Stars Gazing

A warm welcome back to EdenDene Books to a wonderful Writer and Poet, the lovely Matt, who pens such beautiful verse from the spiritual to the sensual. One of my favourites on Twitter, I hope you enjoy Dear Readers x

* * *

My gaze

I am
But yours
In moments

Back at me
How I wish
I could sail
Out to

On my own
With a million
Trillion billion
Out there

We set
Our weapons
And look up
At all

* * *

Matt ~In Poets Shoes

Throne of Bones

Image from Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Deeply …I see inside of you, see your Soul

Know that for so long you have not been whole

You have forgotten the words to your own song

Battle scarred and weary, the road has been long

But if I were to share 

The arcane things I know…

Would such knowledge scare you?

Or would it illuminate and help you grow? 

I truly do not know.

We all sit upon our Throne of Bones

Our paths are ours, and ours alone

Some wear a crown of thorns

Some the halo of a sun kissed Morn

There are times we may Light the way

For those who no longer see the Day

We may break, we may stumble and fall

Under the heavy weight of it all

Darkness enchants and beguiles

Seekers who come to rest for a while …

Put down your burdens and your cares

Find the magic in life, if you dare

Cast off the shackes of the past

Pain and sorrow do not forever last

I am a synergy of both Dark and Light

Dancing to the music of a Moonlit Night

Perhaps you would like to learn my ways

Of enchantment, witchery and the Fae

You may meet many Demons, but have no fear

The Presence of Guardian Angels are forever near

I hear the longing in your Soul

To be healed, be free and whole

Look into my Obsidian eyes, behold!

What do you see? All you already hold…

Treasure in the palm of your hands. 

You ARE your OWN promised lands. 

Believe. My Friend. Believe. 

Eily Nash

Image from Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay


Wolf song

On a wild Winter night, the West wind whipped & howled around a solitary Wolf as he sang his song of love to the Moon above. Lady La Luna smiled down, banished the wicked wind & sent snowflake kisses to her Lone Storm Lupine for his loyal devotion

The Lady had chosen Her Priestess well, for Moon Fire’s heart blazed with the fire and passion of all who have walked the Path of Initiation through the deep dark woods to tend Gaia’s Sacred Flame by the Light of Night

Grey Crescent was a Wolf of the Old Ways. They said She walked a liminal path, an Adept of healing and magickal Arts. Her song rang through the forests of the night,all who heard were soothed & comforted. And in the heavens above, the Goddess smiled blessings upon her Lupine child.✨

Moon Vixen and Magic Vixen were twin sisters. The Goddess, Lady La Luna, had chosen the brightest stars from the nurseries of Aldebaran and transformed them into sinew, blood and bone. She breathed life into Her star children, cloaking them in bodies of rich, soft fur. They were very beautiful and very strong, for they wore the bodies of Wolves. One as white as pure snow, the other as black as deepest night.

Pulling her children to her throne, The Lady whispered words of wisdom. And two tears fell from her celestial eyes. Pearls from the Moon. Taking the pearls, she created two pendants and placed one each around her lupine daughters necks.

‘My Children, I have a task for you. To leave this place, our heavenly home. There is work to do. My sister Gaia cries out in great pain, fir the sons of men are causing havoc upon the Earth.’

‘Oh Mother!’ They watched the Earth rise and saw all Lady La Luna had said was true.

‘You will go to help Gaia, but know for Celestials to walk upon the Earth, it will be a baptism of fire. You will find strength forged in a foundry of pain. Now for your names you shall be known as Moon Vixen and Magic Vixen. Together you are Moon Magic with the power, strength and grace of the Vixen. Together you will bring my magic to my stricken sister, Gaia upon the Earth.’

They understood and in unison replied, ‘We will go as One. For our Souls were formed from your Love and when we need your strength our beloved Mother, we will sing to you in the deep heart of Night.’

‘I will listen for your song, my daughters, your Wolf Song.’

Eily Nash (2022)

Lily Flame

Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 13.35.27
Flaming June, by Frederic Lord Leighton (1830-1896)

Lady Lily Flame

My Lady,  My Love, My Lily Flame

Do you wear a sullied cloak of shame

Has purity and innocence taken flight

To the beguiling dark embrace of Night

Nyx and Erebus, alluring, starless charms

Mists enticing you into seductive arms

My Lady, My Love, My Lily Flame

Guileless innocence, without blame

Deny Charon, the Ferryman his Stygian fee

Do not let the Pychopomp beguile thee

From Thanatos tenebrous domain flee

By  flames of Winter burning bright

Take safe passage through the  night

My Lady, My Love, My Lily Flame

Capricious gods may play Night’s game

Gates of the rising sun light the way

To sanctuary of Hemera’s breaking day

Purified by the kiss of the  Morning Dew

Absolution and Benediction fall on you

~Eily Nash 2015



Poetry is one of the languages of the Soul, it speaks deeply to us. I am honoured to share with you Dear Readers a wonderful new collection from Author Alexander Wallis, The Way Knight: A Tale of Revenge and Revolution and I H8 Bullies (Harsh Book 1) His depth of vision and emotional intelligence flow through his work. This book of poetry is absolutely is sublime. I hope you enjoy Alexander’s work as much as I do! Visit his Amazon Author Page for full details of all his work.

 I had a feeling that the book would hopefully offer some bites of soul food for those who engaged with it. I think what I am trying to say, is that the process made me feel uplifted and purposeful.

Alexander Wallis


A curtain falls. Our life concludes
We cast aside our costumes crude
And sigh as we decrease.
How hard it was to find some peace.

The script was pain
Now dead
We reconcile with loved ones
Some estranged
And cry at the psychology
Our spirits wore:
The clothing strange.

Then it's you and I,
Behind the windy scenery.
A soft, quiet aftermath
Where we can simply be.
So perfect to reside
In your familiar mystery.
No script or mask required
To sail in endless history.

You cannot feel me,
Yet stars die in  my cold.
You cannot hear me
Yet my whisper destroys worlds.

You cannot find me,
Yet all things drag in my tide.
You cannot see me,
Yet my force burns deep inside.

You cannot fight me,
Yet I die with nuclear might.
You cannot know me,
Where time slows, I kill all light.

You cannot destroy me
I have died yet grown in might.
You cannot know me,
Where time slows, I kill all light,

You cannot destroy me
I have died yet grown in might.
You cannot comprehend me,
I once was an angel bright.

A Mindful Life

There is a time when it is necessary to abandon the used clothes that already have the shape of our body and to forget the paths that take us always to the same places. This is the time to cross the river, and if we don’t dare do it, we will have stayed forever beneath ourselves.

Fernando Pessoa

Dave Thomas

It is my pleasure dear Readers to introduce you to a wonderful Podcaster, Dave Thomas from “A Mindful Life”.

For a great many years I followed his original Podcast “Walk The Talk” where many people from all walks of life shared their stories of life experiences, facing adversary and finding hope.

Dave, a recently retired long standing Police Detective, shared that he had suffered a breakdown through the pressure of ‘The Job.’ I was very concerned as I have a deep respect for those who put their own wellbeing on the line to look after others, and believe so much more can and should be done to Protect our Protectors in all emergency fields.

A mental breakdown can happen to anyone at anytime. Dave bravely and openly spoke about his lived experience and documented finding his path back to wellbeing on his social media accounts.

I was totally immersed following his journey of the many ways he discovered mindfulness and wellbeing. He is an inspiration to me and many others.

A man who really does Walk his Talk. It takes a huge amount of courage to show up in the World and let others see us as we truly are, our weakness and fears as well as our glories and successes.

Eventually Dave produced, what for me as an avid listener, is his most significant and emotive Podcast. Sharing the story of what led to his breakdown and his way back to Himself. It is a powerful listen. With kind permission I share the links below.

Dave Thomas has a deep well of empathy and compassion as he holds the space for those dear Souls who appear on his shows to allow their stories to unfold. He gently asks insightful questions, his many and varied guests range from a very poignant talk with a bereaved Mother, Sue Davies, chatting with a totally engaging former Chief Constable Mike Barton, to Bestselling Author John Sutherland and wonderful heart transplant recipient Katie Hutchings.

Each episode always ends on a positive note, no matter how emotive the narrative may have been. I find him to be one of the most authentic, kind and empathetic of people.

In life, the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ can feel all consuming. It is only retrospectively we realise why it had to happen. Many of us will resonate with this. I am not ready to tell my own story of a descent into darkness just yet, instead channel the experiences and lessons into writing my books. That is why I salute the bravery of people like Dave Thomas who stand up and shine their Inner Light to guide others through their own darkness and pain.

“Having completed 25 years police service, a new chapter in my life has begun. Previously focusing on blue light wellbeing on Walk the Talk I will now be focusing on the wider picture of wellness as I pursue my own journey in retirement and I would be delighted if you could join me on A Mindful Life.” 

Listen to “A BROKEN COP AND MY ROAD TO RECOVERY” on the Audioboom network.

A Broken Cop

It would seem fitting perhaps that my first podcast under the new mantle of A Mindful Life should concentrate on myself.

After 25 years in the UK police, I suffered a mental breakdown. Even now I feel weak for admitting that. That is my ego talking though.

My hope is that my experience in the blue light services will assist others to make sense of their own journey.

