Whisperings #2

Your desire willed me here
In the stillness of the night
Dreams tranquilly dangling in slumber
On clouds that pass me by
There is this ache
Hanging on to every word that leaves your lips
Taunting me
As you scream out my name

© Pammy~Penny's Scar

These lingering thoughts of you
Tangled and messy yet perfectly entwined
My heart beats a little faster
The heat of your breath soft on my skin
Like a feather falling
Drifting to the ground
I cherish these moments
Each and every one

© Pammy~Penny's Scar
Dawn kissed the moon
Tasting the breath of forever
Enchanted by a song
So surreal
That it claimed their souls
They danced every night
Under the sway of the clouds
To melodies never heard before
Symphonies from the stars
The rhythm of love

© Pammy~Penny's Scar

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