Shores of Love

Poetry is one of the sweetnesses of life, and it is my pleasure to share with you a sensuous poetic collaboration between two wonderful poets, and to offer a warm welcome to “Gossamer Threads” to Chris and Randy 💞

Lake Michigan courtesy of ~cf

I am your sea and you, my shore
My waves will always wash over you 
just as sure as the sun rises and sets
All the granules of your sandcastle soul 
collapse into my undertow..
I undo the pillars of your fortress
with each passing wave
Sand and salt water dance together
in an endless waltz leaving your thirsty shores quenched, 
until the next wave engulfs your surface..
Drink me in and push me away 
my waves are relentless,
as is your thirst for them, endless...


Lake Michigan courtesy of ~cf

You are my sea as 
I am the shore that waits 
for you to wash over me 
from the depths of your 
you reach me in waves 
that breach my barriers 
the cool of your water, 
craved as you fold over me, 
white capped 
feeling the force of each 
wave's pull-back 
in retreat, in succession, this 
dance that keeps me restlessly 
awaiting the next...


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