I retire in 2022 where I will explore so much more than I did in my previous podcast Walk the Talk


She walks in Beauty…

Angel is a diva dog who has it all, beauty, fame and a luxurious uptown life in Manhattan with her doting Grannie and Butler James attending to all her copious ‘want, need, nows!’ What more could a girl want? When Angel meets a super cute boy, who happens to be an incognito King, she realises there is something missing from her life, the royal title of H.R.H Princess Angel to be exact! When her royal suitor bestows tasty treats and offers more, Angel’s dreams of social elevation go to her head. Our girl is on a mission to nab herself a crown and a rather yummy cake. She isn’t about to let the little matter of a true love back home in England spoil her plans. But when old frenemy Kimbles the Bichon biatch arrives in New York, and a blast or two from the past reappears, life becomes “it’s complicated” and Angel finds she has more than a touch of trouble on her delectable paws. Mischief and mayhem ensue as our girl is determined to have her crown and wear it and have her cake and eat it!

Enjoy an extract from “ANGEL CAKE” from the paws of Angel Nash.

In which the Muse is upon Angel as she channels Lord Byron and exposes Grannie as a love cheat along the way!


“Beauty, thy name is Angel… “

‘Oh is that by a famous poet?’ You may solicitously inquire, my Lovelies.

Hmm…It is indeed by someone famous, but not a poet. Someone who, dare I say, may well be a Literary Genius! Have you guessed??? Who comes to mind??? Clever you! Yes…It is by Moi, and it is all about Moi…Who else?! Now you and I, and all the World know I am indeed beautiful, so why am I penning the obvious?!! ‘Cos I can, My Lovelies…I Am The Paws! And like the first canine, like ever, to be a real Author…How cool is that??? No need to answer My Lovelies, the question is purely rhetorical. It is more cool than a polar bear in Ray Bans sunbathing on an iceberg.

‘How did you discover your talent for poetry?’ you may well further solicitously ask me, my Lovelies.

Well it was all because of Grannie skanking with a famous poet and threatening my family security and also our shopping trip to Nieman Marcus…Read on…time for another of our little “Shh…secret sharing sessions”

It was the day after the whole debacle with GrandPa and the floozie that turned out to be an annual herb, and my abandoned date with that Angel cake and Krios at the Loeb boathouse restaurant in Central Park. Grannie was trying to make things up to me and we were chilling with smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis and chilled Chardonnay in our Penthouse. I was trying to talk to Grannie about something really important. Shopping. But she just wasn’t listening and she had this really stoopid mushy, faraway look on her face. She was muttering something about ‘his words being soooo sublime and how blessed she was to have her perfect man.’ Hmmm…who was this geezer she was ranting on about and more importantly did my G.G.P (Grumpy GrandPa) know? and if not, why not…So in the interests of family unity, getting my own back and shopping, I did the right thing. I once again Face Timed him back home in in England’s green and pleasant land from my Apple iPad in the big Apple.

‘GrandPa, listen up, I need to snitch on Grannie, Erm, I mean tell you something…this is very serious….Grotty Grannie has another man and he has been sending her love letters!’ I solicitously informed him.

‘Grooouuumppphhhh…W.T.F? Didn’t you cause enough trouble yesterday, you little Minx!’ He eloquently answered as he choked on his Gordon’s and tonic. Obviously having had one or ten too many. Just sayin’ G.G.P!

Funny how I got the blame for what was patently not my fault. I decided to be the bigger dog, which is no mean feat when you are less than a foot tall, and ignore his accusation. This matter was way to important for pettiness. Direct action was called for. Westies are renowned for our feisty and fearless disposition, so ignoring his apparent discomfort, I proceeded with my expose of my manky, home wrecking and cheating Grannie.

‘See for yourself!’ says I, turning the camera on naughty Grannie as she sat, eyes glazed, reading some tosh from a card with a pink love heart and red roses on it.

‘What are you reading Grannie?’ I cleverly asked, my suspicion it was a missive from her mystery man was confirmed as she spouted…

‘She walks in beauty, like the night…’ sigh...

‘And all that’s best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes: 

Thus mellow’d to that tender light which heaven to gaudy day denies…’ sigh…

‘One shade the more, one ray the less, had half impaired the nameless grace which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o’er her face;

 Where thoughts serenely sweet express how pure, how dear their dwelling-place.’ Mega deep sigh

‘And on that cheek, and o’er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!’

Even deeper sigh. Eww. Humphhh…I’d hardly call Grannie’s black and shameless heart innocent, and I was sure G.G.P wouldn’t either!

‘See and hear for yourself G.G.P! Grannie is far from innocent and that geezer’s barely literate…’ I was triumphant! Grannie was caught cheating and totally unaware G.G.P was witnessing her bare faced skanking! That will teach her to ignore Moi when I need to go shopping…

‘Angel….You Minx!!!’ My ingrate of a GrandPa shouted at Moi. This was getting to be a bad habit.

Then Grannie’s phone rang. Then my Oldies had a very loooonggggg convo about Moi. Then unbelievably, and unfairly they both said I am so totally grounded. Again. Porquoi???

Hurrumphh. Who Knew???? The manky card was from him to her. Erm, it seems they had a thing called an anniversary. Seems she likes poetry. Seems she likes this geezer called Byron. But it is OK. He’s dead. G.G.P has nothing to worry about and neither do I, apart from getting down to Fifth Avenue pronto…I need to get ungrounded like right now. Hmm, I have a little idea! If some rubbishy old poet has that effect on my Grannie, then I definitely can do better. Neiman Marcus have some lovely Loro Piana scarfs in. I like them. They look good on Moi. I need Grannie to grab her Amex and  buy me a nice Jardin Berbere cashmere one, a mere snip at about $2,000 before they sell out…I want to look good when I finally get my paws on that Angel cake and manage to keep a royal date with Krios. So I have penned this just for her, I think she will be impressed to be immortalised in verse, and more than happy to flash the cash for Moi, don’t you?

She walks in shadows of the night

It’s really best she avoids the light

‘Cos her gaudy mush is a right sight

It ‘d give ole  Frankie Stein a fright!

Angel Cake available on Amazon to preview now!

A Murder of Crows

A very warm welcome to “Gossamer Threads” to a beautifully talented poet, Matt.

Dear readers, please join me and over 8.8k Twitter follows enjoying his work. I hope this is the first of many guest appearances!

Image by Alexa from Pixabay
A murder of crows 

Hung deceptively low

Over a cold scene

Darkness crawled 

Through, all around 

I heard a calling 

From high above 

The murder in choir

Startling observers 

High and low

Coffee Shop Tales #1

Hello there my Lovelies,

Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen ~Tournée du Chat Noir de Rodolphe Salis via Wikimedia Commons

Henry the cat here with a little coffee time tale from my home at the Black Cat Café in Providence, Rhode Island. My person Cassie owns the place. Whilst she is busy brewing and baking, I like to curl up on a cosy couch and people watch. Entertaining business for a fabulous feline with an interest in depth psychology.

A quiet Monday, mid morning and I saw her, one that left a mark. A woman of a certain age, nicely dressed and sat ensconced in one of the big leather armchairs. She’d nabbed a quiet place tucked in the corner of the coffee shop. I watched her nursing her cup of strong black coffee, pain etched on her face.

She did not see me. Her eyes were fixed on something or someone in her own private mind movie. I wondered what hurt she was reliving and was it somewhere back in time or a fresh memory? No matter, really. Heartache is heartache. It all hurts the same, be it old or new.

I padded over and jumped up on the seat beside her. Maybe I could help? Sometimes humans find it good to talk, especially to a handsome and understanding chap like myself.

She became aware of my Presence, and blinked away threatening tears as she came back into the space we shared. But the shutters were down. I had intruded on a private thing. But being rather empathetic, it was if a huge wave of emotion had washed over me and I felt the full force of her pain. I saw she knew I knew! I looked forward to getting down to the nitty gritty, a little psychoanalysing on the couch and her eternal appreciation. I considered maybe even letting her stroke my luxurious fur as party of my feline therapy session. And then with an almighty shock I realised she resented me for it, my seeing deeply inside her. I felt my claws involuntarily come out, ohhh what an ungrateful human!

Cassie came over to the table, all smiles and blonde curls swinging around her cheerful face. She looked at the claws, I quickly retracted. Cassie asked the woman if she would like a refill, on the house.

With a curt ‘No’ she thrust her empty cup at Cassie. Not expecting it, Cassie grasped for the cup which melted through her fingers and shattered on the floor. My hackles raised, I hissed. And then I saw them. The commotion had caught other Patrons attention, all except a well dressed man of a certain age, studiously avoiding looking in our direction, and his much younger, very pretty and smiley female companion snuggled close to him on a couch made for sharing.

The Ingrate got up, without giving me a second glance, and walked away trailing her sadness behind her like cheap perfume. I was right, it was a matter of the heart, but if that was how she responded to kindness and empathy, well, no wonder her man was with another woman!

Feeling a sudden warmth towards the ‘other woman’, I sauntered over and brushed against her legs. With a tinkle of laughter, she leaned over and gently brushed my fur and tickled my ears. I immediately liked her, a lot. What was a boy to do? I immediately rolled over for belly rubs, the lady’s illicit companion also joined in the adoration of Moi, and that was when I saw the evidence.

