Swallowing Like Sorrow

I believe music, like poetry, to be gifts of the Soul. There are some creative people who through their creative talents bring magic, healing and love to the World. I am in awe of the sheer beauty of the lovely Penny from Penny’s Scar. The Lady is a Poet, Songwriter and musician. It is my pleasure to share with you some of her work. All her music is free to listen to and also download from Soundclick.

Have a listen and immerse yourself in the haunting, mesmerising and sultry tones of Penny’s Scar 🎶



The bridge is down 
My heart has found another rock to throw
Wispy sounds on the water rippling through broken shadows
Kissing time 
Frozen inside 
Which way do I go
Midnight coming 
Slowly takes the pain away
Salivating soul drowning in this evading place
Oh I am your daughter
Whispers of you innocence the truth
You never wanted me
Drowning in the rain
Oh the falling 
Dare this beautiful broken dream
Swallowing like sorrow
Tasting bitter wounds that stain
Oh the falling
Who are you suppose to be

So lay low
Tired and weary this love
Oh I am frozen
My soul melting in the sun
Oh I'm your daughter
Oh you forgot

Riveting sound that has bound these tears to my eyes
Wailing inside where shadows hide breaking my soul
Wishing lies would fade in time haunting me forever
I have chased you too many time now I'm letting go
Anticipating everything everywhere
Hypnotized for a sign of your love 
I am your daughter 

Oh the falling 
Dare this beautiful broken dream
Swallowing like sorrow
Tasting bitter wounds that stain
Oh the falling
Who are you suppose to be

So lay low
Tired and weary this love
Oh I am frozen
My soul melting in the sun
Oh I'm your daughter
So you forgot

And the night comes closer to me
Holding me so close
And you cry just to dream
Holding onto love
Oh I'm your daughter
So you forgot
Oh the falling 
Dare this beautiful broken dream
Swallowing like sorrow
Tasting bitter wounds that stain
Oh the falling
Who are you suppose to be

So lay low
Tired and weary this love
And oh I am frozen
My soul melting in the sun
Oh I'm your daughter
So you forgot

Oh the falling 
Dare this beautiful broken dream
Swallowing like sorrow
Tasting bitter wounds that stain
Oh the falling
Who are you suppose to be

So lay low
Tired and weary this love
Oh I am frozen
My soul melting in the sun

Oh I'm your daughter
So you forgot

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Child Within

I saw behind the strength of the man, the kindness, love and care he gave to others, but rarely to himself.

I saw deep.

I saw the hurt child within.

My heart cried in pain for him, what had been, all he had seen.

I called upon the Sun & Moon to shine their Celestial Light upon the darkness that cast a shadow over his life.

Reaching out friendship’s hand, I bid him leave his worries and concerns. They could wait another day.

Time now to be carefree and just play.

Seeing the reticence in his eyes, I smiled and reassured, as my own inner child whispered…

‘It’s OK, I know. I hurt too.’

So from the mundane world we walked away and went off to find Starfish on the beach and magic in the forest deep.

Gaia’s Heartbeats

If it seems the World has grown ugly, it hasn’t. Earth is full of beauty. People cause the illusion of ugliness by their treatment of others and this precious blue planet, our Home.

The heart of the Great Mother, Gaia, beats to the love song of the Universe.

If only we all heard…


My thoughts, they dance like birds on the wing and fly. High, high they soar into the deep blue sky.

A Dove calls to you, ‘Rise above the dark, grimy pain, tethering you to the Earth, my Love. Ride the wind, kissed by the warmth of the Sun.’

I send a white feather floating down, bringing you the pure essence of perfect Peace.

A new day has begun.

Eily Nash ~2021

Song of the Nereid

Pale moonlight draped the lonely shore.

A solitary man stood looking out across the warm Aegean sea.

His heart torn. Did he love in vain?

Far away, on the wings of the wind, he heard a yearning, keening, calling….

A Nereid sang a sad lament of star crossed lovers, for Poseidon’s power had pulled her from her Mortal man, down home to a silvery cave beneath the briny deep.

Silence fell.

The man’s tears for a forbidden deity, witnessed only by silent Starfish on the beach.

Eily Nash ~2021

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Fool’s Journey

Where did it begin
Journey of the Fool
I do not know …
This Slow fading away
Out beyond the soft tones
Colours and hues of day
Descending to oblivion
Far beyond the comforting
Blanket of night and the
Magic of us, dancing across
Star strewn skies.
An aching need for the Void
To rest in the Soul restoring
Emptiness Of All There Is…

Eily Nash ~2021

Anna and the Unicorn

Especially written & recorded for a beautiful and precious little girl, called Anna, with love from Auntie Eily, Angel Paws & the Unicorns


Anna loved Unicorns very much, she really wished she could ride her own special Unicorn.

One night when the Moon was full and bright, and as Anna lay down to sleep cuddling her toy Unicorn, something magical happened. That big old Moon was smiling at her! And the planet Venus twinkled and shone as bright as a precious diamond. Anna recalled the special rhyme to wish upon a star and wondered if she wished really hard would it come true, would she get to ride a Unicorn?

Star Light
Star Bright
First Star I see tonight
Grant me a wish
A wish come true...

There was a HUGE flash of light right in the middle of Anna’s room. She watched amazed as the most beautiful Unicorn stepped out of the light, shaking his gorgeous mane and tail. He was pure white, with a golden horn and his mane and tail were of silver and gold. The Unicorn’s eyes sparkled. They were the bluest blue Anna had ever seen.

‘Hello Anna, you wished upon a Star, and the Moon has sent me. My name is Lyrico and we are going on an adventure!’

‘Ohh how amazing…Where are we going?” Anna could hardly contain her excitement. She scrambled out of bed, into her slippers and dressing gown and clambered up onto Lyrico’s back.

Outside the window, a magical midnight rainbow appeared.’We are going over the rainbow!’ and with a neigh and a stamp of his golden hoof, the were off!

The rainbow was a sparking path of Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. As they gently trotted along, Anna looked down onto all the fields below where the horses and ponies were fast asleep. They passed cows, goats and sheep, foxes and deer. At the top of the rainbow Lyrico said ‘hold on tight to my mane, we are going to fly!’ To Anna’s surprise he unfurled the softest wings and up, up, up they went. Far above the Earth below, further than where the Eagles soar. Up, up, up past the stratosphere and out into the infinite beauty of space.

