Tattered Wings

Photo by Isabella Mariana on Pexels.com

With lovelorn eyes I looked back through the lens of time and watched the delicate beauty of a Butterfly. With gossamer wings warmed by the light of the sun, she swept and soared across endless skies. How the sight enchanted me and the shadow of a smile played across my face.

The Butterfly came to a place where the wild Roses grow, and intoxicated by the scent of sweet perfume she alighted upon a fragrant bloom. His allure was such, much as she longed to take to the skies once more, he enticed her to stay for just a little while. 

Eons passed sadly by, her wings were now tatted and torn and she was unable to fly. Oh how she rued the day the wild Rose with his viciously jealous thorns stole her freedom away.

And I, a silent witness to it all could only watch and weep.

Eily Nash ~ 2022