Oh my, appearances can be deceptive. They had matching diamond wedding bands. The light of illumination came on…

I promised myself if that old nasty woman ever came back there would be no retracting my delectable claws!

Eily Nash ~2022

Photo by Marek Kupiec on

Summer Rain

When I come dancing into your mind let it be on gentle Dove’s wings of love.

I come bearing gifts of laughter, music and happiness. The wishes of Dandelions carried on the breeze.

Can you smell the sweet scent of summer meadows filled with wildflowers and see Butterflies and Bees dancing happily?

Let me bring the kiss of gentle rain softly caressing your bare skin as we dance sky/clad beneath the magic of the Moon at Midnight.

Lay me down upon the good green Earth and love me tenderly as we bare witness to the beauty of a new born Dawn.

The Fire Within

She had a fire

A fire that burnt within

With the Power of a thousand Suns

Yet she knew if she unleashed the Fire

It could heal, inspire, transform

Or destroy and burn all in its path…

So she kept it inside, knowing the unleashed fire would protect others but subsume her…

Summer Witch

By passion’s flame and fire of the Summer Sun the Enchantress works her craft and summons He who enchants Her. 

Circle drawn.
Candles lit.
Quarters called.
Spell cast.
Raising Power
She waits.

Until he feels heat rising, compelled to answer her call, he goes to her.

Beguiled by beauty, beneath a canopy of stars, an azure sea sends rippling waves washing upon silver sands.

She offers him drink from a golden goblet of honeyed wine.

Cicadas serenade the magic of Night.

Beneath a sultry Moon, Lovers entwine. He is Hers until the end of time.

Tendrils of Love

Enchantress, what witchery is this?

Weaving your magic through the dark heart of night, tendrils of love reaching through the ethers. The Essence of you, slipping beneath my sheets and into the fabric of my dreams…

Eily Nash~2022

Summer Solstice Magic

Solstice Sun rising high across a vast expanse of sky. 

The goddess sits upon her heavenly throne, celestial Light infusing mortal flesh and bone.

Raising power, spell casting in rhyme, as longest day bleeds into night.

At the witching hour by ether, earth and fire, enchantments done, you will be mine🔥

Eily Nash~2022

Dark Heart

Would you run from me if you knew with the Black Arts I summoned you? 

Would the darkness of my infernal heart cause you to flee?

Or would you come to me…

Come to me,

Come to me,

My mortal Love.

Lay your weary head upon my tender breast, take your well earned rest…

If you knew the Truth, forged from Hellfire, I have no Soul …

Would you still want me to hold you and make you whole?

Would you believe a Demon’s heart could be capable of love.

Could this be true?
A gift of Grace from Above?

Did He who made you, make me?
Will Love set us free?

Eily Bash ~2022

Hazy Days of Summer

Drifting, dreamy, hazy summer days beneath skies of Delphinium blue. 

Soaring Swifts,Skylarks on the wing, Robins and Blackbirds sing.

Wildflowers and sweet meadow grass fragrantly scent the air.

Balmy breeze cooling the heat of the sun upon ardent skin.

A babbling brook flowing between reeds, over pebbles and rocks.

Butterflies dancing with Dragonflies and dainty Damselflies.

The sweetness of a first kiss, Lover’s lay entwined.

Sight, scent, sound, taste, touch … senses alive. In tune. At One.

Gaia smiles.

Her Magick ~ A benediction upon the good green Earth.

Love’s Hues

If I were to write the colours of you, what would be the hue? 

The deep heart of midnight, cobalt blue and the shy kiss of pink on a new born Dawn, the fire of sunset on a Summer’s Morn.

You are iridescent rainbow magic after a storm, translucent rain softly caressing the gentle Rose.

Colours only our love knows.


She beguiles, enchants, summons, calls; do not fall. 

Her world is not yours, it would only be ephemeral for a mortal man.

She is of the Night, the Darkness.

Her world is ‘twixt night and day, she is a numinous creature of liminal light.

Beware the charms of a Witch.


Eily Nash~2022
From Twitter Gif 🖤

A Planetary Healing Meditation

I would like to share a little 20 minute meditation that I made up and  have been doing for a great many years.I strongly feel that when we are at one with Nature and look after our beautiful Planet Earth, then we, Gaia’s Beloved children, are also nurtured and grow in love and understanding for All that Is.

I offer this, with Love from me to you x


Photo by Pixabay on

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, making sure you will be warm and not disturbed. Take several deep breathes. As you breathe in, you are filling your lungs with energising pure white Light. And as you breathe out you are letting go of all stress, strain or worry. This is your special time to connect deeply with Gaia, the spirit of our beautiful planet Earth and your own special deities, with the Saints, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and the Divine Feminine and with All that Is, Source, God, The Godhead. We are all one.

As above, so below, as without, so within.

When you are ready, we will begin. Use whatever senses you like to enjoy our planetary healing visualisation/mediation: See, hear or sense the words in a way that works for you!

See a beautiful crystalline pyramid surrounding  you, the base beneath your feet and the tip of the pyramid reaching through the stratosphere to the very edge our beautiful planet Earth. Now see another inverted pyramid, the base beneath your feet and the tip to the underside of Earth, our home in our amazing Universe. The two pyramids merge into an octahedron, with you perfectly calm and perfectly safe within.

Now see/sense/feel a brilliant white Light pouring from the Heart of Heaven down through the pyramid, through YOU…The Light is cleansing, purifying and healing. It pours through your crown and fills every part of you: skin, bones, muscles, organs, blood, nervous system and also your auric field.

The Light travels through, in, around and down you and out your feet continuing through the pyramid, through to the edge of the Earth. It is beautiful to be held in this Light from Heaven itself.

From your lovely and loving heart centre the Light begins radiating out in concentric circles to your home, your loved ones, friends, neighbourhood, your village, city, town, your country and onwards in waves out into the whole wide world.

It feels so good to be held in the light of Love. Knowing you are a Light-worker for the good of both Gaia and the Cosmos.

Hold in your heart and mind this healing Light of Love as it travel through you to all of Humanity. To all of the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. To the elements and creatures of each element, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Ether. Send this Light to everything and everyone you wish to focus on. 

The Keepers of the wisdom of the Deep, Dolphins and Whales. To Sea mammals. All the fish and crustaceans and water dwellers. 

To creatures of the land both warm and cold blooded, carnivores and herbivores, to ruminants, flocks and herds of all animal families, beetle and bugs, creatures that creep and crawl. To all reptiles.

To the creatures of the air who take flight, birds, butterflies, bees, bats, flying insects.

And to the Earth herself, all her geology and geography. Her fossil fuels, minerals, crystals, rocks, granites, marbles, geysers, hot springs. Her Polar Caps,Mountain ranges, Valleys, Rain Forests, Woodlands, Fields, Prairies, Desserts, Beaches and her grasses, trees, flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables. Her oceans, seas, rivers, waterfalls, tributaries, streams, ponds and resevoirs.

FEEL AND KNOW yourself connected with all of Creation.

In this place of total connection, feeling your special place in the Divine Plan, we will call in the Divinities.

Invite the Angels to pour their Love and Light into your octahedron pyramids, to you and through you out into the whole world and everything that is in, on  and of the Earth.

Invite the Ascended Masters, the Saints and Illumined Ones for their compassion and understanding as they once walked your path and that of all of us upon the Earth.They understand our challenges, our hopes, dreams, fears, desires, aspirations. Our creativity, our destruction, our Light and our Darkness.

Invite the the twelve Archangels Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Raguel, Sandelphon, Uriel, Zadkiel to bring their Divine power and Light, healing and Love.

Invite all the other Angelic Host, the Principalities, Powers, Virtues,Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim for their Heavenly Love.

Invite the Divine Feminine, The Sophia, for the Unconditional Love in Her Aspects of Mother God: Mother Mary, The Lady Mary Magdalene, The Lady Kwan Yin, Gaia and The Goddesses known to the World.

Now see a brilliant golden Light pouring down, the Christ Light of compassion and Love for all that is, all that was and all that will ever be. 

Finally sense, see, feel  the Violet Flame of God holding the Earth, Our Gaia Herself, in Divinity. The Love of the Godhead for all creation transmuting all fear, pain and suffering into the pure essence of LOVE. For love is from where we came and where we will return. In truth, all there is and ever will be, is LOVE.

This healing meditation for yourself and our beloved planet is now complete.

Take several deep breathes and give gratitude for the blessings you have invoked for All.

Ground, by seeing golden roots from your root chakra, your feet and hands going deeply down into the good, rich Earth. And KNOW you matter and you are Loved.


© Eily Nash 

Star Crossed Lovers

When does the present become the past? 

Late night music plays on the radio.

Memories tear through the illusion of the fabric of time.

I was never yours,you were never mine.

Where do old ghosts go,
I do not know.

They live and breathe in long forgotten poetry and rhyme.

Star-crossed Lovers are never destined to last.

Eily Nash ~ 2022

Tenebrous Tendrils

Darkness beckons
I hear Lilith’s call
Willingly Falling
Into the soothing deep
Velvet night beguiles
Enchants, revives
By Moonlight the pain
Of brittle, harsh day
Fades away.
Tenebrous tendrils
Drawing body and Soul
Into the Void
Inner Light
I am Home.
I am Whole.

