Forever and a Day 💞

It was such a pleasure introducing Chris and Randy to you dear Readers and I am excited they have agreed to regular guest appearances. Their collaboration is a poetic dance of romance, and brings much joy. I hope you enjoy the love! ❤️

Photograph courtesy of Randy #Chasingsunsets
Tell me the story

of forever..

of the way it began

introducing us

to this final chapter 

speak to the how and why

to the dream, our reality

of lives to reconcile...


* * * * * * * * *

The reconciliation began

as a final exit

but the sun and moon had other plans

The stars aligned under a cloudless sky

So they chased every sunset-

danced in the light of a lover’s moon.

Now empty pages await the rest

of this happily ever after to be written...

Photography Courtesy of Randy

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