The Ballad Of The Travelling Man


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“He’s in you, He’s in me…The gentle breeze and the storm tossed seas”

The open road can be very long when you are weary and have travelled way too far with a heavy burden of the baggage of life on your back. I see by your eyes you are tired and alone, so come join me, sit down. Warm your bones by my fire. Kick back, rest for a while. Hear me strum my guitar, serenade the night by the light of the moon and soft starlight. I can offer you to sup the fruit of the vine, some elderflower wine maybe a drop of Moonshine, or Dandelion beer? Whatever your choice, a cup of good cheer.


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In the words of my song, there’s a tale to be told, my story is not new but a ballad of old. You see I have walked this path for many a year and many a traveller has  greedy an ear to sit down and share the food sizzling on the pan and hear the music retell the ‘Ballad of the Travelling Man.’

He was the stranger I met outside my tent, just like you, when my soul was rent and this old heart heart has been broken in two. Chanced upon me singing the blues for those feeling old, battle worn and ravaged by time, strumming their stories in words and in rhyme.

He sat down beside me, kicked off his boots and warmed his toes by the fire. I noticed the flames grew quite a bit higher. I saw the smile in his eyes laughed at it all, the highs and the lows, just how we can fall and how we can soar.

“Met them all…” without judgement he said, “ those fizzing with life and the walking dead!”

The Travelling man? He was a wizard, a mage and a sage. He was an innocent child, the sun on your face. God’s gift of Grace and not of this time or this place!”

He left me a better man for finding me, pray one day he finds you too. The travelling man, he’ll see right through you and set you straight on the path that is meant to be. No hiding, no defence or false pretence.

He’s God in  you and he’s God’s in me…

The gentle breeze and the storm tossed seas.



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