A Trilogy of Love’s Magic

My good friends Raymondé and Randy have joined me in a trilogy of poetry.

Let there be Dragons, Butterflies, Witches, Dragonflies and Love!

Beautiful Butterfly from Pixabay
My eyes tilted toward the stars

I am breathless

For in this moment

I let go

Sinking into midnights seduction

My heart beats softer here

Closer to the quiet

Deeper inside

Where clover fields weave

Into a rhythmic sway

Echoes of dragonfly wings

Swindling the air

As I lay here

Peacefully dreaming

In shades of you

A Witchy woman was she

Her mistral winds bent the trees 

Electric storms crept into view

Silhouettes flashed in cerulean blue

The dragon’s eyes watched with delight 

A scarlet butterfly dance in the night

Forbidden lovers trapped in a spell

Washed away in the rains that fell 

A brief reprieve from the torturous days 

Soon their Witchy friend would find a way 

Potions, spells and magick brew

Gossamer tales always come true

~Randy Wiley 

Image from Pixabay
Autumn leaves are falling. 

The magic of our Summer love enchanted both Earth and Sky. 

What mortal hand can hold the dance of Dragonflies?

Winter bids me sleep, Spring calls to you. 

Fly away, fly high, on  gossamer wings. 

Your seasons change, my constant heart sings of eternal love…

This body grows old and dies. 

My heart, forever young, sings. 

Eternal love, unlike changing seasons, is never done.

~Eily Nash

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