Shadow Man


Feeling Presences: a little true story…

There is a woman I used to know let’s call her Lana. I helped her a lot with stuff over the years, her younger husband falling for an even younger woman, his cheating, the divorce that ensued & her suicidal ideations, then her inability to accept her child coming out as gay, followed by the death of her bigoted parent. There were many teas and tears in my witchy kitchen. The most memorable was with an old lover of hers who put in a reappearance in quite an unusual way…

Back in the day the love of her life, Carter, treated her badly, preferring bikes, beer and mates. They split but she never really loved anyone like him. Years roll on and they meet and seeing she is (as she supposes) happily married they stay just friends, with the occasional benefit. He wants her back but she knows it would not work. The friendly beers with the boys had long ago turned into addiction.He was a highly functioning alchoholic.

Anyhow, Carter died suddenly, his once fit body ravaged by years of abuse gave out way too soon. Lana was heartbroken. Came to see me for tea and sympathy and maybe hoping I may get my Tarot cards out. There was no need, as she walked into my kitchen, Carter came in too!

I saw him as a large grey shadow by her side. I could ‘sense’ what he looked like but not see him other than this very tall, grey shadowy  shape. I told her he was there and where he was standing. 

Lana said she knew, she felt him come in too and hoped he would give me a message for her. 

Then to my shame something happened I regretted.  This was years ago and I didn’t know how to use the ‘gift’ as I now do.

I heard Carter talking inside my head, his voice was urgent. Wanting me to connect my energy with him to let her Know he was OK. 

I was scared if I let him in then I would not get rid of him, so I closed down. But not before  he told me to let her know he had loved her, Lana had been his true love, the love of his life and he had thrown it away. I thought Lana would be hugely upset, but she wasn’t, his words were what she needed to hear in order to lay the ghosts of their past to rest. When she left she was  happy…Until the young husband’s skulduggery with the much younger lover came to light, but that is a private matter, not my story to tell.

Now many years have passed, Lana has long gone, and is the way of ‘eaten bread is soon forgotten’ so too my kindnesses have also been long forgotten. With the passage of time and many Spirit visitors later, I do know how to send them on their way, just always feel bad about that one!

The spooky stuff that has really happened to me, I have enough to write a book and not one of my usual fictional ones!! Maybe I shall…one day.


© Eily Nash

Names have been changed but everything else is true.

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