Gangsters Clawing at My Eyes

I believe that Music, as is the Arts, to be a gift from the Soul and why some songs resonate deeply. This song, by the multi talented and creative Penny from Scars and Shadows, was penned following yet another needless death from gun crime. Something so beautiful has risen from the ashes of tragedy. I am obsessed by this song. May the young girl rest in the arms of the Angels in eternal peace. May love prevail. I am truly grateful we have those special Creatives who have the power to take the pain of the World and transmute it by their Art into a conversation between Souls, for us to touch the Light through the Darkness.

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Gangster’s Clawing at My Eyes

Phantom in the window holding onto a locket
Stranger to delirium keep that gun in your pocket
Bullet holes never fade
Bang Bang it goes

Gangsters clawing at my eyes doing cartwheels in the mud
Doing cartwheels in the mud

One girl and thirteen stones her eyes glowed like the sun
Wreaking from insomnia carrousel spinning around
There’s an echoe in my closet
Bang Bang it goes

Dancing in limbo a child singing a song
Danger he’s nefarious
Bullet holes shredding little wrag dolls
Mothers hanging coffins
Bang Bang it goes