Lyrico flew Anna to the Moon! ‘Ah Anna, how lovely to see you!’ said the Moon, ‘I have some friends for you to meet.’There were lots of sparkling, twinkling lights and the sounds of laughter, like tinkling bells. ‘Here comes Venus and the Star Children,’ said the Moon. The Star children, Lyrico and Anna played a game of chase and hide and seek all across the Planets and the Constellations and twice around the Sun.

When all the fun was done, they returned to the Moon to say “Thank You and Goodbye.”

‘Anna you are very precious to us, a beautiful Princess and star born just like all the Star Children. Know we love you very much, and you can return anytime you choose. We have a gift for you, and the Moon placed a sparkling silver star in Anna’s hand. Remember magic is real.

Lyrico asked Anna what she would like to do next. ‘I should like to swim with Dolphins and Mermaids!’ said Anna. With a Whoosh, off they flew through Space and back to the edge of the Earth, where the magical rainbow path appeared once more. In no time at all, they were at the edge of the ocean and two friendly Dolphins were waiting.

‘Hello Anna,’ said the Dolphins. ‘Come swim with us and our friends, the Starfish and the Sea Horses and all the Rainbow Fish. There are wondrous things to see in the deep blue sea!’

Photo by HAMID ELBAZ on Pexels.com

Lyrico said, ‘Go ahead Anna, the Dolphins will teach you to swim like a Mermaid and I will swim along side too.’ And so they did, with a splish, a splash and a splosh, the Dolphins took Anna on a fantastic ride over the ocean waves and then they all dived deep to visit the mermaids in their special cave.

Photo by Neha Pandey on Pexels.com

As they all went into the cave they heard excited chattering, and six gorgeous Mermaids, with long flowing hair and crowns of seashells, swam out to greet Anna, Lyrico and the Dolphins.

‘Come look at our treasures!’ said the Mermaids.

The cave had warm, soft white sand and a very high ceiling, the water was shallow. Anna gasped in amazement, as the walls were full of crystals of every colour you could imagine. Sparkling, twinkling. There were Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, Sapphires, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Obsidian and many others. The Mermaids showed Anna how to comb her hair with Mermaid combs, and make pretty necklaces from shells.

When it was time to say “Good Bye” all the Mermaids, Dolphins, Starfish, Sea Horses and Rainbow Fish gathered around Anna and Lyrico. ‘Please come back again and visit us, Princess Anna, we all love you very much! Before you go, choose a special crystal from our cave, and remember magic is real.’

By now Lyrico and Anna were feeling hungry and thirsty. Such adventures they had been on, all the way out into the Milky Way and down into the Ocean deep. Lyrico said ‘Anna, close your eyes, I have a last surprise…’ Anna closed her eyes until Lyrico whispered ‘Look! I have taken you to the end of the Rainbow.’

Anna was amazed. They were no longer in the wonders of the Ocean, but in a forest clearing. The Queen of the Fairies was waiting for them. She wore a gossamer gown and a golden crown. There were Cheeky Elfs, Mischieveous Goblins, Sprites and Wood Nymphs. Anna saw there really was a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The Fairy Queen said each gold coin was full of magic and although many humans had searched, very few had found. For the fairy gold was only the Queen’s to give.

‘Come, we have been expecting you Anna,’ said the Fairy Queen. ‘We have a picnic ready.’ And there on a blanket on the ground was a fabulous feast. Anna sat on a throne beside the Fairy Queen, the other fairies scattered around on toadstools and logs. There was tea and cake and tiny sandwiches to eat and nectar to drink from small flower cups.

Then the creatures of the woods appeared, Badgers, Owls, Voles, Harvest Mice, Fawns and sweet Nightingales. Music filled the air and there was dancing and singing all the way til the break of Dawn. Anna had the best time ever. Eventually, it was time to leave the magical fairy ring.

‘Please come back and visit us Anna, you are very special and precious and very, very loved,’ said the Fairy Queen and she gave Anna a gold coin. ‘This is for you, my Dear, our treasure is only given to those we know are truly magical.’

Anna said her “Thank You’s and Good-Byes”, and clambered up on Lyrico once more. Off over the rainbow path they went all the way back to her bedroom.

“Good Night, Sweet Anna,” said Lyrico. “I Love you.”

“I love you too Lyrico,” whispered Anna and as she climbed into her comfy bed and snuggled her toy Unicorn, Anna fell fast asleep, happy and content.

The next morning, with the sun shining in her window, Anna woke bright and early. She ran down stairs to breakfast wondering if all the adventures of the night had been a dream. She felt a jingling in her dressing gown pocket and took out the mysterious things. When Anna looked, what did she find? A silver star, a shiny gold coin and a sparkling Amythyst crystal.

Anna now knew that magic was real…

Eily Nash ~2021


You found me playing in the warm shallows, intrigued by my strange beauty, you plucked me from my peaceful shores.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

In your hands, I could not breathe. I tried to break free, but thinking you knew me better than I knew myself and what was best for me, you would not let go, and took me far away from the sea that was so much a part of me, to your home upon the land instead…

Photo by Efe Yau011fu0131z Soysal on Pexels.com

If only you knew the magic of the Deep, and were not afraid to leave the safety of the shore!

For there is so much more far beyond the horizon than your eyes can see. Maybe then, there would have been a shared life of adventure for you and I.

For some can only walk upon land and some have wings to take to the skies and fly.

And some, like me, can enjoy the gentle kiss of the Sun, caresses of the breeze whilst we rest awhile upon a sandy shore. But for us to live and breathe, we have to slip away from the shallows and gently drift back home to the comfort of the endless mysteries found in the seven Seas.

Photo by Neha Pandey on Pexels.com

How I wish you had walked on by on that sun kissed day and left me on the beach!

I shall surely die in the Winter of your cold and captive hands.

For now I know you are unwilling to set me free as you are unable to swim with me.

I shall never truly know what it is like to be who I was meant to be…

A Starfish swimming in the deep blue sea.

Photo by YUSUF ARSLAN on Pexels.com

Eily Nash ~2021

Ink of Eternity

They look and wonder

At the mystery of us

And we smile

Secret smiles

For who could tell

Of a Love that crossed

The eons and ages of man

All dimensions of time

It is only when night falls

The Truth is revealed…

For the story of you and I

Is written in the ink of eternity

Only the Sky knows of

Gods who walk amongst men

And sit upon Star Strewn thrones.

