Star Crossed Lovers

When does the present become the past? 

Late night music plays on the radio.

Memories tear through the illusion of the fabric of time.

I was never yours,you were never mine.

Where do old ghosts go,
I do not know.

They live and breathe in long forgotten poetry and rhyme.

Star-crossed Lovers are never destined to last.

Eily Nash ~ 2022

Tenebrous Tendrils

Darkness beckons
I hear Lilith’s call
Willingly Falling
Into the soothing deep
Velvet night beguiles
Enchants, revives
By Moonlight the pain
Of brittle, harsh day
Fades away.
Tenebrous tendrils
Drawing body and Soul
Into the Void
Inner Light
I am Home.
I am Whole.

Eily Nash ~2022

Bitter~Sweet Addiction

Bitter Sweet addiction of mine …
We were not destined to stand the test of time. You were the lust and longing coursing through my veins. You were my pleasure and my pain. For a while you were the breath of life, how bright passion’s flame did burn. To ashes and dust we must return. Spells like hearts can be broken. Goodbye, farewell. Know that I loved you well.

Eily Nash ~2022

Far Horizon

How many times …

Have I stood here
Alone upon a sandy shore
Watching the far horizon
Beyond an endless sea

How many times …

Have the waves rushed over me
Angry breakers pounding my heart
Yet I stand.
I withstand
Watching the far horizon
Beyond an endless sea

For life, in her wisdom teaches
Look way beyond the far horizon
Know the silent secrets of the sea

The waves that come rushing in
Can try but will never break me
For they have no choice but recede
To the far horizon
On the ebb tide
Of an endless sea

~Eily Nash

Prisoner To Love

She gave him the keys to a hidden place, deep within the chambers of her heart.

No Angel from above was he.

Laughing at his wicked game, he pushed her hard, closed the door, took the keys and ran.

Fallen from grace, head bowed in shame, she lay bleeding on the forest floor.

No one heard her silent screams of pain or saw the tears falling, bitter rain.

Fooled by an adept of the dark arts, left alone, a sacrifice on the altar of love, a prisoner of her heart.

~Eily Nash

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Winter of my Heart

In the winter of my broken heart, I lay down to rest in the harsh embrace of the cold, hard ground. I am so near and yet so far, whisper your name, but you do not hear. Alone with just fragrant fragments and memories of lost love. I watch the seasons pass like Blossom on the breeze from the cold comfort of my Earthbound home, here my English Country Churchyard.

Eily Nash

Photo ~ Eily Nash

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Breathing In These Things

I am once again honoured to share the work of the sultry and soulful songstress, Penny from Penny’s Scar. I particularly love this track. Follow Penny on Twitter and listen to her catalogue of gorgeous alternative ballads for free on SoundClick.


I cried and I tried but I just can’t hold it in

All the pain

I scream when I dream all these thoughts in my head

They keep haunting me


Breathing in these things

The clock on the wall keeps looking back at me

Why are you screaming

The hurt well I tucked it away underneath

Well I still feel everything

Crawl every time but you won’t see me

I’m hiding from me

All of the pain that feels you why you bleed

There’s time to breath


Breathing in these things

Why does a heart start to bleed when it needs too much

Does it ever fade

Why do we love more than love holding onto it at all

Do you love the pain


Breathing in these in things


Breathing in these things


Breathing in these things


Breathing in these things


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~Lyrics ©Penny’s Scar

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Forever and a Day 💞

It was such a pleasure introducing Chris and Randy to you dear Readers and I am excited they have agreed to regular guest appearances. Their collaboration is a poetic dance of romance, and brings much joy. I hope you enjoy the love! ❤️

Photograph courtesy of Randy #Chasingsunsets
Tell me the story

of forever..

of the way it began

introducing us

to this final chapter 

speak to the how and why

to the dream, our reality

of lives to reconcile...


* * * * * * * * *

The reconciliation began

as a final exit

but the sun and moon had other plans

The stars aligned under a cloudless sky

So they chased every sunset-

danced in the light of a lover’s moon.

Now empty pages await the rest

of this happily ever after to be written...