Eily Nash ~2022


My path is mine and mine alone to walk, as is yours too. Happenstance, time to time we meet others along our way and travel together for a while. Perhaps we share stories, laughter, music and song. Perhaps we commiserate and offer advice for things that have gone wrong. Maybe we have words to inspire or the strength to carry a weary Soul for a while. May we feel better for the time shared and Merry Meet and Merry part as we continue the journey on the long road ‘Home’. Love Eily 💜

Drawing Down The Moon

A romantic scene from my paranormal love story, “Torn From The Heart” ❤️

‘Would Sir care to join me in my bedchamber?’ Evelyn enquired, head tilted coyly to one side.

Adam was taken off guard by her request, this was a move he had not anticipated. Evelyn had been so elusive his normal confidence with women had subsided. The lady had spoken and he did not need to be asked twice. With gallant good humour Adam responded,

‘If the White Queen so wishes, then her Black Knight is honoured to acquiesce to M’Lady’s request!’ Adam made his way across the flagstones of the darkened Inn. As he followed the swish of Evelyn’s long Gossamer dress as she vanished into the all-pervading gloom, he smiled quietly. He had set out to play a game to win, a game of check mating her into the bedroom. Now the tables had been turned, Adam really did not care. He desperately wanted to be close to Evelyn, and not for any of the reasons he has started with. It was not lust that now motivated him, there was an almost magnetic pull to his beautiful, beguiling companion. They had started a strange journey together, and Adam was more than happy to see where it led to, somewhere across forever, he hoped.

At the top of the steep and narrow stairs everything was absolutely pitch black. He was aware his feet were treading on ancient wooden floorboards that creaked in complaint at their weight. Evelyn continued catlike down a long length of corridor. She did not seem to need any light to find her way.

Adam followed closely on her footsteps, not entirely comfortable in the pitch blackness. He heard a rasp as an antique door was scraped open across the ancient floor. Then totally unexpectedly light illuminated the darkness. He had gained admittance into M’Lady’s bedchamber and Adam Knight, arch womanizer was as nervous as hell.

Evelyn’s room was lit with a myriad of candles. They were on the stone window ledges of the two latticed windows and also placed in the hearth of the large inglenook fireplace in which a fire was lit and blazing with dancing red and gold flames.  The heady scent of Patchouli filled the room.Momentarily, the thought crossed his mind that the entire evening Evelyn had not left the lower floor, what unseen hand had lit the fire and fresh candles? She walked towards her four poster bed which had been hewn from rich dark oak and ornately carved. The bed was draped with heavy silk brocade, purple and gold threads entwined in an elegant pattern. Adam was surprised. Downstairs the Inn had been so dilapidated. This room was fit for a goddess, for his own personal goddess of the Half Moon Inn.

And there she stood by the light of the fire in all her beauty. As Adam regarded his Eve, his heart filled with love. She was just so delicately beautiful and ethereal. He had never been a religious man, yet he found himself whispering to her a verse from King Solomon’s Song of Songs:

‘Who is this woman?

She seems to shine like the dawn.

She seems as beautiful as the moon.

She seems as bright as the sun.

She is as wonderful as the stars’

And in return Evelyn  whispered softly.

‘My Beloved is mine, and I am his.’

Evelyn slowly removed the Gossamer dress, letting it slid down her body and fall in a gently crumpled heap at her feet, she delicately stood out of the dress and stood before him in her nakedness. There was a translucent quality to her unblemished porcelain skin, almost as if she were not of this world. In the soft light of the dancing flames she was timeless and numinous. Adam, enthralled, walked towards his prize and ran his hands through her long black hair and entwining his fingers in Evelyn’s luxurious, flowing locks. His eyes were fixed on hers, lost in their depths of darkness. She still held mysteries as yet unfathomed but the night was not over yet. He saw his own face reflected back in the light of her eyes, and saw softness there, he also saw compassion and tenderness. He saw Love. With exquisite tenderness she undressed him and taking a little vial of oil from the hearth, she kissed his head, hands and feet as she reverently anointed his body with precious Spikenard. The aroma of the heady amber oil filled his head as Evelyn, taking his hand in her delicate fingers gently led him to the little latticed window.

Throwing open the panes, a rush of cool air stroked their naked bodies.

‘Isn’t she beautiful?’ whispered Evelyn, looking skyward. The storm had passed and the night sky was a black velvet blanket covered with a myriad of sparkling diamonds. The moon hung low against this celestial backdrop, a perfect orb of brilliant milky white.

‘A giant pearl’, he smiled, ‘A moon pearl!’

Evelyn did not answer as she stood moon gazing. She was totally transfixed, entranced looking at the heavenly orb.

Raising her slender, milky arms into the air, her slender body swaying gently, she began chanting and intoning sacred words.

‘What are you doing’, he puzzled.

‘Drawing down the Moon’, came back her cryptic reply. With eyes closed and her body still slightly swaying she chanted melodic words.

‘I am the Maiden,

I am the Mother

and I am the Crone

I am the Hart and the Moon gazing Hare

I am the Holly, the Ivy, the Oak

I am the Owl, the Nightingale and the Crow

I am the Forest, the Meadow,

I am the Hearth and the Home

I am the Rivers, the Oceans and Seas,

I am the Light of the Night and Lilith’s Dark Moon

I am your Hopes, your Fears and all your Desires

….all that there is dwells in me

I am the Goddess of the Triple Trinity.’

Evelyn appeared to have an aura of shimmering light around her body. Her body was present in the room, yet he could see she was transported to another place that was not of this world. Adam saw she was lost in a trancelike state, caught between him and the magic and mystery of the moon.

Adam was not sure if the effects of the fire and candle light were causing him to see things. Her face was lost in rapture and she appeared to radiate an inner light. At that moment he did not know her. She was more than his delicate Eve, she was emanating a supernal light, a power and radiance. The moon beams were dancing in the room and there was a feeling of power and wonder. As Evelyn’s chanting and swaying increased he felt a surge of ecstatic energy course through his body, as if he were electrified and alive with her  pulsating words. And then she was quiet and still, it all subsided and Adam, filled with emotion, fell to his knees, wrapping his strong arms around Evelyn’s slender waist. Burrowing his head in her soft belly he sobbed as he had never ever cried before. His hot tears ran in rivers over her soft skin, and Evelyn tenderly stroked his hair, and let the release come. All the pain stored in his heart burst forth. The dam had broken and the floodgates opened. Eventually the wracking sobs abated and he felt cleansed. Looking up at the brilliance of the moon, a peace descended upon him.

‘Thank you Mother’ he whispered into the night sky and Lady Luna shining her benediction down upon her son.

He felt the light touch of Evelyn’s skin on his. Tenderly she raised him to his feet, and dried his wet face with strands of her long black hair. Taking both his hands in hers, she led Adam to her bed. By the light of the fire and warm candle glow their bodies entwined. Every brush of her lips and delicate touch of her finger tips electrified his body. With a passion Adam had never felt before, he wrapped his woman in his strong arms and was lost in the sublime bliss of her love. Two bodies merged and two spirits soared. He felt as if he had left his body and was pure Spirit, as was his beloved. Two became one. Two bodies, two hearts, two souls unified across time and space. There was no Adam and there was no Eve, there was just unimaginable and unbearable ecstasy and Bliss. In the light of the flames and the half light of the night they danced in the light of love and experienced the almost unbearable light of being.

When their lovemaking was over, Adam held Evelyn as if he would never let her go. They lay together watching the moon in her beauty and fullness.

‘The Lady has blessed us Adam’, murmured Evelyn.

‘Ah, the Lady came alive in you my Love, Eve you are my very own Moon Goddess and I worship at you.’

Adam fell asleep in his lover’s arms, wrapped in her embrace. His tortured soul was at last content and at peace.

© Eily Nash 2012

Extract from my paranormal romance ” Torn From The Heart”

Until You Bleed

I am in awe of the talent of singer/songwriter Penny from Penny’s Scar. This is just so deep, sending shivers up the spine. Please support a fabulous Indie Artiste and have a listen and follow her channel 🖤🎶🙏

Wolf Love

The moon is full, night calls as darkness rises in me. Many a man is petrified by the hungry Wolf’s claw, lest I rip flesh & sinew from their bones. But you, my mortal Love, have no fear of me. Only you get to feel my touch as soft as a velvet glove.

Ruby Red Wine

Image from Pixabay
Dark and delectable as ruby red wine
The taste of her lips touching mine
Fingers run through long blonde hair
Smoke from candle flames curl in the air
Mirror reflects the look in her dark eyes
Black satin dress slides to the floor
The promise of night, lust and amour
Smiling she steps naked into my arms
I am lost to the beguiling Witch’s charms

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Voices From The Void

Voices from the Void

‘Daughter come home.’

Eons pass
The Whispers call louder

Through the density of Matter
The illusion of Time

‘Daughter come home.’

The mantle of Night
Cauldron of Darkness
Evokes memories: Nothingness.

The Void. Calling me… Home.

Eily Nash ~ 2022

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Indigo Blue

Stairway to Heaven
As day began to fade to grey and night came riding in, I watched the sky begin to turn Indigo Blue. 

Where are you, my Dear, so very far away from me?

I saw a star caught in the branches of an old Beech tree and made a wish as Lovers do.

How I hoped my wish would come true. I asked for a stairway to the heavens above.

To that magic place where Souls meet on the bridge across forever and dance together into the Light of Love✨

Eily Nash


Why did you wake the sleeping Tiger that lay dormant and hidden within me?

For now she prowls the corridors of Night, filled with unassuaged hunger and longing for Your touch.

Feel her tongue, and the hot flames of desire licking with satisfaction your pliant, willing skin.

Are you afraid, or will you let the Tiger in to taste you and feed upon your molten flesh?

You cannot tame her, only acquiesce and appease her …

Perhaps she will not devour you…

Just yet.

Dark Heart of Night

Darkness falls.

The witching hour calls.

That which has been constrained by chains of day, unleashed into the dark heart of night.

Born of a thousand stars and the fires of hell, the She Devil is incandescent, infernal Light.

In dreams she comes to you. Invades your thoughts, willingly you invite her into your bed. Excited by a demon lover, your body enflamed by her touch. You succumb to her dark charms.

There is no escape from that which has been made manifest by your own deep, dark desires.

Pray for the light of dawn and breaking of the day, lest the Succubus feeds her voracious hunger and devours your heart. Bid her leave your arms before she carries your very soul away to be consumed in flames of the endless abyss.

Eily Nash

Shadow Man


Feeling Presences: a little true story…

There is a woman I used to know let’s call her Lana. I helped her a lot with stuff over the years, her younger husband falling for an even younger woman, his cheating, the divorce that ensued & her suicidal ideations, then her inability to accept her child coming out as gay, followed by the death of her bigoted parent. There were many teas and tears in my witchy kitchen. The most memorable was with an old lover of hers who put in a reappearance in quite an unusual way…

Back in the day the love of her life, Carter, treated her badly, preferring bikes, beer and mates. They split but she never really loved anyone like him. Years roll on and they meet and seeing she is (as she supposes) happily married they stay just friends, with the occasional benefit. He wants her back but she knows it would not work. The friendly beers with the boys had long ago turned into addiction.He was a highly functioning alchoholic.

Anyhow, Carter died suddenly, his once fit body ravaged by years of abuse gave out way too soon. Lana was heartbroken. Came to see me for tea and sympathy and maybe hoping I may get my Tarot cards out. There was no need, as she walked into my kitchen, Carter came in too!

I saw him as a large grey shadow by her side. I could ‘sense’ what he looked like but not see him other than this very tall, grey shadowy  shape. I told her he was there and where he was standing. 

Lana said she knew, she felt him come in too and hoped he would give me a message for her. 

Then to my shame something happened I regretted.  This was years ago and I didn’t know how to use the ‘gift’ as I now do.

I heard Carter talking inside my head, his voice was urgent. Wanting me to connect my energy with him to let her Know he was OK. 

I was scared if I let him in then I would not get rid of him, so I closed down. But not before  he told me to let her know he had loved her, Lana had been his true love, the love of his life and he had thrown it away. I thought Lana would be hugely upset, but she wasn’t, his words were what she needed to hear in order to lay the ghosts of their past to rest. When she left she was  happy…Until the young husband’s skulduggery with the much younger lover came to light, but that is a private matter, not my story to tell.

Now many years have passed, Lana has long gone, and is the way of ‘eaten bread is soon forgotten’ so too my kindnesses have also been long forgotten. With the passage of time and many Spirit visitors later, I do know how to send them on their way, just always feel bad about that one!

The spooky stuff that has really happened to me, I have enough to write a book and not one of my usual fictional ones!! Maybe I shall…one day.


© Eily Nash

Names have been changed but everything else is true.


Let me soothe your soul with a song. I want to touch you deeper than you have ever been touched before

I adore the sultry tones of American Singer/Songwriter & Poet, Penny from Penny’s Scar.

It gives me great pleasure to share the lyrics and link to a gorgeous song

So Beautiful Surrounding me.

Her hypnotic musics enchants and entrances and is free to listen and to download on the Soundclick platform.



This beating heart inside of me

I’m a dusty rose

Diamonds are stolen promises

Set in gold I’m hiding

When I feel your touch

And oh You taste like something

So Beautiful Surrounding me

And all I remember

The way you whisper my name

Want to dance here forever

Soaked by the rain

That’s falling down on me

Wading through this stormy weather

Just your touch is all that I need

The sounds of December

Scraping the cold beneath me

In the night I heard your voice

Shadows they confound me

Found a light out in the darkness

Where I was screaming

Like a child in the corner

Climbing these walls

And oh You taste like something

So Beautiful

Surrounding me

And all I remember

The way you whisper my name

Want to dance here forever

Soaked by the rain

That’s falling down on me

Wading through this stormy weather

Just your touch is all that I need

The sounds of December

Scraping the cold beneath me

And oh You taste like something

So Beautiful Surrounding me

And all I remember

The way you whisper my name

Wanna dance here forever

Soaked by the rain

That’s falling down on me

Wading through this stormy weather

Just your touch is all that I need

The sounds of December

Scraping the cold beneath me

So Beautiful Surrounding me


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Dimpsey Dusk ~A Fairytale narrated by Dave Thomas

Photo by Digital Buggu on

Beneath the light of a Flower Moon, the Faerie Queen looked upon her blessed realms of The Summerlands,  stretching as far as the eye can see. Beauty reaching to infinity.

Dimpsey Dusk narrated by Dave Thomas

I have long been a huge admirer of Wellbeing Podcaster Dave Thomas from A Mindful Life. It is my pleasure to share Dave’s work with you and an episode where he delightfully narrates one of my short stories, Dimpsey Dusk, from my book GOSSAMER THREADS.

Wellbeing is an issue close to my heart, I highly recommend the wonderfully diverse content on Dave Thomas’ shows, the episodes have hugely interesting guests relating their true life experiences. They are inspiring and uplifting and give us all hope that we can and do overcome adversary.

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My appearance of the show is a little piece of whimsey to bring just a touch of magic your way. Enjoy!


I’d heard many an ancient story told, of the magic the Bluebell Woods may hold. Did I believe it, was it for real? If a mortal man stood in a faerie ring, precious time was something they would steal. Could there really be such a thing? The thoughts rattled around my head, I admit by curiosity I was led. It was back in the merry month of May, as I recall, ’twas Beltane day and  just as the dimpsey dusk had begun to fall, I heard enchantment call. 

I set off down a country lane, clambering over stiles, a rickety bridge across a rhyne and through the fields of Barley, until I stood at the entrance to the Bluebell Woods. I had left the world so mundane, seeking the magic that lives in a space beyond the confines of time. I stood very still, barely holding my breath. What if the myths were true, could meeting the Fae really cause a man’s death? Beautiful Bluebells, their scent pervaded the air. Suddenly I did not care as their tinkling chimes dispelled my fear, I could sense the magic as I drew near.

With glow worms to light the way, I followed a winding trail, determined to return to tell the tale. The leaves begin to sway, dancing to the birds signalling the end of day. Then I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. A little fellow, so dapper and neat. He had a suit of red and green, such a creature I had never seen. Shiny black shoes with silver buckles upon his feet. With cheerful words he greeted me, ‘Good Sir, Merry Meet!’

I was so surprised when he spoke and  told me he was of the Elven folk. Reaching up, he took my hand and led me into an enchanted land.How blessed was I to see a sight, granted to a mortal man that warm Summer's night. In a clearing in the woods, the Beltane fire burned high and bright. Beside the Elf, I felt brave and I felt bold, and so I stood, quite at ease and protected by the trees, and watched it all unfold.

I was midst the Royal Court of the Fae as their magical May procession got underway, led by the Faerie Queen and her Holly King. Oh her beauty had to be seen! Her silken gown was spun from gossamer threads, a golden diadem upon her lovely head. Her flaxen hair was loose and long and came tumbling down. Her Consort, a majestic sight as he took her hand and they sallied forth into the night. The Faerie folk, Elves, Hobgoblins, Dryads, Sprites and Nymphs all bowed down to She who wore the Green Wood Crown. 

Enchanted I watched as their Majesties walked by, the Faerie Queen caught my eye. She beckoned me to join her entourage and follow the retinue. I did not hesitate, grabbing the little Elf by the hand, I did as she bid me to and went further into the deep dark woods. Along the way Fireflies flew, tiny sparks of  dazzling, dancing light, as the procession came through.

By the Beltane fire, I saw two thrones, hewn from ancient stone. I felt the power build and rise from the forest floor. I had wandered through a liminal corridor. A land of beauty, magic, song and dance. The whole forest was alive, and I was entranced. Beetles, bugs and Bees joined in the festivities. There was nectar to sip and cake to eat. A giant toadstool became my seat. Fallow Deer, Badgers, Stoats, Mice, Foxes, Hedgehogs and Voles are came creeping shyly in to pay homage to the Faerie Queen. Such marvellous sights, the like of which I had never seen!

And through the night music played, on a Harpsichord, flutes and Mandolins, and a Nightingale sang madrigals and songs of Courtly love. Oh how we danced and twirled and spun in circles, round and round. My feet hardly touched the ground! And then from somewhere high above, I heard a Barn Owl screech and in a happy, dizzy haze I fell upon the forest floor. The sights and sounds receded, I looked but although he was needed, my Elven friend was somewhere out of reach.