Eily Nash ~2021

Power of Love

She had a special way with words, knew how to soothe his unquiet Soul. Written in velvet, wrapped in silk, the Truth fell upon his hungry ears. For with a magic touch, the woman knew just how to ease his fears. Was it witchcraft, he never knew. She smiled, for her power was so much more than the arcane arts.

Love heals all.

Eily Nash ~2021

Fading Light

Love Lost…

Fading Light of a dying Sun

Barely burning embers remain

Burnished fingers of red and gold

Reach into the beckoning darkness

To find only cold,empty arms of night

Memories, like the day, fade away

Eily Nash ~2021

Smiling Moon

Long lonely miles of separation stretch across the wide expanse of time.Music plays. I close my eyes and sail on seas of dreams. Far from Southern city lights, dimming the clatter of party nights, and noise of it all. Somewhere, the sea washes upon a silent Northern shore. Two Souls meet beneath a smiling moon.

Eily Nash ~ 2021

Capricious Gowns

To be ..

The West Wind

Wild and free

Felt, yet unseen by Mankind

Blow where I will

Over gentle hills

Tumultuous seas

A soft Zephyr breeze

On fierce Panther Paws

Or …

A fixed Star

Adored from afar

Required to shine Bright

Illuminate the dark night

Until clouds gather

Illusions of Self shatter

Immutable Celestials look down

Unable to wear capricious gowns

Eily Nash ~2020

Death Comes Calling

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

The Winter sun hung low in the sky, tantalisingly bright yet withholding the promise of warmth on the frozen fields below. A murder of crows took to the wing for their last supper before the dusk wrapped a grey blanket over the land. Melisande knew once they returned to roost high in the line of ancient Oak trees it would not be long before night would come riding in. She felt the temperature drop and shivered, pulling her woollen shawl tightly across her thin body. The morrow would arrive with a dressing of hoar frost. Clutching her basket, the meagre rations of berries and nuts forlornly rolled around, as she made firm strides for home. The barren fields had no more to give and neither did she.

It had not always been this way.

The cottage had seen better days. The interior was a grey as her ragged hair. A motley collection of worn out furniture, table and two wooden chairs, a threadbare armchair before an empty and cold grate. A dirty mirror hung above the mantle. There was no need to clean it, long ago she had stopped caring about the reflection looming back. The lonely ghost of the woman who once was remained trapped behind cobwebs and dust.

Melisande’s bones ached. She longed for warmth, from a lover, a friend, someone who cared. But there was no one. They had all left long ago. She piled applewood logs and kindling into the grate. Reluctantly the fire took, spreading a wan light into the gloomy room. She would make herb tea and maybe try to eat and then sleep, in dreams maybe she would be free, if she could keep bad at bay and the nightmares away. The cawing of crows heralded the coming darkness. She shuddered.

The fire flickered into life, and slowly sipping the soothing tea she stared deeply into the flames, into the past.

Back to vibrant times when she had turned heads, a selfish woman with many lovers she had met through her work in the big city. The cottage in the country was her retreat from the madness and mayhem and greedy life of an Investment Banker. Treating people badly was her trademark. It didn’t matter, there were plenty more foolish enough to replace the ones she callously discarded.

A tear rolled down her face. In the flames she watched the scene replay as if it were yesterday.

Another party, another drunken, drug fuelled night on the town. Worse for wear she had crawled back to her Penthouse. Needing to sleep, but wanting just another drink. Ignoring the stabbing pain in her chest, she snorted another line of coke. Another pain, gripping her with vicelike intensity. A knock at the door. It is a handsome man. She asks if he wants her body. She is drunk and drugged. He says no. He is Death. He wants her soul. Shocked she slams the door. The next night he returns. Again she slams the door. The third night he returns and tells her I have not come for your soul tonight. I have brought you a gift. It is in this box. As long as you open the box every night at midnight I will not return.

She accepts the box. The handsome man leaves. She begins to fret, death knows where she lives. She moves to the cottage, fear ensures she makes a ritual of opening the box at midnight, just as Death instructed. But still she anxiously awaits the knock of Death at the door. She thinks back each night to what she lost and what could happen. Every night the crows caw. The years slowly crawl by, empty and barren. In the end she is old, poor, wizened and lonely. The firewood runs low. Freezing she throws the box onto the fire. Blue sparks fly up the soot encrusted chimney breast. Then in the silence of the night “Rat-a-tat-tat” it had finally come. A knock at the door. It is Death.

“You said you would not come. I opened the box every night at Midnight. Every single night for the past twenty five years!”

“Yes, but you have now burnt the box. The contents have been destroyed.”

“But there was nothing in the box. It was empty!”

“No, it was full of your fears. Every time you opened it, you let them out. Every time you closed it, you put new ones in.”

“So I have been a prisoner here, of my own making? Trapped by my fear of dying?”

“You should have come when I first called. Happiness awaited you in paradise. But your greed kept you here and then you made yourself a prisoner of your own fears. You have not lived but you have died a thousand times, when you had only need die once…and step into eternal Life!”

He held out his hand. Melisande took his hand and walked through the open door. Death was nothing to be feared, He was an Angel leading her Home.

The winter sun hung low in the sky, dawn was breaking and there was the promise of a bright new day.

Eily Nash ~2020

Song of the ReNewed Earth

Sadness came seeping into the fabric of life, for a terrible contagion raged through the land of men.

Gaia, Great Mother wept for her children.

The little birds asked ‘What shall we do?’

They began to sing of hope, love and of Spring.

One by one, the people heard and they sang too…

The Song of the ReNewed Earth.

Eily Nash ~2021

Angels By Your Side

'How much more can I take,' she cried
'More than you know,' He replied 

'What if I break?' she sighed

 'Angels walk by your side,' He smiled. 

'Why does life test so much?' 

Wrapped in Grace, she felt His gentle touch 

'Pain teaches compassion & Love' 

So spoke her Beloved Father, God above

Eily Nash ~2021

I Whisper Your Name

I whisper your name into a starless night 
From the depths of my darkness 
I feel your light 
Misty colored dreams come to life
Cuts right through me like a knife 
All I bleed turns to ink
Lost in you I try to think 
Words escape & fill the sky 
The stars have gathered to say goodbye

Randy Wiley (2020)
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com


Panther Paws

To be ..