Photography Courtesy of Randy

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Shores of Love

Poetry is one of the sweetnesses of life, and it is my pleasure to share with you a sensuous poetic collaboration between two wonderful poets, and to offer a warm welcome to “Gossamer Threads” to Chris and Randy 💞

Lake Michigan courtesy of ~cf

I am your sea and you, my shore
My waves will always wash over you 
just as sure as the sun rises and sets
All the granules of your sandcastle soul 
collapse into my undertow..
I undo the pillars of your fortress
with each passing wave
Sand and salt water dance together
in an endless waltz leaving your thirsty shores quenched, 
until the next wave engulfs your surface..
Drink me in and push me away 
my waves are relentless,
as is your thirst for them, endless...


Lake Michigan courtesy of ~cf

You are my sea as 
I am the shore that waits 
for you to wash over me 
from the depths of your 
you reach me in waves 
that breach my barriers 
the cool of your water, 
craved as you fold over me, 
white capped 
feeling the force of each 
wave's pull-back 
in retreat, in succession, this 
dance that keeps me restlessly 
awaiting the next...


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Two Rivers



Alone in London, I stand by Tower Bridge. Old Father Thames hears my thoughts of you and how deeply I am falling. Wise is he, takes them rippling on the current down to the endless sea. 

Somewhere far away in a Northern land, you are standing too, on your bridge of stone and steel beside a Castle Keep. Do I imagine that I  hear you calling and feel you reaching through the ethers  for my hand? 

Day is fading and our City lights flicker into life. Do they hear the music of the night? And meet with moon beams upon the waters where both our ancient rivers flow? What stories do they share and what secrets do they know?

Perhaps they speak of Lovers hearts taking flight to meet upon the Bridge across forever. A special place, lost in time, where we come together. In the heat of the night, two rivers meet and our bodies entwine to dance upon the glory of the Tyne.

Eily Nash ~ 2020

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architecture bridge city downtown
Photo by Geoff Duke on

Vagaries of Men

The Lords of Darkness and of Light sat down to dine, drink some wine, all on a moonless night. Up for discussion, the subject of Souls. It never grew old. 

‘ Which are mine, who are thine?’

An age old theme arose again. They debated. Conclusion came, they agreed the same.

Humans were over rated. Their little lives need not be fated. Let them use Free Will, they will heal or harm, bring pleasure or inflict pain,cure or kill.

There is no celestial charm to cure the vagaries of men. Having thus concurred the gods refilled their goblets of nectar and wine once again.

Eily Nash (2021)
Photo by KoolShooters on

The Bodhi Tree

A solitary man, Siddhartha

Sat in the shade

Beneath the boughs of a

Benevolent Bodhi Tree.

In his heart he knew

The Light of Illumination

Shines from within

He who seeks to be free

From the illusions of Humanity,

Suffering and need caused by

Selfishness, negativity and greed.

In such quiet repose,

Knowledge slowly grows.

Silence speaks to He

Who bathes in Serenity’s Seas.

The Seeker who seeks

Keys to Earth’s Plane of Duality

Finds there is so much more.

Spirituality is there for those

With ‘eyes to see’ that

It is simply found in simple simplicity.

Eily Nash (2021)


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Gypsy Woman

I’d like to share for your delectable delight some smoky hot words from the pen of my talented Texan friend & writer, Randy … Enjoy!

Beautiful Gypsy image from Pinterest

I met a gipsy woman

Who lit a flame inside my heart

Which soon became a fire

That raged both day & night

She said her name was Scarlet

In a sexy velvet voice

Then she sang a song so sweet

My soul began to melt

Scarlet Fire

Red hot desire

Take me higher

Into your fire 🔥

✍️🥀 Randall Wiley

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Asphalt Puddle

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome back to EdenDene Books one of my favourite Artists, the beautiful and talented Penny from Penny’s Scar. Her voice transports me to a special place, her vocals are sultry, soft, sexy and lush.Her songs, deep, meaningful, mysterious and touch both heart and soul. Listen for yourself and hear and feel the magic that is Penny’s Scar.

