Beautiful Knowing by Raymonde’

On Amazon now as Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover

I am excited to share the debut anthology of poetry from Raymonde’ “Beautiful Knowing” is such a truly beautiful book, which with an Adept’s hand delicately covers difficult themes of pain, loss, loneliness and sadly abuse. With great delicacy and emotional intelligence each poem weaves a story, and as I read, I also deeply felt the words.

But there is so much more than walking into the deep forest of Darkness…

Raymondé (What a lovely name!) also offers hope as the poetry unfolds she embraces a longing for the return of the Light, for connection and love, penned as sensuously and as spiritual as the Sufi Love Poets.

I found this collection hugely inspiring, the Author has such a graceful way of unfolding her words, that as a reader, I was drawn in and entranced into a world of darkness, shadows and despair which ultimately was transmuted in the crucible of Light into a place of incredible beauty. Written from the Heart it touches the Soul.

Beautiful and evocative. A Collection to keep revisiting and to gift to others. Please visit the Amazon link below and see for yourselves, Dear Readers, the magic within…