 The West Wind
 Wild and free
 Felt, yet unseen by Mankind
 Blow where I will
 Over gentle hills
 Tumultuous seas 
 A soft Zephyr breeze
 On fierce Panther Paws

 Or ...

 A fixed Star
 Adored from afar
 Required to shine Bright
 Illuminate the dark night
 Until clouds gather
 Illusions of self shatter
 Immutable Celestials jealously look down
 Unable to wear capricious gossamer gowns

Eily Nash ~2020
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City Nights & Silent Shores


Did you think of me, as I did you on this Holy day?

Long lonely miles of separation stretch across the wide expanse of time. Music plays. I close my eyes and sail on seas of dreams. Far from my Southern city lights, dimming the clatter of party nights, and noise of it all.

Somewhere, the sea washes upon a silent Northern shore. I know I will find you there. I see you smile. Two Souls leave the world behind, to dance to the music of waves and wind, as they meet again beneath a smiling moon.

Eily Nash-2020

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Whisperings #2

Your desire willed me here
In the stillness of the night
Dreams tranquilly dangling in slumber
On clouds that pass me by
There is this ache
Hanging on to every word that leaves your lips
Taunting me
As you scream out my name

© Pammy~Penny's Scar

These lingering thoughts of you
Tangled and messy yet perfectly entwined
My heart beats a little faster
The heat of your breath soft on my skin
Like a feather falling
Drifting to the ground
I cherish these moments
Each and every one

© Pammy~Penny's Scar
Dawn kissed the moon
Tasting the breath of forever
Enchanted by a song
So surreal
That it claimed their souls
They danced every night
Under the sway of the clouds
To melodies never heard before
Symphonies from the stars
The rhythm of love

© Pammy~Penny's Scar

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Innocent When You Dream

The Day is done, tired thoughts slowly fade to grey. Do you find comfort, as you lay down your weary head on the island of your bed? Drifting on the shifting sands of reality upon the shores of sleep. The Sandman will soon take you sailing into the void and blessed oblivion of the deep.

Catch the Moon beams as they come dancing in a playful game, glancing off the windowpanes, across the ceiling and upon the walls. They turn the darkness of your room into sacred, hallowed halls.

For in twilight hours and liminal space, nothing is as it truly seems. Do you want to walk into the forest of the night? I will take you through numinous mists and midnight rays of Light, onto the field of dreams.

Lady La Luna’s tendrils weave Her gossamer, silken strands, enticing you back to the Heavens above. Entranced by the music of the night, dancing across the stars, into the arms of the pure Light of Love.

The Lady heard the yearning of your Soul to be free, to be whole. There is so much more to see, so much more for you to be! Forget life’s silent screams, believe in Magic and know that you are innocent when you dream.

With the rising of the sun, the mysteries of night are done. Leaving fragrant fragments like blossom on the breeze and the whisper of the trees, beyond reason, beyond rhyme. Moments that breathe, in fragile memories of the Truth, we only find by stepping outside time.

Eily Nash ~2020

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A Rose, Kissed By The Summer Sun

I could sing you as the lyrics to my songs, 
Depict you in art, watercolours and oils. 
Or write you into fantasy, poetry or prose 
Enough to fill the pages of a Library of books. 
I could appreciate the intoxicating scent of  you, 
Delicate and fragrant as Night Blooming Jasmine
Or the headiness of a Rose, kissed by the Summer Sun. 
But you would only recoil from these tributes of mine. 
For loving you is wrong, if you choose not to see
There is only heartache lying in wait for me
Until you see as I do, the beauty in you and  your Soul
... and give yourself permission to love yourself too.

Eily Nash ~2020

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Drinking You In

With kind permission, I am delighted to share another sensuous piece from the sultry pen of Pammy…

I am seeping inside 

Drinking you in 

Lavishly wanting 

My body arches


 As I quiver in your arms

The things you do to me 

When I am thirsty 

You quench me   

I lay pleading 

Screaming your name again 

and again 

And again


again ...

©Pammy/Penny's Scar

In The Dark

I am excited to welcome back to EdenDene Books 
Penny from Penny's Scar 
Sharing her lyrics and a link to one of her songs 
This one of many that I love very much. 

Enjoy the haunting, atmospheric and poignantly beautiful 
sound of Penny's Scar. 

Over 1.5 million listens on Soundclick ! 

The Lady has the most sensual voice I have every heard. 
She sends shivers & tingles up your spine with her hypnotic voice.
Her lyrics and music are something just so VERY special.

Listen to the pure magic that is Penny's Scar x

Only a flower Wasted away
 When the light has faded
 The taste that you give
 Want to walk want to scream want to break it
 Wounds they appear
 Locked inside in the darkness
 I fade like a storm when the rain gets cold
 My eyes out of focus
 All I see around me is nothing but a blur
 Bound to the broken
 So I Carry the pain until I fall
 Until I fall
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 When the night has faded
 Touched you within
 Haunt my dreams can you taste them
 Fading into the distance
 And this heart I feel it breaking
 I fade like a storm when the rain gets cold
 Felt my thoughts there drifting away
 So I carry the pain until I fall
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 When the sky has faded
 Broken it's only skin
 Scream out loud last breath it's taking
 Against the wall where time can't exist
 Your wrist are warn and bleeding
 Loving the scars embedded there
 Laugh out loud and you know your breaking
 Left alone to fend for yourself
 Trapped in fear your hands keep shaking
 Is there any way out of here
 So I carry the pain until I fall
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 In the dark you can love, love in the dark you can love
 You can love
 You can love In the dark
 You can love In the dark

 © Penny's Scar

Love …

As the Wheel of the Year begins to turn and we draw closer to the Winter Solstice we are warmed by the knowledge the darkness is receding and the Light grows stronger. I’m delighted to share the wonderful works of one of my closest friends, she is a Singer/Songwriter and Poet of incredible beauty and depth. I’d like to give this Sunday on EdenDene Books over to her music and poetry, dedicated to all who dare to LOVE…. Enjoy xxx




Dawn kissed the moon
Tasting the breath of forever 

Enchanted by a song 

So surreal

That it claimed their souls  

They danced every night 

Under the sway of the clouds 

To melodies never heard before

Symphonies from the stars 

The rhythm of love

©Penny's Scar/Pammy~Whisperings

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Love Lost

Love Lost…

Fading Light of a dying Sun

Barely burning embers remain

Burnished fingers of red and gold

Reach into the beckoning darkness

To find only cold,empty arms of night

Memories, like the day, fade away

Eily Nash (2020)

Eily Nash

The End of the Affair

You played your game…

Played it well.