Lyrics ~
Kiss the shadow in the darkness
Paint the sky with rain
I never needed you to love me
Love only causes pain
I don’t know about your magic
Seems it’s gonna fade
Tumbling now through the heartless
Faces changing in front of me
Drowning in this asphalt puddle
There’s waves of smoke from all from all the steam
Break the sorrow of contemplation
Wrap me in the truth
I never needed you to love me
I never needed you
So now I wander aimlessly
I’m guided by the moon
Tumbling now through the heartless
Faces changing in front of me
Drowning in this asphalt puddle
There’s waves of smoke from all from all the steam
I will kiss tomorrow like I kissed yesterday
Hide my heart from the world outside
Keep it under lock and key
I dangle here for you
I’m dangling
Tumbling now through the heartless
Faces changing in front of me
Drowning in this asphalt puddle
There’s waves of smoke from all from all the steam
I never needed you
I never needed you to love me
I never needed you
I never needed you to love me
Tumbling now through the heartless
Faces changing in front of me
Drowning in this asphalt puddle
There’s waves of smoke from all from all the steam
I never needed you
I never needed you to love me
I never needed you
I never needed you to love me
I never needed you

Penny’s Scar © 2019


    *You can follow Penny on Twitter for all her songs and poetry *

Moon Song

I am so happy to share a beautiful poem from my friend and amazingly talented singer, Penny from Penny’s Scar.

Find my ethereal Chanteuse and Poet on Twitter @pennys_scar

Enjoy listening to her music for free. Her songs are mysterious, sensual and evocative and are on Soundclick 💕 Click the link and be transported to a magical place ✨

Image provided by Penny’s Scar

Swallowing Like Sorrow

I believe music, like poetry, to be gifts of the Soul. There are some creative people who through their creative talents bring magic, healing and love to the World. I am in awe of the sheer beauty of the lovely Penny from Penny’s Scar. The Lady is a Poet, Songwriter and musician. It is my pleasure to share with you some of her work. All her music is free to listen to and also download from Soundclick. Have a listen and immerse yourself in the haunting, mesmerising and sultry tones of Penny’s Scar 🎶

The bridge is down
My heart has found
Another rock to throw
Wispy sounds on the water
Rippling through broken shadows
Kissing time frozen inside
Which way do I go
Midnight coming
Slowly takes the pain away

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Ink of Eternity

They look and wonder

At the mystery of us

And we smile

Secret smiles

For who could tell

Of a Love that crossed

The eons and ages of man

All dimensions of time

It is only when night falls

The Truth is revealed…

For the story of you and I

Is written in the ink of eternity

Only the Sky knows of

Gods who walk amongst men

And sit upon Star Strewn thrones.

Eily Nash ~2021

Power of Love

She had a special way with words, knew how to soothe his unquiet Soul. Written in velvet, wrapped in silk, the Truth fell upon his hungry ears. For with a magic touch, the woman knew just how to ease his fears. Was it witchcraft, he never knew. She smiled, for her power was so much more than the arcane arts.

Love heals all.

Eily Nash ~2021

Smiling Moon

Long lonely miles of separation stretch across the wide expanse of time.Music plays. I close my eyes and sail on seas of dreams. Far from Southern city lights, dimming the clatter of party nights, and noise of it all. Somewhere, the sea washes upon a silent Northern shore. Two Souls meet beneath a smiling moon.

Eily Nash ~ 2021

Capricious Gowns

To be ..

The West Wind

Wild and free

Felt, yet unseen by Mankind

Blow where I will

Over gentle hills

Tumultuous seas

A soft Zephyr breeze

On fierce Panther Paws

Or …

A fixed Star

Adored from afar

Required to shine Bright

Illuminate the dark night

Until clouds gather

Illusions of Self shatter

Immutable Celestials look down

Unable to wear capricious gowns

Eily Nash ~2020

City Nights & Silent Shores


Did you think of me, as I did you on this Holy day?

Long lonely miles of separation stretch across the wide expanse of time. Music plays. I close my eyes and sail on seas of dreams. Far from my Southern city lights, dimming the clatter of party nights, and noise of it all.

