Beltane Night

Walk with me, my Love, through wooded glades.

The scent of pine hangs heady on the air.
And the crackle of twigs underfoot guides our way.

Deep into the forest, we a witching shall go.

Cloaked in verdant velvet, I wear a gossamer gown, a fragrant, floral crown
Upon my head.

I am She Of a Thousand names, Isis, Astarte, Ceridwen.

And you, my horned Lord of wild things, my Cernunnos.

Light the Beltane fire, candles too
The Goddess dances in passion’s flames.
Cast the circle
Call the Quarters

Beneath a star canopy, skyclad
I will Draw down the Moon

Lay me down, my Lover upon
A carpet of moss.
Cernunnos, your Lady beckons
For ours is the magick of the night.

Under the benediction of the Skies
With Five Fold kiss
Our Great Rite we perform.

Blessed Be.

~Eily Nash