writer and a person. I decided to revisit “Wychwood” and give it a re-write, detaching myself from the drama and writing as an observer.

Although I received praise for the book I wanted to infuse it with more Grace, more Magic and occult layers.

The Main Character has a new name Phaedra (Fay’dra) and I have introduced some new and more sinister characters.

This is Chapter One…


It is said that for every soul who walks upon the Earth a Guardian Angel is assigned ~ there are times the Angel may walk beside a soul, there are times the Angel may carry that soul and then there are times the Angel can only stand and watch and weep...

Midwinter. Dusk came stealthily creeping in, intent on stealing away the remains of the day. Fog descended over the grey London skyline, wrapping the Victorian villas in a numinous mist. White stucco coated walls that had shone in the harsh glint of winter sunlight now took on a ghostly air. Comforting coals burning in the hearths within cast a warm glow through opaque windowpanes, orange eyes keeping watch on a cold, dark night. ‘Fire light, fire bright, all is well tonight.’ Smoke snaking from tall chimney pots into the chill air warned any gathering preternatural creatures of darkness to stay away.  As dusk succumbed to night’s embrace, the fog began to lift, revealing a star-studded sky. Lights were extinguished and weary folk made their way gratefully to bed, giving thanks to the Lord for the day that was done and the morrow yet to come. One house stood apart from the camaraderie of its neighbours, no warmth or light was to be found within its walls. The interior of number four was just as bleak as its cold, nocturnal façade. Winter’s icy fingers reached into the very heart of the despondent house, into a cavernous bedroom dressed in heavy furniture from a bygone century back when the house was proud and new. A huge mahogany bedstead, barely discernible in the gloom, rose as a dark island in a sea of darkness. Centre stage was given to a huge black Victorian cast iron fireplace, inset with tiles glazed with an elegant William Morris floral design. It was too dim to appreciate the contrast of the beautiful pure white flowers, against the blackness of the cold and empty hearth. Lilies for the departed soul now restored to innocence after death. The room was out of step with the modern world unfolding beyond its ornate walls patterned in rich shades of gold and teal. Heavy jade brocade curtains dressed the window, although slightly closed they admitted a pale sliver of light to slyly come creeping in and illuminate the scene within the room.

From the remoteness of the huge bed, a young child sat up, big hazel eyes wide open, scanning the room for a phantasmagorical Presence she could sense hiding somewhere in the shadows. She drew an eiderdown tightly around her tiny body, tucking the edges under her trembling chin. The big bulky frame of her Father lay beside the little girl. He was sleeping, lost in Morpheus’ arms with heavy breathing reverberating around the room, chasing away the creeping silence. Shadows danced along the walls, thrown up by arbitrary moonbeams. A gilded mirror hung above the fireplace and the child was mesmerised by the forms within its silvery depths.

At bedtime Phaedra loved to curl up with a book of fairy tales enchanting her. She imagined the ethereal creatures from the pages, elves and goblins, fairies, centaurs, unicorns, talking owls, nightingales and brave Knights and beautiful Princesses were all living in the mirror, inhabitants of a world within worlds. As another ray of capricious moonlight fell across the Oak floor, it illuminated a pale, languid, crumpled body. Comatose, the flaccid form lay curled in a foetal position, an almost empty brandy bottle clutched in a lifeless hand. A malevolent shape crouched beside the figure. Both were reflected in the mirror. Seeing the Presence, she had sensed, the child let a strangled sob escape into the gloom, alerting the man. Startled, he scanned the room and assuring himself and his tiny daughter that nothing was amiss, he urged her to snuggle down and sleep. His wife was where he had left her, on the floor. Having witnessed the same drug and alcohol induced scene for far too long and powerless to change things, he had ceased to care a long time ago. Defiantly, the child shook her head, soft auburn ringlets swaying around her little heart shaped face, eyes luminous and anxious.

‘Daddy, the thing is here again! It is sitting next to Mummy!’

‘There is no thing, it is just the shadows.’

‘I can see it in the mirror, flashing dark eyes with red sparks burning like hot coals, Oh Daddy!’

‘Phae, it is just the reflection of the embers in the fireplace.’

‘Daddy the fire is out. Mummy is cold, laying there on the floor, does she need a blanket?’ She enquired tentatively. ‘Why is Mummy on the floor again, and not snuggling up with us like she used to. Why is that scary thing next to her?’

‘Oh, that thing? That’s just Mummy’s shadow friend.’ With tired indifference, he humoured her, eager to go back to sleep. His once beautiful wife’s modelling career had paid handsomely but come at a terrible toll with easy access to drink and drugs and the descent into oblivion and addiction.

‘Shall we cover Mummy to keep her warm? She may be afraid of the dark and are you sure the thing is a friend?’ She persisted.

So many questions, so few answers. Thinly veiling his feelings of revulsion and contempt, voice laden with disgust, the weary man offered comfort ‘The floor is where Mummy and her shadow friend belong, go back to dreamland, Phaedra.’ Then kissing her on the tip of her nose, he rolled over and went back to sleep.

