Nicole Wild

It is my great pleasure to introduce my Dear Readers to a very talented Author and Poet, Nicole Wild. As an INFJ, her work is so very deep and enriched with emotional intelligence. Nicole is part of the fantastic team of WALLIS & WILD, the powerhouses behind BLOODREDSTAR PUBLICATIONS. I have been honoured to have my own work featured in their Anthologies, along with other gifted Writers.

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The absence calls so I evade, 
a dance within my soul. 
The words get stuck and I can't speak 
because I don't feel whole. 
Blue has put the fire out. 
Red has left me cold. 
I miss my love, I miss my friend,
I dream of times of old. 
I wonder if he's warm tonight?
If winter met his gates? 
I wonder if he's happy? 
Drains me until I break 
I know his routine, where he is... 

Ugh, for goodness sake! 
So I choose to dance in circles 
Cuz this grief
I cannot take.

~Nicole Wild (2020)

“Wrapped Up” is Nicole Wild’s first novella. Click the Amazon link to preview inside, my review is below. I HIGHLY recommend this superlative observation of interpersonal relationships.


Having read Nicole Wild’s poetry anthology ‘Once Unchained’ I was excited to read her new book. I was not disappointed and read in one sitting. She has taken the themes of unbearable loss, pain and grief and the search for integration and meaning making, weaving them into a searingly honest and poignantly beautiful love story.

Ellie’s world has closed into a lonely and grey place. She is unable to process the Soul rending loss of Ricky, the love of her life. Retreating ever inward and away from the noise of the world, continuing alone is an unbearable burden. Enter the enigmatic Kain with his promise of sweet release. Dare Ellie open her heart to love again or will the shadow of Ricky forever walk by her side?

An excellent read. Nicole Wild writes with such rich descriptive detail, she absolutely gets the depth psychology of the human condition. I was totally immersed. And the ending…I will not spoil it for you, but it was so incredibly, sensitively written and I cried.

Eily Nash

 And as well as appearing in other Anthologies, Nicole Wild has her own collection of beautiful and emotive poetry. Please click the Amazon link to take a peek, and again my 5* review is below.

The last line in this gorgeous anthology reads ‘We write to heal our souls’. My goodness, how through her poems, the author takes the reader on a journey, through the emotions that flow through the human heart. Her words are poignant, delicate, strong. And throughout you hear the call of an incredibly beautiful soul. I absolutely loved this book. Highly recommended.

Eily Nash