Protector of my Heart

Poetry makes the heart sing. I am delighted to share with my dear Worldwide Readers another lyrical romantic collaboration from the poetic pens of Chris and Randy. Enjoy sharing the Love!

It's the one
who knows
the woman-
the me, behind the lines..
The collector
who gathers
of my joys, my woes..
A protector
of my heart, my words-
You; my guardian of sentiment...



I collect you - all of you. 
I breathe you in and slowly exhale 
holding onto your essence 
before the next breath draws you 
deep into a collection of euphoric sighs. 
You are the air that breathes life into these veins,
and in every exhale, traces that feed this hungry heart 
which starves for you - all of you.


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mage by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay