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There is a time when it is necessary to abandon the used clothes that already have the shape of our body and to forget the paths that take us always to the same places. This is the time to cross the river, and if we don’t dare do it, we will have stayed forever beneath ourselves.

Fernando Pessoa

Dave Thomas

It is my pleasure dear Readers to introduce you to a wonderful Podcaster, Dave Thomas from “A Mindful Life”.

For a great many years I followed his original Podcast “Walk The Talk” where many people from all walks of life shared their stories of life experiences, facing adversary and finding hope.

Dave, a recently retired long standing Police Detective, shared that he had suffered a breakdown through the pressure of ‘The Job.’ I was very concerned as I have a deep respect for those who put their own wellbeing on the line to look after others, and believe so much more can and should be done to Protect our Protectors in all emergency fields.

A mental breakdown can happen to anyone at anytime. Dave bravely and openly spoke about his lived experience and documented finding his path back to wellbeing on his social media accounts.

I was totally immersed following his journey of the many ways he discovered mindfulness and wellbeing. He is an inspiration to me and many others.

A man who really does Walk his Talk. It takes a huge amount of courage to show up in the World and let others see us as we truly are, our weakness and fears as well as our glories and successes.

Eventually Dave produced, what for me as an avid listener, is his most significant and emotive Podcast. Sharing the story of what led to his breakdown and his way back to Himself. It is a powerful listen. With kind permission I share the links below.

Dave Thomas has a deep well of empathy and compassion as he holds the space for those dear Souls who appear on his shows to allow their stories to unfold. He gently asks insightful questions, his many and varied guests range from a very poignant talk with a bereaved Mother, Sue Davies, chatting with a totally engaging former Chief Constable Mike Barton, to Bestselling Author John Sutherland and wonderful heart transplant recipient Katie Hutchings.

Each episode always ends on a positive note, no matter how emotive the narrative may have been. I find him to be one of the most authentic, kind and empathetic of people.

In life, the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ can feel all consuming. It is only retrospectively we realise why it had to happen. Many of us will resonate with this. I am not ready to tell my own story of a descent into darkness just yet, instead channel the experiences and lessons into writing my books. That is why I salute the bravery of people like Dave Thomas who stand up and shine their Inner Light to guide others through their own darkness and pain.

“Having completed 25 years police service, a new chapter in my life has begun. Previously focusing on blue light wellbeing on Walk the Talk I will now be focusing on the wider picture of wellness as I pursue my own journey in retirement and I would be delighted if you could join me on A Mindful Life.” 

Listen to “A BROKEN COP AND MY ROAD TO RECOVERY” on the Audioboom network.

A Broken Cop

It would seem fitting perhaps that my first podcast under the new mantle of A Mindful Life should concentrate on myself.

After 25 years in the UK police, I suffered a mental breakdown. Even now I feel weak for admitting that. That is my ego talking though.

My hope is that my experience in the blue light services will assist others to make sense of their own journey.

I retire in 2022 where I will explore so much more than I did in my previous podcast Walk the Talk

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