I fell under your beguiling spell.

Did you hope to hurt me

By the silence of your heart?

Was that your cruel intention from the start?

Your unsaid words

Speak loud and clear

There is nothing left to say

I have no tears to shed

I will walk away, head held high

And keep your secrets,

My dignity and my pride

Goodbye, My Lover, Goodbye.

A Haiku

My dear friend, poet and writer, Randall Wiley has been telling me about the art of Haiku. Here is one of his simply sublime pieces ❤️

Poetry of you

To write the perfect haiku

I could never do 🌹


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Song of the Nightingale

My Soul whispered lyrics for you,hearing the words a gentle breeze carried them to the trees. Their rustling leaves became my music. A Nightingale heard the soft sounds. His sweet voice sang to the magic of the Night.

And somewhere, far away, you heard a little bird sing of my Love for you…

Eily Nash ~2020

Love Heals All

She had a special way to soothe his Soul. Velvet words, wrapped in silk, the Truth fell upon his hungry ears. With a magic touch, his woman eased his fears. Was it witchcraft, he never knew. She smiled, for her power was so much more than the arcane arts. She knew Love heals all.

Eily Nash -2020

The Last Waltz

From somewhere far away

I hear the music play.

Valse Triste.

Sibelius’ notes sing a song

of a love that has died.

You have gone so far away,

leaving me beneath the stars

to dance the Last Waltz,

all alone with nothing more than

fragments of fading memories…

Eily Nash ~2020

Sensuous Ink

I am delighted to share a beautiful, sensuous poem from my dear friend and talented Writer & Poet. Enjoy, Dear Readers, the magic of Randy Writes…

From the shadows 
She appears 
Kissed by moonlight 
Wearing a gown  
Spun of silken words 
Her curves caressed
 By his story which covets
 Her flesh in a poetic aura 
Of sensuous ink 
Illuminating her unparalleled beauty  & timeless grace

Randall Wiley (2020)

Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay


Secret Smiles

They look and wonder

At the mystery of us

…And we smile

Secret smiles

For who could tell

Of a Love that crossed

The eons and ages of man

All dimensions of time

It is only when night falls

The Truth is revealed…

For the story of you and I

Is written in the ink of eternity

Only the Sky knows of

Gods who walk amongst men

Yet sit upon Star Strewn thrones.

Eily Nash ~2020

Every Line

You are mine yet I never speak your name, just wear it like a charm wrapped around my heart. Love lives and breathes between the notes of my songs. Your essence, fleetingly moves through rhyme and verse, your eyes shyly smile at the World hidden behind a veil of my poetry. I write you into every line.

Eily Nash ~ 2020

Nicole Wild

It is my great pleasure to introduce my Dear Readers to a very talented Author and Poet, Nicole Wild. As an INFJ, her work is so very deep and enriched with emotional intelligence. Nicole is part of the fantastic team of WALLIS & WILD, the powerhouses behind BLOODREDSTAR PUBLICATIONS. I have been honoured to have my own work featured in their Anthologies, along with other gifted Writers.

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*Unchained Literature*

The absence calls so I evade, 
a dance within my soul. 
The words get stuck and I can't speak 
because I don't feel whole. 
Blue has put the fire out. 
Red has left me cold. 
I miss my love, I miss my friend,
I dream of times of old. 
I wonder if he's warm tonight?
If winter met his gates? 
I wonder if he's happy? 
Drains me until I break 
I know his routine, where he is... 

Ugh, for goodness sake! 
So I choose to dance in circles 
Cuz this grief
I cannot take.

~Nicole Wild (2020)

“Wrapped Up” is Nicole Wild’s first novella. Click the Amazon link to preview inside, my review is below. I HIGHLY recommend this superlative observation of interpersonal relationships.


Having read Nicole Wild’s poetry anthology ‘Once Unchained’ I was excited to read her new book. I was not disappointed and read in one sitting. She has taken the themes of unbearable loss, pain and grief and the search for integration and meaning making, weaving them into a searingly honest and poignantly beautiful love story.

Ellie’s world has closed into a lonely and grey place. She is unable to process the Soul rending loss of Ricky, the love of her life. Retreating ever inward and away from the noise of the world, continuing alone is an unbearable burden. Enter the enigmatic Kain with his promise of sweet release. Dare Ellie open her heart to love again or will the shadow of Ricky forever walk by her side?

An excellent read. Nicole Wild writes with such rich descriptive detail, she absolutely gets the depth psychology of the human condition. I was totally immersed. And the ending…I will not spoil it for you, but it was so incredibly, sensitively written and I cried.

Eily Nash

 And as well as appearing in other Anthologies, Nicole Wild has her own collection of beautiful and emotive poetry. Please click the Amazon link to take a peek, and again my 5* review is below.

The last line in this gorgeous anthology reads ‘We write to heal our souls’. My goodness, how through her poems, the author takes the reader on a journey, through the emotions that flow through the human heart. Her words are poignant, delicate, strong. And throughout you hear the call of an incredibly beautiful soul. I absolutely loved this book. Highly recommended.

Eily Nash


I Really Like A Happy Face

My most loved Singer/Songwriter is the amazing Penny.

Download for free her mesmerising and hypnotic music.

This particular song feels like warm waves washing over my tired Soul.

I simply love this woman.