Somewhere, the sea washes upon a silent Northern shore. I know I will find you there. I see you smile. Two Souls leave the world behind, to dance to the music of waves and wind, as they meet again beneath a smiling moon.

Eily Nash-2020

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In The Dark

I am excited to welcome back to EdenDene Books 
Penny from Penny's Scar 
Sharing her lyrics and a link to one of her songs 
This one of many that I love very much. 

Enjoy the haunting, atmospheric and poignantly beautiful 
sound of Penny's Scar. 

Over 1.5 million listens on Soundclick ! 

The Lady has the most sensual voice I have every heard. 
She sends shivers & tingles up your spine with her hypnotic voice.
Her lyrics and music are something just so VERY special.

Listen to the pure magic that is Penny's Scar x

Only a flower Wasted away
 When the light has faded
 The taste that you give
 Want to walk want to scream want to break it
 Wounds they appear
 Locked inside in the darkness
 I fade like a storm when the rain gets cold
 My eyes out of focus
 All I see around me is nothing but a blur
 Bound to the broken
 So I Carry the pain until I fall
 Until I fall
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 When the night has faded
 Touched you within
 Haunt my dreams can you taste them
 Fading into the distance
 And this heart I feel it breaking
 I fade like a storm when the rain gets cold
 Felt my thoughts there drifting away
 So I carry the pain until I fall
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 When the sky has faded
 Broken it's only skin
 Scream out loud last breath it's taking
 Against the wall where time can't exist
 Your wrist are warn and bleeding
 Loving the scars embedded there
 Laugh out loud and you know your breaking
 Left alone to fend for yourself
 Trapped in fear your hands keep shaking
 Is there any way out of here
 So I carry the pain until I fall
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 You can love In the dark
 You can love In the dark

 © Penny's Scar

Love …

As the Wheel of the Year begins to turn and we draw closer to the Winter Solstice we are warmed by the knowledge the darkness is receding and the Light grows stronger. I’m delighted to share the wonderful works of one of my closest friends, she is a Singer/Songwriter and Poet of incredible beauty and depth. I’d like to give this Sunday on EdenDene Books over to her music and poetry, dedicated to all who dare to LOVE…. Enjoy xxx




Dawn kissed the moon
Tasting the breath of forever 

Enchanted by a song 

So surreal

That it claimed their souls  

They danced every night 

Under the sway of the clouds 

To melodies never heard before

Symphonies from the stars 

The rhythm of love

©Penny's Scar/Pammy~Whisperings

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A Haiku

My dear friend, poet and writer, Randall Wiley has been telling me about the art of Haiku. Here is one of his simply sublime pieces ❤️

Poetry of you

To write the perfect haiku

I could never do 🌹


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Love Heals All

She had a special way to soothe his Soul. Velvet words, wrapped in silk, the Truth fell upon his hungry ears. With a magic touch, his woman eased his fears. Was it witchcraft, he never knew. She smiled, for her power was so much more than the arcane arts. She knew Love heals all.

Eily Nash -2020

Sensuous Ink

I am delighted to share a beautiful, sensuous poem from my dear friend and talented Writer & Poet. Enjoy, Dear Readers, the magic of Randy Writes…

From the shadows 
She appears 
Kissed by moonlight 
Wearing a gown  
Spun of silken words 
Her curves caressed
 By his story which covets
 Her flesh in a poetic aura 
Of sensuous ink 
Illuminating her unparalleled beauty  & timeless grace

Randall Wiley (2020)

Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay


Every Line

You are mine yet I never speak your name, just wear it like a charm wrapped around my heart. Love lives and breathes between the notes of my songs. Your essence, fleetingly moves through rhyme and verse, your eyes shyly smile at the World hidden behind a veil of my poetry. I write you into every line.

Eily Nash ~ 2020


Mesmerised by the beauty of a falling Snowflake, he caught her in his hand.

Trusting, the little Snowflake lay in the warmth of the man’s palm.

Slowly she melted to nothingness.

He smiled …

…and just put out his hands to catch more Treasures falling from a giving sky ❄️

Eily Nash (2020)

Walk Away

She felt the absence of his heart

Long before he even realised she had gone.

