Anna and the Unicorn

Especially written & recorded for a beautiful and precious little girl, called Anna, with love from Auntie Eily, Angel Paws & the Unicorns


Anna loved Unicorns very much, she really wished she could ride her own special Unicorn.

One night when the Moon was full and bright, and as Anna lay down to sleep cuddling her toy Unicorn, something magical happened. That big old Moon was smiling at her! And the planet Venus twinkled and shone as bright as a precious diamond. Anna recalled the special rhyme to wish upon a star and wondered if she wished really hard would it come true, would she get to ride a Unicorn?

Star Light
Star Bright
First Star I see tonight
Grant me a wish
A wish come true...

There was a HUGE flash of light right in the middle of Anna’s room. She watched amazed as the most beautiful Unicorn stepped out of the light, shaking his gorgeous mane and tail. He was pure white, with a golden horn and his mane and tail were of silver and gold. The Unicorn’s eyes sparkled. They were the bluest blue Anna had ever seen.

‘Hello Anna, you wished upon a Star, and the Moon has sent me. My name is Lyrico and we are going on an adventure!’

‘Ohh how amazing…Where are we going?” Anna could hardly contain her excitement. She scrambled out of bed, into her slippers and dressing gown and clambered up onto Lyrico’s back.

Outside the window, a magical midnight rainbow appeared.’We are going over the rainbow!’ and with a neigh and a stamp of his golden hoof, the were off!

The rainbow was a sparking path of Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. As they gently trotted along, Anna looked down onto all the fields below where the horses and ponies were fast asleep. They passed cows, goats and sheep, foxes and deer. At the top of the rainbow Lyrico said ‘hold on tight to my mane, we are going to fly!’ To Anna’s surprise he unfurled the softest wings and up, up, up they went. Far above the Earth below, further than where the Eagles soar. Up, up, up past the stratosphere and out into the infinite beauty of space.

Lyrico flew Anna to the Moon! ‘Ah Anna, how lovely to see you!’ said the Moon, ‘I have some friends for you to meet.’There were lots of sparkling, twinkling lights and the sounds of laughter, like tinkling bells. ‘Here comes Venus and the Star Children,’ said the Moon. The Star children, Lyrico and Anna played a game of chase and hide and seek all across the Planets and the Constellations and twice around the Sun.

When all the fun was done, they returned to the Moon to say “Thank You and Goodbye.”

‘Anna you are very precious to us, a beautiful Princess and star born just like all the Star Children. Know we love you very much, and you can return anytime you choose. We have a gift for you, and the Moon placed a sparkling silver star in Anna’s hand. Remember magic is real.

Lyrico asked Anna what she would like to do next. ‘I should like to swim with Dolphins and Mermaids!’ said Anna. With a Whoosh, off they flew through Space and back to the edge of the Earth, where the magical rainbow path appeared once more. In no time at all, they were at the edge of the ocean and two friendly Dolphins were waiting.

‘Hello Anna,’ said the Dolphins. ‘Come swim with us and our friends, the Starfish and the Sea Horses and all the Rainbow Fish. There are wondrous things to see in the deep blue sea!’

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Lyrico said, ‘Go ahead Anna, the Dolphins will teach you to swim like a Mermaid and I will swim along side too.’ And so they did, with a splish, a splash and a splosh, the Dolphins took Anna on a fantastic ride over the ocean waves and then they all dived deep to visit the mermaids in their special cave.

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As they all went into the cave they heard excited chattering, and six gorgeous Mermaids, with long flowing hair and crowns of seashells, swam out to greet Anna, Lyrico and the Dolphins.

‘Come look at our treasures!’ said the Mermaids.

The cave had warm, soft white sand and a very high ceiling, the water was shallow. Anna gasped in amazement, as the walls were full of crystals of every colour you could imagine. Sparkling, twinkling. There were Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, Sapphires, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Obsidian and many others. The Mermaids showed Anna how to comb her hair with Mermaid combs, and make pretty necklaces from shells.

When it was time to say “Good Bye” all the Mermaids, Dolphins, Starfish, Sea Horses and Rainbow Fish gathered around Anna and Lyrico. ‘Please come back again and visit us, Princess Anna, we all love you very much! Before you go, choose a special crystal from our cave, and remember magic is real.’

By now Lyrico and Anna were feeling hungry and thirsty. Such adventures they had been on, all the way out into the Milky Way and down into the Ocean deep. Lyrico said ‘Anna, close your eyes, I have a last surprise…’ Anna closed her eyes until Lyrico whispered ‘Look! I have taken you to the end of the Rainbow.’

Anna was amazed. They were no longer in the wonders of the Ocean, but in a forest clearing. The Queen of the Fairies was waiting for them. She wore a gossamer gown and a golden crown. There were Cheeky Elfs, Mischieveous Goblins, Sprites and Wood Nymphs. Anna saw there really was a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The Fairy Queen said each gold coin was full of magic and although many humans had searched, very few had found. For the fairy gold was only the Queen’s to give.

‘Come, we have been expecting you Anna,’ said the Fairy Queen. ‘We have a picnic ready.’ And there on a blanket on the ground was a fabulous feast. Anna sat on a throne beside the Fairy Queen, the other fairies scattered around on toadstools and logs. There was tea and cake and tiny sandwiches to eat and nectar to drink from small flower cups.

Then the creatures of the woods appeared, Badgers, Owls, Voles, Harvest Mice, Fawns and sweet Nightingales. Music filled the air and there was dancing and singing all the way til the break of Dawn. Anna had the best time ever. Eventually, it was time to leave the magical fairy ring.

‘Please come back and visit us Anna, you are very special and precious and very, very loved,’ said the Fairy Queen and she gave Anna a gold coin. ‘This is for you, my Dear, our treasure is only given to those we know are truly magical.’

Anna said her “Thank You’s and Good-Byes”, and clambered up on Lyrico once more. Off over the rainbow path they went all the way back to her bedroom.

“Good Night, Sweet Anna,” said Lyrico. “I Love you.”

“I love you too Lyrico,” whispered Anna and as she climbed into her comfy bed and snuggled her toy Unicorn, Anna fell fast asleep, happy and content.

The next morning, with the sun shining in her window, Anna woke bright and early. She ran down stairs to breakfast wondering if all the adventures of the night had been a dream. She felt a jingling in her dressing gown pocket and took out the mysterious things. When Anna looked, what did she find? A silver star, a shiny gold coin and a sparkling Amythyst crystal.

Anna now knew that magic was real…

Eily Nash ~2021