Beneath the light of a Flower Moon, the Faerie Queen looked upon her blessed realms of The Summerlands,  stretching as far as the eye can see. Beauty reaching to infinity. With a wave of her magic wand and the mists begin to rise around Avalon. Sleep fell upon me, and enchanted by the  Queen of the Green Wood’s spell, I kept the secret. For their story I would never tell.

Eily Nash ~2020

Bitter~Sweet Addiction

Bitter Sweet addiction of mine …
We were not destined to stand the test of time. You were the lust and longing coursing through my veins. You were my pleasure and my pain. For a while you were the breath of life, how bright passion’s flame did burn. To ashes and dust we must return. Spells like hearts can be broken. Goodbye, farewell. Know that I loved you well.

Eily Nash ~2022


In the twilight of my years 
I sit alone in quiet reverie.
All I have are memories and fragments of poetry. Words of longing, love and loss;
My tears of ink on parchment fall.
If you could read my words would your heart cry too, for what might have been and the sad futility of it all.

Eily Nash ~2022

Tattered Wings

Photo by Isabella Mariana on

With lovelorn eyes I looked back through the lens of time and watched the delicate beauty of a Butterfly. With gossamer wings warmed by the light of the sun, she swept and soared across endless skies. How the sight enchanted me and the shadow of a smile played across my face.

The Butterfly came to a place where the wild Roses grow, and intoxicated by the scent of sweet perfume she alighted upon a fragrant bloom. His allure was such, much as she longed to take to the skies once more, he enticed her to stay for just a little while. 

Eons passed sadly by, her wings were now tatted and torn and she was unable to fly. Oh how she rued the day the wild Rose with his viciously jealous thorns stole her freedom away.

And I, a silent witness to it all could only watch and weep.

Eily Nash ~ 2022

The Seeker

Deep in the velvet night

The yearning of the Body
To be held and to hold

The silent songs of the heart
Needing to love and be loved

The seeking of the mind
To understand and be understood

The searching of the Soul
To find that lost place, Home

Dispelled by brittle daylight

Eily Nash~2022

Far Horizon

How many times …

Have I stood here
Alone upon a sandy shore
Watching the far horizon
Beyond an endless sea

How many times …

Have the waves rushed over me
Angry breakers pounding my heart
Yet I stand.
I withstand
Watching the far horizon
Beyond an endless sea

For life, in her wisdom teaches
Look way beyond the far horizon
Know the silent secrets of the sea

The waves that come rushing in
Can try but will never break me
For they have no choice but recede
To the far horizon
On the ebb tide
Of an endless sea

~Eily Nash

A Trilogy of Love’s Magic

My good friends Raymondé and Randy have joined me in a trilogy of poetry.

Let there be Dragons, Butterflies, Witches, Dragonflies and Love!

Beautiful Butterfly from Pixabay
My eyes tilted toward the stars

I am breathless

For in this moment

I let go

Sinking into midnights seduction

My heart beats softer here

Closer to the quiet

Deeper inside

Where clover fields weave

Into a rhythmic sway

Echoes of dragonfly wings

Swindling the air

As I lay here

Peacefully dreaming

In shades of you

A Witchy woman was she

Her mistral winds bent the trees 

Electric storms crept into view

Silhouettes flashed in cerulean blue

The dragon’s eyes watched with delight 

A scarlet butterfly dance in the night

Forbidden lovers trapped in a spell

Washed away in the rains that fell 

A brief reprieve from the torturous days 

Soon their Witchy friend would find a way 

Potions, spells and magick brew

Gossamer tales always come true

~Randy Wiley 

Image from Pixabay
Autumn leaves are falling. 

The magic of our Summer love enchanted both Earth and Sky. 

What mortal hand can hold the dance of Dragonflies?

Winter bids me sleep, Spring calls to you. 

Fly away, fly high, on  gossamer wings. 

Your seasons change, my constant heart sings of eternal love…

This body grows old and dies. 

My heart, forever young, sings. 

Eternal love, unlike changing seasons, is never done.

~Eily Nash

Raymondé’s ‘Beautiful Knowing’ is available on Amazon as Kindle, Paperback & Hardback editions. a perfect gift of Love.

This beautiful poet is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, her haunting melodies are FREE to listen and download on the Soundclick Platform!

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Flowers in Her Hair



Her feet were bare, flowers adorned her hair.

Kissed by the sun & the soft touch of sweet summer rain, she stepped out of her black velvet cloak to dance sky clad in fields of green and crops of gold.

Gaia’s child chanted Her words of power, with a heart flowing with gratitude for the bounty of the land and the gift of life, for the Great Mother had showed her the secrets, wonder and beauty of the Earth.

A canticle of praise flowed from her lips to God in His heavens above.

The Father’s benediction spread across skies of blue and fell upon her and all his holy creation below, and those who follow ancient paths and the ways of old.

✨Blessed Be✨

As Above, So Below.





Eyes of the Witch

Image of Pythia ~Priestess of Delphi by John Collier (1891)

She saw deep into the souls of men.

Their secrets, fears, hopes and desires.

Such was the power of the witch.

She needed no obsidian scrying glass.

Some scorned her for her second sight.

Some found her an illuminating Light.

She cared not, for it was all the same in this game called life✨

~Eily Nash

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Gifts of the Graces

The Three Graces ~ Edouard Bisson
Three Celestial sisters stood on the roof of the World looking down on the Sons and Daughters of Men.


‘What should we gift them this Christmastide,’ asked Aglaia.

‘Essences of our Grace, Beauty and Charm?’ Suggested Thalia.

‘What have they need of the most?’questioned Euphrosyne.

They conferred for a while.

The Three Graces having decided on their gifts to Humanity, scattered Star Seeds down onto the Earth below.

In time the seeds would grow in the hearts and minds of Mankind and so the World would come to know the gifts of the gods.











Eily Nash ~2021

Wild Roses

‘Let me take you by the hand, ‘ he said.

‘I will take you to to the place where the wild roses grow, we will sit a while upon the the lush green riverbank beneath a sun kissed sky and watch dragonflies dance upon peaceful waters as they flow by. There is no other, my dear, I plight my troth to thee!’

I took him at his word and my True Love gave to me a rose. Petals as dark as blackest night. The thorns tore deep and caused my heart to bleed. My red blood fell upon pure white snow. My tears lost upon turbulent seas. A murder of crows cawed at my misery, the truth was there to see.

My True Love lied to me.


Eily Nash (2019) ⌒*✰‿✰*✰‿✰

Prisoner To Love

She gave him the keys to a hidden place, deep within the chambers of her heart.

No Angel from above was he.

Laughing at his wicked game, he pushed her hard, closed the door, took the keys and ran.

Fallen from grace, head bowed in shame, she lay bleeding on the forest floor.

No one heard her silent screams of pain or saw the tears falling, bitter rain.

Fooled by an adept of the dark arts, left alone, a sacrifice on the altar of love, a prisoner of her heart.

~Eily Nash

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Winter of my Heart

In the winter of my broken heart, I lay down to rest in the harsh embrace of the cold, hard ground. I am so near and yet so far, whisper your name, but you do not hear. Alone with just fragrant fragments and memories of lost love. I watch the seasons pass like Blossom on the breeze from the cold comfort of my Earthbound home, here my English Country Churchyard.

Eily Nash

Photo ~ Eily Nash

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Protector of my Heart

Poetry makes the heart sing. I am delighted to share with my dear Worldwide Readers another lyrical romantic collaboration from the poetic pens of Chris and Randy. Enjoy sharing the Love!

It's the one
who knows
the woman-
the me, behind the lines..
The collector
who gathers
of my joys, my woes..
A protector
of my heart, my words-
You; my guardian of sentiment...



I collect you - all of you. 
I breathe you in and slowly exhale 
holding onto your essence 
before the next breath draws you 
deep into a collection of euphoric sighs. 
You are the air that breathes life into these veins,
and in every exhale, traces that feed this hungry heart 
which starves for you - all of you.


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mage by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay 

Swallowing Like Sorrow

The bridge is down 
My heart has found another rock to throw
Wispy sounds on the water rippling through broken shadows
Kissing time 
Frozen inside 
Which way do I go
Midnight coming 
Slowly takes the pain away
Salivating soul drowning in this evading place
Oh I am your daughter
Whispers of you innocence the truth
You never wanted me
Drowning in the rain
Oh the falling 
Dare this beautiful broken dream
Swallowing like sorrow
Tasting bitter wounds that stain
Oh the falling
Who are you suppose to be

So lay low
Tired and weary this love
Oh I am frozen
My soul melting in the sun
Oh I'm your daughter
Oh you forgot

Riveting sound that has bound these tears to my eyes
Wailing inside where shadows hide breaking my soul
Wishing lies would fade in time haunting me forever
I have chased you too many time now I'm letting go
Anticipating everything everywhere
Hypnotized for a sign of your love 
I am your daughter 

Oh the falling 
Dare this beautiful broken dream
Swallowing like sorrow
Tasting bitter wounds that stain
Oh the falling
Who are you suppose to be

So lay low
Tired and weary this love
Oh I am frozen
My soul melting in the sun
Oh I'm your daughter
So you forgot

And the night comes closer to me
Holding me so close
And you cry just to dream
Holding onto love
Oh I'm your daughter
So you forgot
Oh the falling 
Dare this beautiful broken dream
Swallowing like sorrow
Tasting bitter wounds that stain
Oh the falling
Who are you suppose to be

So lay low
Tired and weary this love
And oh I am frozen
My soul melting in the sun
Oh I'm your daughter
So you forgot

Oh the falling 
Dare this beautiful broken dream
Swallowing like sorrow
Tasting bitter wounds that stain
Oh the falling
Who are you suppose to be

So lay low
Tired and weary this love
Oh I am frozen
My soul melting in the sun

Oh I'm your daughter
So you forgot

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Night’s Magic

Image by Eily Nash

Meet me on the field of dreams

Where nothing is as it seems

Deep in the realms of dark fantasy

Desire brought us together in reality

Summoned by power of Witch light

Love and lust lit up the heart of night

Dawn broke and the cold light of day

Crept in to steal night’s magic away✨

~Eily Nash

The Willow Tree

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

I adore the amazing poetry of Raymondé and it is my pleasure to share one of the Poet’s own favourites from her new book ‘BEAUTIFUL KNOWING’ ~out on Amazon now as Hardback, Paperback and Kindle editions. Take a look inside the book from the Amazon previewer at the end of ‘The Willow Tree Standing There’.

The Willow Tree Standing There

Hidden behind these branches of time
There is a key dangling
Tight around the old Willow tree
The wind standing still
Timid to move through the day
Leaves remain holding tight in their place
As the old rusty lock swings in the air
Swindled by Autumns sun glistening glare
Touching metal and bark then parting the light
This dream so abrupt when the bough starts to break
From the landing of a crow as it makes the branch shake
The lull of a song when the wind starts to fade
Till the next time it blows quietly it waits
For my lips wish to taste the heart of the rain
After the day fades and the Moon sits by my side
I will gather the lilies that grew in it's light
This beauty around me holding me here
Touched by all this magic
The Willow tree standing there


Love Dies

The music plays, I can’t quite catch the refrain, it is lost somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind. 

I think of you but no longer see, like a faded photograph, you are out of focus.

Then I tried to remember your scent, like a still breeze on a Winter’s day, there was only coldness.

I had lost the ‘essence’ of you. There were no feelings, no smiles, no tears, nothing at all. You had faded to grey.

Leaving just the quiet understanding; time passes and love, like all things dies.

~Eily Nash

Beltane Night

Walk with me, my Love, through wooded glades.

The scent of pine hangs heady on the air.
And the crackle of twigs underfoot guides our way.

Deep into the forest, we a witching shall go.

Cloaked in verdant velvet, I wear a gossamer gown, a fragrant, floral crown
Upon my head.

I am She Of a Thousand names, Isis, Astarte, Ceridwen.

And you, my horned Lord of wild things, my Cernunnos.

Light the Beltane fire, candles too
The Goddess dances in passion’s flames.
Cast the circle
Call the Quarters

Beneath a star canopy, skyclad
I will Draw down the Moon

Lay me down, my Lover upon
A carpet of moss.
Cernunnos, your Lady beckons
For ours is the magick of the night.

Under the benediction of the Skies
With Five Fold kiss
Our Great Rite we perform.

Blessed Be.

~Eily Nash

Angel Wings

She cried out into the night for an Angel of Light to heal her pain. 

The Angel, hearing her call, came .

And stood and wept.

For he knew the burden was hers alone to carry.

For how else would she know just how strong she was ...

How else would she too get her wings to fly?

~Eily Nash

Breathing In These Things

I am once again honoured to share the work of the sultry and soulful songstress, Penny from Penny’s Scar. I particularly love this track. Follow Penny on Twitter and listen to her catalogue of gorgeous alternative ballads for free on SoundClick.


I cried and I tried but I just can’t hold it in

All the pain

I scream when I dream all these thoughts in my head

They keep haunting me


Breathing in these things

The clock on the wall keeps looking back at me

Why are you screaming

The hurt well I tucked it away underneath

Well I still feel everything

Crawl every time but you won’t see me

I’m hiding from me

All of the pain that feels you why you bleed

There’s time to breath


Breathing in these things

Why does a heart start to bleed when it needs too much

Does it ever fade

Why do we love more than love holding onto it at all

Do you love the pain


Breathing in these in things


Breathing in these things


Breathing in these things


Breathing in these things


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~Lyrics ©Penny’s Scar

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Fly High 🦋 Little Butterfly

It was a beautiful Spring day, blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Sun was bright in the Northern sky, glinting off tiny eggs lining soft Milkweed in the hedgerow. A kindly cow, stood watching. She had seen this magic many times before.

From the eggs little hatchlings emerged. Not birds, nor snakes but caterpillars. Hungry, they scattered over the leaves that had housed their homes and started to munch. They were voraciously hungry and intent on feeding empty bellies.

Apart from one. The little caterpillar started at the sight of the cow. The cow gave a low, reassuring ‘moo’. ‘Hello, youngster. Welcome to the world, my name is MayBelle’.

Shyly the caterpillar retreated under a leaf. Each day the cow would amble over and say ‘Hello’. The caterpillar grew to love the warm greetings from such a magnificent beast. The cow would gently lower her head and let the caterpillar crawl onto her soft neck. They would both go for a wander across Ten Acre field and down to the babbling brook. The cow would take a long drink of pure Spring water and the caterpillar would watch the silver and gold of darting fish.

‘Dearest MayBelle, can I feel the water like you do? Can I swim like the fishes too?’

‘Not yet, M’Dear. But one day you will.’

The days and nights were full of delight. And MayBelle showed the young caterpillar many things. She spoke of life and love, beginnings, endings, both the Goddess and God above, Mother Earth and Father Sky. For being a wise cow, she had sought teaching from many sources and was not afraid to ask questions. A gift she passed to the little caterpillar.

One day MayBelle wandered over to the clumps of Ragwort the little Caterpillar had made home. Only to see the cycle of life had moved on. The wheel of the year began to turn again and her friend had entered into a deep sleep, wrapped in a warm cocoon. She smiled, knowing she had taught her pupil well.

The long sleep ended and the little caterpillar emerged. Refreshed and energised from such a deep and nourishing rest. And there was MayBelle, waiting.

The sun felt so good and the little Caterpillar basked in the warmth of both the celestial orb and her friend’s love. A sparrow hawk took to the wing and riding on the warm air currents glided gracefully across an azure sky. ‘Oh how I wish I could fly! MayBelle, do you wish you could fly too?’ ‘Why, M’Dear, you can fly, just spread your beautiful wings and try! And as for me? Once you fly free, know my spirit will be with you and so I will fly too. ‘

The little caterpillar climbed on MayBelle’s soft face and the kindly cow wandered to the stream. ‘Look, M’Dear, what do you see? The things I taught you have come to be!’ In the glistening water, the little caterpillar caught sight of a beautiful butterfly, delicate wings fluttering in the breeze.

In awe she asked ‘Is that me?’ ‘Go fly! Fly high, fly low. There is much to know. I always told you M’Dear there is so much more than we can see, so much more that we can be…’

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Dream Dancer

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay
The Day is done, tired thoughts slowly fade to grey. Do you find comfort, as you lay down your weary head on the island of your bed? Drifting on the shifting sands of reality upon the shores of sleep. The Sandman will soon take you sailing into the void and blessed oblivion of the deep.

Catch the Moon beams as they come dancing in a playful game, glancing off the window panes, across the ceiling and upon the walls. They turn the darkness of your room into sacred, hallowed halls.

For in twilight hours and liminal space, nothing is as it truly seems. Do you want to walk into the forest of the night? I will take you through numinous mists and midnight rays of Light, onto the field of dreams.

Lady La Luna’s tendrils weave Her gossamer, silken strands, enticing you back to the Heavens above. Entranced by the music of the night, dancing across the stars, into the arms of the pure Light of Love.

The Lady heard the yearning of your Soul to be free, to be whole. There is so much more to see, so much more for you to be! Forget life’s silent screams, believe in Magick and know that you are innocent when you dream.

With the rising of the sun, the mysteries of night are done. Leaving fragrant fragments like blossom on the breeze and the whisper of the trees, beyond reason, beyond rhyme. Moments that breathe, in fragile memories of the Truth, we only find by stepping outside time.</p>

Eily Nash ~2020

Forever and a Day 💞

It was such a pleasure introducing Chris and Randy to you dear Readers and I am excited they have agreed to regular guest appearances. Their collaboration is a poetic dance of romance, and brings much joy. I hope you enjoy the love! ❤️

Photograph courtesy of Randy #Chasingsunsets
Tell me the story

of forever..

of the way it began

introducing us

to this final chapter 

speak to the how and why

to the dream, our reality

of lives to reconcile...


* * * * * * * * *

The reconciliation began

as a final exit

but the sun and moon had other plans

The stars aligned under a cloudless sky

So they chased every sunset-

danced in the light of a lover’s moon.

Now empty pages await the rest

of this happily ever after to be written...

Photography Courtesy of Randy

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Howling, hungry Wolf

The wild North wind howls, a hungry Wolf at the door seeking to feast on the souls of the lost and the lonely. Seek warmth from the Applewood burning in the hearth, let the flames warm the ice within your cold heart...Lest He creeps stealthily within, stealing you far away from the place the sweet wildflowers grow, to His frozen lair in a wild domain .