Walked away …

Silently closing the door on the place

Where love did not live anymore.

Eily Nash (2020)

Photo by Luis Quintero on

A Poet’s Pen

The Poet took his words formed from delicate, silken strands of silver and gold, weaving them deftly into the heavy blanket of my infernal night. My Soul had grown cold, now the warmth of his Love wrapped me in Light.

Eily Nash (2020)

Photo by Pixabay on

Eternal Night

Falling. Falling. Soft embrace of the velvet deep calling, calling. Leave far behind shores of pain. Warm waves of oblivion sweeping it all away. No need fight it, hurt never felt again. Down, down to sleep in endless seas of eternal night. And so I sleep…

© Eily Nash


Photo by luizclas on

“I will always love you…”

A lonely heart cried out to the stars above as night came riding in, for she thought there was no one else to hear.

The Moon felt the pain of loss ripping through the ethers from a Soul searching, hoping, longing. She replied on the song of the wind.

‘Your Beloved is here in heaven with me, just a whisper away, in the place Love lives for evermore…Look!’

A shooting star blazed across the sky.

Tears fell.

Queen of Witchery

Photo by Ferdinand Studio on


A golden crown upon my head

Clothed in a gossamer gown

I sit upon a silver throne

My palace is my heart’s home

I have no subjects, I am all alone

All cares, burdens, concerns unladen

For others sins, I have long atoned

From skies above the Goddess looked down

Upon her broken and lost Handmaiden

The Lady in Her mercy revealed to me

Her Majesty and Secrets of alchemy

Now I preside from the seat of my soul

I am healed and whole.

Queen of all Witchery

Eily Nash ~2020


Faraway Eyes

The sun was high in the Summer sky, salt from the sea fresh on the breeze refreshed my tired and overwrought senses. My walk had meandered from the beach far below to the breath taking heights at the edge of the cliffs. It was time to stop and reflect for a while, maybe take a seat on some ancient stones, before deciding what to do.

Then I realised I was not alone.

I watched him sat all alone in quiet repose with only thoughts and memories for company. I wondered if he was lonely too? And tired of the game of life? Then decided he was not. For those nutmeg brown eyes held the wisdom of the ages and his gnarled face, like the bark of an ancient and proud Oak tree, wore the knowledge of the Sages. His aura was wrapped in a cloak of inscrutability.

I did not think he was aware of me standing there, his gaze was too far away, looking at sights I could not see. Some inner world of wonder and mystery.

A subtle smile played on his lips, like a butterfly kissing a wild meadow flower. Then he winked at me and said, “Come Child, hold my hand. You will see the magick that I do.”

His voice was grainy and deep and reassuring. Without hesitation, I took a seat beside him and placed my trust, as easily as I placed my hand, in his. His skin was surprisingly soft, not at all like the texture of rough weather beaten leather I expected it to be. He cupped my hand in his and I felt a jolt of electricity run up my arm and a bright light flashed like a starburst in my mind. A sense of extraordinary peace filled me. And I saw the wonder of it all…

A sweetness filled the air and I heard the Angels sing to the music of the Spheres. I saw Suns, Moons, Planets, Stars and spiral Galaxies. I saw they were all within me. Then I met with the Spirits of the Ancestors, all who had gone before me and the dancing light of Souls, and those yet to be. I saw me too, in the unending chain that all there ever was, and all there would ever be. I saw God and HE saw me.

And HE showed me from outside, looking in, the beauty of a blue planet, the beauty of the Earth.  The song of the Dolphins and Whales, keepers of the secrets of the deep. The ebb tides of the seas throwing starfish and shells upon shifting sands and seahorses playing in the depths. Rivers flowing over pebbles, gravel and rock hewn from the ages, down to the embrace of the endless seas. I saw birds in flight, by both day and night, heard the screech of the Owl and sweet song of Nightingales that weep. Butterflies, Bees and creatures with wings taking flight. I saw forests and the Green Woods, fireflies, glow worms and dragonflies. Meadows and prairies, fields of gold and where the wild flowers grow. And then I sensed my self falling, falling and in fear I gripped his hand. I found myself in the caverns of the night, the heart of the Earth in the dark and the dirt. I saw primal pools of raging fire, craters, crystals and Salamanders and Elementals. And at its core, the Earth was raging, raw and made from a power that roared. I saw in a burning furnace, the foundry of pain on which was carved my name. In that moment I understood the terrible beauty of it all.