Hush now maybe my lips won’t breath again

Whispering echoes to the walls within

Pain is swarming through stripping color from my eyes

I really like a happy face when I can’t seem to smile

Dawn is coming scraping at the night

Broken wings and love that stings burning inside

Halo falling at my feet wounded butterfly

Embers spreading through three tears fall from my eyes

No love will hypnotize me

I am stone and ash my hearts been petrified

No one will ever find me

Desperate and hanging on

No one will ever feel my heart

No one at all

No one will ever find me

Desperate and hanging on

No one

Hush now maybe I’m afraid to let you in

I bear the dagger that you held in your hand

Stains and broken truth digging deeper inside

I really like a happy face when I can’t seem to smile

Midnight haunting every heart that weaps and crys

Choking melodies fading with the rhyme

No you will never find me

Weaker than the storm

No you will never find me

All alone

No one will ever find me

Desperate and hanging on

No one will ever feel my heart

No one at all

No one will ever find me

Desperate and hanging on

No one

Hush now maybe I have given in

Tormented and frail from all the pain

Waiting way too long

I just want to cry

I really like a happy face when I can’t seem to smile

Dawn is coming scraping the night

Broken wings and love that stings burning inside

Halo falling at my feet wounded buteerfly

Embers spreading through three tears fall from my eyes

I really like every face

I can’t seem to smile

Oh No one will ever find me

Desperate and hanging on

No one will ever feel my heart

No one at all

No one will ever find me

Desperate and hanging on

No one






© Penny’s Scar @ Scarlet shadows

Follow Penny on Twitter for more of her sensual poetry, lyrics & song links


Mesmerised by the beauty of a falling Snowflake, he caught her in his hand.

Trusting, the little Snowflake lay in the warmth of the man’s palm.

Slowly she melted to nothingness.

He smiled …

…and just put out his hands to catch more Treasures falling from a giving sky ❄️

Eily Nash (2020)

Falling Leaves

It is mid Fall, I am watching from a window above, leaves of gold and brown, gently dancing down. They lay one by one upon the cold, hard ground, creating a carpet of Love beneath the bare branches they were once part of, and I cry for the beauty of it all.

🌿🍁🍃🍂 Eily Nash.

Succubus Spell

woman girl lips hair
Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com


I loved him well, I loved him true

Something he just could not do

For to lay with me would be a sin

I knew he longed to touch my skin

Yet he kept me so far out of reach

Scared his defences I may breach

Passion’s flame burnt in his chest

Lustful thoughts gave him no rest

At last, of free will he came to me

Torn, tormented by his own misery

My beloved Mortal slipped into my bed

Offering his body, I took his soul instead

And down we went to the depths of hell

For he had fallen for a Succubus spell.

Eily Nash (2020)

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A personal note.

I have had a difficult week.

Shame on you.

Who do not know what I do…

Give more than I ever take.

And you?

Shame on you.

My Soul shines bright

For I bring Light.


Go look.



You would come at me?

Righteous retribution will hit you and your mendacity.

Wait and see….

Heat of the Night

A sneak preview of a Chapter from a manuscript I am working on…


I’m home alone. Again. Husband is in NYC. Again. He’s a frequent flyer, goes where the money flows, London or New York. Right now it is a tidal wave flooding back to Papa across the East River from his latest project. Who knew Manhattan money would actually want to cross the Brooklyn Bridge? He did. Has a sixth sense for seeing potential. Where others can’t see beyond the raw product, Richie sees polished perfection. From his vantage point on the 95th floor of our Midtown Penthouse, he has 360 degrees views across the City and Central Park. GreenPoints caught his eye. All those rundown old warehouses lining the waterfront, battered and bruised, he raised them from the ashes of dilapidation like a Phoenix, reborn into something wonderful and new. Once given the full Richie treatment, hiding their humble beginnings, the luxe new apartments began enticing buyers hungry for a bite of the Big Apple’s property boom. Richie has a magic touch. He likes fixing things and then moving on. He did that with me. I was a waitress in a cocktail bar…you get the picture…

So my man is a mere 3455 miles away. Separated by the Atlantic ocean, a mere five hours time difference. Nothing compared to the gulf between us. I’m here in our Park Lane penthouse looking out over London. Richie likes high living, literally. Our homes are a statement to how he sees himself, a property magnate on top of the world. I step out onto the terrace clutching a glass of Veuve Cliquot, watching night falling. The twinkling  lights of the West End are enticing for anyone with an itch to scratch, looking to find the heart of a Saturday night. And I’m here. All alone. Longing to be all dressed up with somewhere to go. 

I’m inside looking out and laugh at the irony of people outside looking in. Window shopping. Wanting what I got. Don’t let it fool you. The glitz soon wears off. Only so many Manolo’s you can line up next to your Birkin bags and  all your Chanel, Dior and Armani clothes hanging in your custom walk in closet. Envy from some, aspiration from others. Looks can be deceiving. Beware what you wish for, I want to say to them, go read the tale of the ‘Emperor’s Nightingale’ then tell me you want what I got. Don’t you see it in my eyes that I want to be free…I want to be me. Don’t envy me. I ain’t got what you got, freedom. 

My iPhone kicks into life, incoming Skype call from the man himself. I tear myself away from the enticing lights dancing on water and answer. 

“Baby Girl! “ 

I detect he is a touch too bright. Slate grey eyes, holding more than a hint of steel forged in a foundry of darkness somewhere north of midnight. Shutters down, the demon hiding in those dark depths did not choose to be seen tonight. 

“Miss you baby love,” I coo making sure he sees I am wrapped in my silk dressing gown. I slide it open. He doesn’t bite. I know he is not alone. He’s all dressed up with somewhere to go. I can’t see the bitch but can smell her. If she isn’t next to him she soon will be. I act like I don’t know. I’m not acting if I were to confess I don’t care. 

“Got a deal to seal, baby girl, heading over to the Upper East Side in 5.  How’s my Kimber?”

“Good, missing Papa Bear!”

“Love you. Call you in the morning.”

I call the dog over and make sure he sees us snuggling on the couch, watching the wall hung TV on Netflix. Satisfied he hangs up. 

I have an itch. I’m going to scratch it. 

In less than half an hour I’ve changed into a barely there dress and the most killer heels I can find. I shake my long blonde hair free from the  confines of the tight chignon he likes and replace the elegant pink pearls gracing my ears with gold slut hoops. A dash of Chanel Rouge Allure on my lips and a lick of black eyeliner, heavy coat of mascara. A line of Coke, a blue pill and I am good to go. 

A quick call and an Uber is on the way. It’s not the night to take my Bentley out. Not the part if London Town I am heading. 

“Don’t wait up, Mama’s going to be late!” I stroke Kimber’s sweet little Bichon Frisée fur and head for the door. I have an itch to scratch.

The nightingale has wings and she is going to use them, taking flight into the heart of the night… 

©Eily Nash (2020)

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Photo by Daniel Bendig on Pexels.com

Walk Away

She felt the absence of his heart

Long before he even realised she had gone.

Walked away …

Silently closing the door on the place

Where love did not live anymore.