The little girl burrowed under the covers and lay down with her tiny face snuggling into her Daddy’s warm back. Mummy was fine, Daddy knew best. Her worries alleviated she slept the rest of the night comforted by the deep sleep of the innocent. In her dreams, the child called for an Angel, an Angel of Love and Light to come and take the thing away and keep Mummy warm. And the Angel hearing her call, came.

In the hours that lay on the cusp of night and day, a luminous golden radiance bathed the room and an Angel, with benevolent arms outstretched, stepped out into the gloom. He held a gossamer blanket, woven from the light of the stars from the heavens above. With a gentle touch He wrapped the child’s Mother in love and light and tenderness. For the Angel knew, just as the child knew, that the woman although bound by addictions was still deserving of love and compassion.

‘She is mine!’ Hissed a misshapen demonic form.

‘No! She is His.’ Serene cobalt blue eyes looked heavenwards. The Angel knew whilst barricaded into her own pain, it would take a lifetime to free the woman from her tormentor and captor. How long that life would be was written in the stars, yet the Angel was prepared to fight the demon for her eternal Soul.

The demon’s dark eyes flashed red sparks of pure malice and it pushed the brandy bottle across the floorboards. The woman stirred and through a haze she reached for the bottle and taking it from him she drained the last dregs. In his clawed hand the demon held a fresh bottle. The woman lunged at him, eager to feed her addiction.

‘It is yours, but not whilst you clutch at that useless thing!’ it spat in loathing, pointing his gnarled claw at the blanket of Light.

The blanket of Light felt good and through the haze of drugs and alcohol the woman knew she should keep a tight hold.

‘Go away!’ She cried, wrapping the blanket tightly around her body. Grace washed over her and soothed her unquiet soul into a deep and peaceful sleep where the demon could not reach her.

The demon spewed fire and brimstone. ‘If I do not take the mother, I shall return for the child!’ it hissed at the Angel, before its malignant form dissipated into the darkness, along with the stench of stale alcohol and bitter pungency of opiates pervading the air.

The Angel prayed silently and bestowed a quiet benediction over the child and her lost Mother and the man who had long forgotten the truth, as he slept in his warm bed whilst the woman he once loved and had lost her way, lay on the cold floor.

A fragrant blend of frankincense and attar of roses filled the room. The man did not smell the perfume purifying the space around him, his child and his wife. Nor did he see the celestial blanket of stars woven with the Light of Heaven wrapped around her. He did not see the pure white lily the Angel had placed in the woman’s hand when she took away the empty bottle.

He did not see the Angel of Light standing at the foot of the bed, waiting. The demon would return. The woman would try to fight. Without the help of the man her redemption would only come the other side of the veil. The man could not see these things, for he too was enslaved by his own addictions and unable to feel the Presence of God when an Angel calls.

And so, the Angel stood and wept.


Eily Nash~2019

Thank you for reading.

The Original version will remain in print as I work on my new version.

Attribution:Pentagram image from Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/witchcraft-spooky-pentagram-2390305/

Angel Wings

She cried out into the night for an Angel of Light to heal her pain. The Angel, hearing her call, came . And stood and wept. For he knew the burden was hers alone to carry. For how else would she know just how strong she was …

How else would she too get her wings to fly?

Two Strangers

A parable on knowing it is OK to ask for help if you are not OK

Two strangers met in a forest.

“I can’t find my way home,” he said.

“I’m lost too, maybe we can find a our way home through the forest together,” she replied.

He looked uncertain, and shaking his head began to walk away.

“Come back!” she cried, “What if you are going the wrong way?”

“NO!” He shouted, “What if you lead me further into the deep dark woods?”

“What if I don’t? What if I lead you home?” Frustration burning in her dark eyes.

He shook his reluctant head. “You go your way, I will go mine. I don’t need you or anyone to help me, I will find my own way home, ALONE.” Without a backward glance he took off through the dense undergrowth.

Alone and afraid she cried out “Help me!” She thought she heard a whispering in the trees behind her and turning around she saw a feint ray of light shone ahead, just enough to see through the canopy. She moved closer and closer to its source. Realising it was coming from soft sunlight heralding the dawn of a fresh new day she began to run. She knew she would now be able to find a way out of the darkness, following the cookie crumbs the dancing motes of light threw upon the forest floor.

Turning, she called excitedly to him, for now they both could be free and no longer lost. But he was long gone, deeper and deeper into the undergrowth, ensnared and trapped by tangled roots and gnarled old trees in the forest of the night. Even if he had been willing, he was too far away to hear.

Knowing she had lost him, she ran forwards drawn by the intensity of the growing Light. The kiss of the morning Sun caught tears glistening on her face, tears of gratitude for her salvation and of sorrow for the lost stranger who could have become a friend.

Eily Nash ~ 2019