My tears began to flow, for me, for humanity. For now I knew the secrets of the elements, of Earth, of Air, of Fire, of Water. I also knew I had work to do, work the Lord had decreed for me.

A soothing mist filled my mind and once again I was falling, falling…into the Void. But now I was no longer afraid but filled with serenity and perfect peace. A myriad of colours began to swirl from the nothingness. I understood that from the void sprang forth the seeds of all potentiality. I had been given wings to fly free from my own self imposed captivity.

I heard a rush of Eagles wings and the beating of my heart.

When I opened my eyes I was alone, but would never ever be lonely. For in my hour of need when all I could see from the top of the cliffs was the freedom of falling into the deep blue sea, the Lord had sent an Angel to me. He had given me eyes to see. And now I truly understood, lived and breathed the magick and the mystery. I knew HE lived in me.

Eily Nash ~2020


Thank you for reading!

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Rebuke of Thunder

Blue skies of Summer torn apart, as storm clouds come riding in.

Time stands still.

Will we hear the rebuke in thunder, accept cleansing from the rain?

Gaia feels such pain, for her children have free will and may atone …

Or fall into the abyss of eternal sin.

I penned this little poem as I listened to the delicious sound of thunder rolling across the sky. Rain poured down over the beautiful plants and trees in my garden. I thought about the blessings of the Earth. All our needs are met. Yet what is it in a human that seeks to hurt where they could heal? Each other, our animals, environment, nature. Our birthright is as Co-creators but we are on the cusp of becoming the dark destroyers. We can reach for the stars or fall into the abyss. My heart breaks for us, what we have become and what we could be, for truly there is so much more than we can see.

Eily x

#Gaia #ClimateChange


And I loved him.

In that secret place

Where only the Soul hears the whispers of the heart.

And he?

I was no more the a safe space

A moment in time, shared.

I heard him cry in the wilderness.

Reached out my hand…

For a while he clung to me, but then feeling strong, he set me free…

And I?

Well, I could sink and die or just accept it was what it was.

Move on with my life, knowing I had loved…

Ohh… how I loved…


Eily Nash ~ 2020

All Alone

high angle shot of a person walking alone in the desert
Photo by Alex Azabache on

All alone…

I held the hurt, I held the pain and all their sorrows

I saw such horror, and tears that fell as bitter rain

I stood tall, whoever they were, I Protected them all

All alone…

With rocks and stones began building my fortress home

Wanting to shout, wanting to yell but who could I tell

I was not living, I was burning in hell

All alone…

The dreams shook me from my sleep

Mind Movies, play again, they never cease

There is no peace, the trauma runs too deep

All alone…

One dark day the storm clouds came riding in

I looked down from the Tower I had built so high

The edge of a precipice, I fall or find my wings and fly

All alone…

Saturated by sorrow, I could hold no more

My Tower was now a prison and not a sanctuary

I had lost the key and was afraid to open the door

All alone…

My broken heart began to race, tomorrow I could not face

I believe an Angel of Light heard the calling of my Soul

On wings of Love she took me to blue skies above

No longer alone…

I was in a diaphanous castle in the Sky

The answers to my questions, all the reasons why

All the brutality, needless deaths and goodbyes

No longer alone…

A Lady of infinite beauty listened patiently as it all poured out

First a whisper and then a shout. Kindness too much to bare

The dam burst, I saw in her eyes such tender love and care

No longer alone…

Reflected in the eyes of the Goddess of all Humanity

I saw such deep empathy, compassion and love…I saw me!

I saw the rhyme and reason, watched my life unfold

She whispered my story needed to be told

So those walking a Protector’s path far from Home

Know they are Divinely Protected and NEVER alone

For we come from Love and will return to Love. Only Love is real.