Eily Nash (2020)

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

A Poet’s Pen

The Poet took his words formed from delicate, silken strands of silver and gold, weaving them deftly into the heavy blanket of my infernal night. My Soul had grown cold, now the warmth of his Love wrapped me in Light.

Eily Nash (2020)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Eternal Night

Falling. Falling. Soft embrace of the velvet deep calling, calling. Leave far behind shores of pain. Warm waves of oblivion sweeping it all away. No need fight it, hurt never felt again. Down, down to sleep in endless seas of eternal night. And so I sleep…

© Eily Nash


Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

“I will always love you…”

A lonely heart cried out to the stars above as night came riding in, for she thought there was no one else to hear.

The Moon felt the pain of loss ripping through the ethers from a Soul searching, hoping, longing. She replied on the song of the wind.

‘Your Beloved is here in heaven with me, just a whisper away, in the place Love lives for evermore…Look!’

A shooting star blazed across the sky.

Tears fell.

Gifts of Light

adolescence attractive beautiful blur
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Her gift was of the Soul, in her hands she held healing Light.

Her Heart a home for the lonely, the broken and those who lost their way.

She knew, with time and tender care they would dare to love again. Walk free from the brutal chains of shame and pain that bound them to the past.

They would no longer be fragmented, but healed and whole.

Ready to the embrace the dawning of a brand new day.

There were those who called her an Earth Angel. She would shake her head and smile. For there was no need for them to know the tears she shed alone or the scars she hid, or that the Gifts of Light were forged in a foundry of her own pain.

Eily Nash

Two Swans

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Once upon a time there were two swans.

Both lustrous, beautiful and filled with light.

One was called Diamond, the other Crystal.

Life knew it had the power to break one, but not the other.

Diamond was beautiful with an inner strength that surpassed Steel.

Crystal was a fragile beauty. If she broke, she would shatter into a myriad of pieces.

For one could withstand what the other could not.

Wisdom whispered to Life ‘Be kind’ …

Eily Nash ~ 2020

Queen of Witchery

Photo by Ferdinand Studio on Pexels.com


A golden crown upon my head

Clothed in a gossamer gown

I sit upon a silver throne

My palace is my heart’s home

I have no subjects, I am all alone

All cares, burdens, concerns unladen

For others sins, I have long atoned

From skies above the Goddess looked down

Upon her broken and lost Handmaiden

The Lady in Her mercy revealed to me

Her Majesty and Secrets of alchemy

Now I preside from the seat of my soul

I am healed and whole.

Queen of all Witchery

Eily Nash ~2020


All Alone

high angle shot of a person walking alone in the desert
Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

All alone…

I held the hurt, I held the pain and all their sorrows

I saw such horror, and tears that fell as bitter rain

I stood tall, whoever they were, I Protected them all

All alone…

With rocks and stones began building my fortress home

Wanting to shout, wanting to yell but who could I tell

I was not living, I was burning in hell

All alone…

The dreams shook me from my sleep

Mind Movies, play again, they never cease

There is no peace, the trauma runs too deep

All alone…

One dark day the storm clouds came riding in

I looked down from the Tower I had built so high

The edge of a precipice, I fall or find my wings and fly

All alone…

Saturated by sorrow, I could hold no more

My Tower was now a prison and not a sanctuary

I had lost the key and was afraid to open the door

All alone…

My broken heart began to race, tomorrow I could not face

I believe an Angel of Light heard the calling of my Soul

On wings of Love she took me to blue skies above

No longer alone…

I was in a diaphanous castle in the Sky

The answers to my questions, all the reasons why

All the brutality, needless deaths and goodbyes

No longer alone…

A Lady of infinite beauty listened patiently as it all poured out

First a whisper and then a shout. Kindness too much to bare

The dam burst, I saw in her eyes such tender love and care

No longer alone…

Reflected in the eyes of the Goddess of all Humanity

I saw such deep empathy, compassion and love…I saw me!

I saw the rhyme and reason, watched my life unfold

She whispered my story needed to be told

So those walking a Protector’s path far from Home

Know they are Divinely Protected and NEVER alone

For we come from Love and will return to Love. Only Love is real.

Eily Nash ~2020

Summer Love

summer garden leaf blur
Photo by new view studios on Pexels.com

Blessed by blue skies on a sultry Summer day, I lay upon a lush green lawn in my English Country garden. The scent of Honeysuckle and Jasmine hang sweetly on the air, blending with Roses and Lavender. Such delicate fragrances delight the senses. They are dancing to the soft calling of birds and the low humming of nectar gathering bees. A Ray of Light playfully glints through rustling Beech Tree leaves and I watch Swifts riding the breeze. So high, soaring to the edge of blue. Soft caresses of sunlight are kissing my skin.

I close my eyes and dream of you.

Eily Nash ~ 2020

Bones of Carrion

selective focus photograph of black crow
Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

…And so they come to feed, like raptors on your flesh until you are no more than the bones of carrion. You did not see them for what they were, until it was too late. Behind innocent eyes a deep sea of jealousy lies. There is no kindness in words that cut the fabric of a soul.

Eily Nash ~ 2020

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Dimpsey Dusk




I’d heard many an ancient story told, of the magic the Bluebell Woods may hold. Did I believe it, was it for real? If a mortal man stood in a faerie ring, precious time was something they would steal. Could there really be such a thing? The thoughts rattled around my head, I admit by curiosity I was led. It was back in the merry month of May, as I recall, ’twas Beltane day and  just as the dimpsey dusk had begun to fall, I heard enchantment call. 

I set off down a country lane, clambering over stiles, a rickety bridge across a rhyne and through the fields of Barley, until I stood at the entrance to the Bluebell Woods. I had left the world so mundane, seeking the magic that lives in a space beyond the confines of time. I stood very still, barely holding my breath. What if the myths were true, could meeting the Fae really cause a man’s death? Beautiful Bluebells, their scent pervaded the air. Suddenly I did not care as their tinkling chimes dispelled my fear, I could sense the magic as I drew near.

With glow worms to light the way, I followed a winding trail, determined to return to tell the tale. The leaves begin to sway, dancing to the birds signalling the end of day. Then I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. A little fellow, so dapper and neat. He had a suit of red and green, such a creature I had never seen. Shiny black shoes with silver buckles upon his feet. With cheerful words he greeted me, ‘Good Sir, Merry Meet!’

