The Willow Tree

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

I adore the amazing poetry of Raymondé and it is my pleasure to share one of the Poet’s own favourites from her new book ‘BEAUTIFUL KNOWING’ ~out on Amazon now as Hardback, Paperback and Kindle editions. Take a look inside the book from the Amazon previewer at the end of ‘The Willow Tree Standing There’.

The Willow Tree Standing There

Hidden behind these branches of time
There is a key dangling
Tight around the old Willow tree
The wind standing still
Timid to move through the day
Leaves remain holding tight in their place
As the old rusty lock swings in the air
Swindled by Autumns sun glistening glare
Touching metal and bark then parting the light
This dream so abrupt when the bough starts to break
From the landing of a crow as it makes the branch shake
The lull of a song when the wind starts to fade
Till the next time it blows quietly it waits
For my lips wish to taste the heart of the rain
After the day fades and the Moon sits by my side
I will gather the lilies that grew in it's light
This beauty around me holding me here
Touched by all this magic
The Willow tree standing there