Eily Nash ~2020

Summer Love

summer garden leaf blur
Photo by new view studios on

Blessed by blue skies on a sultry Summer day, I lay upon a lush green lawn in my English Country garden. The scent of Honeysuckle and Jasmine hang sweetly on the air, blending with Roses and Lavender. Such delicate fragrances delight the senses. They are dancing to the soft calling of birds and the low humming of nectar gathering bees. A Ray of Light playfully glints through rustling Beech Tree leaves and I watch Swifts riding the breeze. So high, soaring to the edge of blue. Soft caresses of sunlight are kissing my skin.

I close my eyes and dream of you.

Eily Nash ~ 2020

Bones of Carrion

selective focus photograph of black crow
Photo by Tom Swinnen on

…And so they come to feed, like raptors on your flesh until you are no more than the bones of carrion. You did not see them for what they were, until it was too late. Behind innocent eyes a deep sea of jealousy lies. There is no kindness in words that cut the fabric of a soul.

Eily Nash ~ 2020

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Mysteries of Love

He lay down his head to sleep with a secret his heart did keep. Beneath the dark blanket of night the mysteries of love revealed that which by the light of day was concealed. Lovers locked in each others arms. He was entranced by a Sorceress and her bewitching charms ✨

Eily Nash~ 2020

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Witch Lit Eyes

By beguiling witch-light I fell so deeply into the depths of her Obsidian eyes. What was I looking for, perhaps some long forgotten lost aspects of myself?

Instead I found her true essence hiding in the twilight chambers of her heart.

Through me, a mortal man, she was set free. No longer destined to be imprisoned walking on hot burning coals behind hell’s gates, but to walk hand in hand with me, in the hallowed halls of Sacred Love that flow into Eternity.

Eily Nash

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Bohemian Lovers

It was just a passing glance, meeting by pure chance.

And for a moment frozen in time, my heart’s true desire was mine.

Freed from the constraints of conventual reality

I looked into his fathomless eyes, let my Spirit fly free.

Across the eons we travelled far.

Bohemian Lovers dancing on Stars.

Eily Nash~2020

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Check Mate ♟

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You were the one who chose the game

And placed the pieces on the board.

You made your opening move.

Lies wrapped in Truth.

Wanted your Lover’s game darker.

Black Queen with sights set.

Picked up your sacrificial pawn.

You did not see the gambit

….until it was too late.

The silent Rook took flight

Swooped and took your white Knight.

Check Mate.

Game over


Eily Nash ~2020

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Beautiful Fairytale

Did she fascinate, charm and beguile? Maybe a distraction for just a while. Did she fill your thoughts in your waking hours and seep into your sleep. Before you knew, were you in too deep? Did she really have that power? With her faraway eyes, she saw other worlds, far beyond the veil. Was she for real or were you lonely and she was only a beautiful fairytale?

~Eily Nash

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Dance of the Dragonfly

Autumn leaves are falling. Summer has long gone, fading into memories of the magic of a love that enchanted both Earth and Sky. What mortal hand can hold the dance of Dragonflies?

Not you, nor I.

Winter bids me time to sleep, The yearnings of Spring call to you.

Fly away, fly high, on gossamer wings, my Dragonfly.

Your seasons of passion change, my constant heart sings a song of eternal love.

~Eily Nash

Lily Flame

Lady Lily Flame

My Lady,  My Love, My Lily Flame

Do you wear a sullied cloak of shame

Has purity and innocence taken flight

To the beguiling dark embrace of Night

Nyx and Erebus, alluring, starless charms

Mists enticing you into seductive arms

My Lady, My Love, My Lily Flame

Guileless innocence, without blame

Deny the Ferryman his Stygian fee

From Thanatos tenebrous domain flee

By  flames of Winter burning bright

Take safe passage through the  night

My Lady, My Love, My Lily Flame

Capricious gods may play Night’s game

Gates of the rising sun light the way

To sanctuary of Hemera’s breaking day

Purified by the kiss of the  Morning Dew

Absolution and Benediction fall on you

~Eily Nash 2015