Eily Nash (2021)

Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

Beautiful Knowing by Raymonde’

On Amazon now as Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover

I am excited to share the debut anthology of poetry from Raymonde’ “Beautiful Knowing” is such a truly beautiful book, which with an Adept’s hand delicately covers difficult themes of pain, loss, loneliness and sadly abuse. With great delicacy and emotional intelligence each poem weaves a story, and as I read, I also deeply felt the words.

But there is so much more than walking into the deep forest of Darkness…

Raymondé (What a lovely name!) also offers hope as the poetry unfolds she embraces a longing for the return of the Light, for connection and love, penned as sensuously and as spiritual as the Sufi Love Poets.

I found this collection hugely inspiring, the Author has such a graceful way of unfolding her words, that as a reader, I was drawn in and entranced into a world of darkness, shadows and despair which ultimately was transmuted in the crucible of Light into a place of incredible beauty. Written from the Heart it touches the Soul.

Beautiful and evocative. A Collection to keep revisiting and to gift to others. Please visit the Amazon link below and see for yourselves, Dear Readers, the magic within…


Spellbound, I held him in my arms✨ summonded by magick, candles and charms✨ Illusions of distance and linear time✨dispelled by a bewitching rhyme✨that which I desire shall be mine✨My Beloved will come to me✨So mote it be.✨

Firebirds 🔥

You may look at us

And call us the Damned

We are not!

We are Heaven’s Warriors

Who chose to descend into the abyss

And rise from the fires of hell

The chains and ashes of pain

Bearing Chiron’s wounds

Renewed and reborn as a Firebird.



We bear our scars to hold your sins

So Mankind does not suffer as we do.

By the Grace of God we are cleansed

From all iniquity and human sin…

We are Firebirds.

Angels of light.

Quantum Fields

Tell me my love, what is the essence of us?

Where do you begin and I end?

There is no Alpha nor Omega on the bridge across forever.

For I hold you in the heart of my very Being as if you were I, and I you.

We come together as One.

Two charged particles of Light, meeting and merging in a quantum field

In the dark heart of night.

Who could understand the mysteries of what the eye cannot see?

Only the secrets of the Soul can set free

Love that lives and breathes across eternity.

Eily Nash (2021)

Photo by Ugur Tandogan on

Walk Away

Brittle Sunlight shining on a cold November day.
You try but words don’t come, nothing left to say…

walk away, walk away…🎶

The River of Life flows on leaving fading notes 
Of a sad song hanging in the air…

walk away, walk away…🎶

Do not cry, Love's unkind, there is only heartache 
If you should you turn around and stay…

walk away, walk away…🎶

Eily Nash (2021)

Beautiful Fairytale

Did she fascinate, charm and beguile? Maybe a distraction for just a while. 
Did she fill your thoughts in your waking hours and seep into your sleep.
Before you knew, were you in too deep?
Did she really have that power?
With her faraway eyes, she saw other worlds, far beyond the veil.
Was she for real or were you lonely?

Was she just a beautiful fairytale?

~Eily Nash

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Succubus Spell

I loved him well, I loved him true
Something he just could not do
For to lay with me would be a sin
I knew he longed to touch my skin
Yet he kept me so far out of reach
Scared his defences I may breach
Passion’s flame burnt in his chest
Lustful thoughts gave him no rest
At last, of free will he came to me
Torn, tormented by his own misery
My beloved Mortal slipped into my bed
Offering his body, I took his soul instead
And down we went to the depths of hell
For he had fallen for a Succubus spell.

~Eily Nash

Shores of Love

Poetry is one of the sweetnesses of life, and it is my pleasure to share with you a sensuous poetic collaboration between two wonderful poets, and to offer a warm welcome to “Gossamer Threads” to Chris and Randy 💞

Lake Michigan courtesy of ~cf

I am your sea and you, my shore
My waves will always wash over you 
just as sure as the sun rises and sets
All the granules of your sandcastle soul 
collapse into my undertow..
I undo the pillars of your fortress
with each passing wave
Sand and salt water dance together
in an endless waltz leaving your thirsty shores quenched, 
until the next wave engulfs your surface..
Drink me in and push me away 
my waves are relentless,
as is your thirst for them, endless...


Lake Michigan courtesy of ~cf

You are my sea as 
I am the shore that waits 
for you to wash over me 
from the depths of your 
you reach me in waves 
that breach my barriers 
the cool of your water, 
craved as you fold over me, 
white capped 
feeling the force of each 
wave's pull-back 
in retreat, in succession, this 
dance that keeps me restlessly 
awaiting the next...


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The tale of the 40D’s and Tiffany’s 😉

O’er, my Beloved’s thoughtless treat has caused me such distress. He has given given me a bucket full of manky stress 🙁

Dear Eily, what could make you so mad. Has your man been really bad??!😡

Well listen up, M’dears with eager ears…

‘Darling, I am going to gift you a Premier 24 hour Membership to the gym with me!’ Says he, a touch too gleefully.🏋️‍♀️🤼‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏊‍♀️

I trembled, I shook. Sweaty excercise, so not in my book!

‘Er, no! ‘ says I ‘that would make me cry. I am lush & lovely as I am. Don’t you appreciate my gorgeous assets, 40D … do you want to shrink me?? ‘

I saw the thoughts whirl in his head…As I invited him to snuggle up and watch my favourite movie in our king size bed.

‘Oh no my Love, what would you prefer instead?’

‘Beloved, I don’t want to throw my toys from my pram, but I’d rather like a shiny, Sparkly something. Nothing grand, a bracelet for my hand. I’m feeling a tiny luxury, maybe a little trinket from Tiffany’s!’ 💍💝💎

His face lit up in a big smile, ‘The 40D’s are here to stay, both yummy breakfast in bed and the Tiffany trinkets are on the way!!’

Ohh I do love Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

~Eily Nash

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Two Rivers



Alone in London, I stand by Tower Bridge. Old Father Thames hears my thoughts of you and how deeply I am falling. Wise is he, takes them rippling on the current down to the endless sea. 

Somewhere far away in a Northern land, you are standing too, on your bridge of stone and steel beside a Castle Keep. Do I imagine that I  hear you calling and feel you reaching through the ethers  for my hand? 

Day is fading and our City lights flicker into life. Do they hear the music of the night? And meet with moon beams upon the waters where both our ancient rivers flow? What stories do they share and what secrets do they know?

Perhaps they speak of Lovers hearts taking flight to meet upon the Bridge across forever. A special place, lost in time, where we come together. In the heat of the night, two rivers meet and our bodies entwine to dance upon the glory of the Tyne.

Eily Nash ~ 2020

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architecture bridge city downtown
Photo by Geoff Duke on

Merry Meet & Merry Part

Two strangers met deep in the Greenwoods and both being lost decided to walk with each other for a while. 

The rugged path diverged to the left and the right. A simple glance was all it took, a tacit agreement ~ it was time to part, as each had a different journey to undertake.

Perhaps further down the line their paths may merge again. Perhaps not.

The journey of the eternal Soul is never simple nor set in stone. That which we think we need/want/desire in our human form is seldom what Spirit requires.

They smiled and said farewell with a ‘Merry Meet and Merry Part.’

Vagaries of Men

The Lords of Darkness and of Light sat down to dine, drink some wine, all on a moonless night. Up for discussion, the subject of Souls. It never grew old. 

‘ Which are mine, who are thine?’

An age old theme arose again. They debated. Conclusion came, they agreed the same.

Humans were over rated. Their little lives need not be fated. Let them use Free Will, they will heal or harm, bring pleasure or inflict pain,cure or kill.

There is no celestial charm to cure the vagaries of men. Having thus concurred the gods refilled their goblets of nectar and wine once again.

Eily Nash (2021)
Photo by KoolShooters on

The Bodhi Tree

A solitary man, Siddhartha

Sat in the shade

Beneath the boughs of a

Benevolent Bodhi Tree.

In his heart he knew

The Light of Illumination

Shines from within

He who seeks to be free

From the illusions of Humanity,

Suffering and need caused by

Selfishness, negativity and greed.

In such quiet repose,

Knowledge slowly grows.

Silence speaks to He

Who bathes in Serenity’s Seas.

The Seeker who seeks

Keys to Earth’s Plane of Duality

Finds there is so much more.

Spirituality is there for those

With ‘eyes to see’ that

It is simply found in simple simplicity.

Eily Nash (2021)


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Gangsters Clawing at My Eyes


Phantom in the window holding onto a locket
Stranger to delirium keep that gun in your pocket
Bullet holes never fade
Bang Bang it goes

Gangsters clawing at my eyes doing cartwheels in the mud
Doing cartwheels in the mud

One girl and thirteen stones her eyes glowed like the sun
Wreaking from insomnia carrousel spinning around
There’s an echoe in my closet
Bang Bang it goes

Dancing in limbo a child singing a song
Danger he’s nefarious
Bullet holes shredding little wrag dolls
Mothers hanging coffins
Bang Bang it goes

Obsidian Eyes

Dark Angel who carried me to the edge of heaven, wrapped in your flaming wings of burning desire, you who cast me into the abyss of unrequited love. Exulting in bones broken, laying in unhallowed ground. Hear my lost soul wandering, weeping, through Hades Halls searching for you.

My latest anthology of Love Poetry is deliciously dark and Witch Lit 🖤 Hardback, Paperback and eBooks now available on Amazon Worldwide.