I was so surprised when he spoke and  told me he was of the Elven folk. Reaching up, he took my hand and led me into an enchanted land.How blessed was I to see a sight, granted to a mortal man that warm Summer’s night. In a clearing in the woods, the Beltane fire burned high and bright. Beside the Elf, I felt brave and I felt bold, and so I stood, quite at ease and protected by the trees, and watched it all unfold.

I was midst the Royal Court of the Fae as their magical May procession got underway, led by the Faerie Queen and her Holly King. Oh her beauty had to be seen! Her silken gown was spun from gossamer threads, a golden diadem upon her lovely head. Her flaxen hair was loose and long and came tumbling down. Her Consort, a majestic sight as he took her hand and they sallied forth into the night. The Faerie folk, Elves, Hobgoblins, Dryads, Sprites and Nymphs all bowed down to She who wore the Green Wood Crown. 

Enchanted I watched as their Majesties walked by, the Faerie Queen caught my eye. She beckoned me to join her entourage and follow the retinue. I did not hesitate, grabbing the little Elf by the hand, I did as she bid me to and went further into the deep dark woods. Along the way Fireflies flew, tiny sparks of  dazzling, dancing light, as the procession came through.

By the Beltane fire, I saw two thrones, hewn from ancient stone. I felt the power build and rise from the forest floor. I had wandered through a liminal corridor. A land of beauty, magic, song and dance. The whole forest was alive, and I was entranced. Beetles, bugs and Bees joined in the festivities. There was nectar to sip and cake to eat. A giant toadstool became my seat. Fallow Deer, Badgers, Stoats, Mice, Foxes, Hedgehogs and Voles are came creeping shyly in to pay homage to the Faerie Queen. Such marvellous sights, the like of which I had never seen!

And through the night music played, on a Harpsichord, flutes and Mandolins, and a Nightingale sang madrigals and songs of Courtly love. Oh how we danced and twirled and spun in circles, round and round. My feet hardly touched the ground! And then from somewhere high above, I heard a Barn Owl screech and in a happy, dizzy haze I fell upon the forest floor. The sights and sounds receded, I looked but although he was needed, my Elven friend was somewhere out of reach.

Beneath the light of a Flower Moon, the Faerie Queen looked upon her blessed realms of The Summerlands,  stretching as far as the eye can see. Beauty reaching to infinity. With a wave of her magic wand and the mists begin to rise around Avalon. Sleep fell upon me, and enchanted by the  Queen of the Green Wood’s spell, I kept the secret. For their story I would never tell.

Eily Nash (2020)



Gossamer Threads: Short Stories

Song of the Siren

sea beach vacation people
Photo by Rod Elish on Pexels.com

In shallow waters he teased and played, enticing hungry bodies to lust and fall to sin. Then with practiced ease, no remorse or backward glance, he would callously walk away, leaving heartache in his wake. Broken shells and shattered dreams on the empty shore of love.

Until the fateful day he heard the Siren’s warning call.

‘Beware the beautiful mind that draws you in.’

Intrigued by the beguiling deep, he slowly waded into the stillness of the sea, thinking he was free to ebb and flow and ride the tide, like the Starfish on the beach.

Yet each time he heard the song of the Siren, he went further until there was no ground beneath his feet.



Siren calling …

Who could save a drowning man from his own desires as he became a willing prisoner to the deep?

Eily Nash

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Love Song of the Universe

From my home midst the Star Nurseries of Alpha Tauri we saw Her tears falling and heard Her distress call come travelling from a beautiful blue planet, across time and space and our shared galaxy, Orion’s Arm.

The Spirit of the Earth, Gaia, had cried out in anguish. Her children were in pain, for in their ignorance they had opened Pandora’s box and unleashed the Furies upon themselves. We set sail, across the cosmos, passing planets, nebulae, suns, stars and moons.

With heavy hearts we stood on the roof of the world and looked down, as if into the abyss itself. Gaia whispered the Truth. That which should have been heaven upon the good Earth was now becoming hell. And all was in the balance betwixt Light and eternal darkness.

We looked and saw deep into the hearts, minds and souls of Man. There were those who wore the armour of dishonour, prepared to sacrifice the World for greed, seeing goodness as weakness. There were also those who wore a mantle of goodness, loved and cared deeply for all Life, knowing it to be a precious gift of the Godhead. They longed for the paradigm shift that would birth a new way of Being. Understanding that ‘All is One.’

The sorrow of the Earth ripped through us. We could not stand still and watch the sons and daughters of the Earth destroy each other along with Gaia, their Great Mother. We had carried with us across the Galaxy Seeds of Light. We scattered the precious seeds far and wide, knowing they would grow in the hearts of men. It would take time, but the tide would turn.

Our mission complete, we returned home, And as we travelled, we played the music of the Spheres and sung in praise.

Back on The beautiful blue planet, our Star Seeds heard the Love Song of the Universe. They remembered they were born from Love and would return to Love and they too began to sing✨

Eily Nash ~2020

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A Planetary Healing Meditation

I would like to share a little 20 minute meditation that I made up and  have been doing for a great many years.I strongly feel that when we are at one with Nature and look after our beautiful Planet Earth, then we, Gaia’s Beloved children, are also nurtured and grow in love and understanding for All that Is.

I offer this, with Love from me to you x


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, making sure you will be warm and not disturbed. Take several deep breathes. As you breathe in, you are filling your lungs with energising pure white Light. And as you breathe out you are letting go of all stress, strain or worry. This is your special time to connect deeply with Gaia, the spirit of our beautiful planet Earth and your own special deities, with the Saints, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and the Divine Feminine and with All that Is, Source, God, The Godhead. We are all one.

As above, so below, as without, so within.

When you are ready, we will begin. Use whatever senses you like to enjoy our planetary healing visualisation/mediation: See, hear or sense the words in a way that works for you!

See a beautiful crystalline pyramid surrounding  you, the base beneath your feet and the tip of the pyramid reaching through the stratosphere to the very edge our beautiful planet Earth. Now see another inverted pyramid, the base beneath your feet and the tip to the underside of Earth, our home in our amazing Universe. The two pyramids merge into an octahedron, with you perfectly calm and perfectly safe within.

Now see/sense/feel a brilliant white Light pouring from the Heart of Heaven down through the pyramid, through YOU…The Light is cleansing, purifying and healing. It pours through your crown and fills every part of you: skin, bones, muscles, organs, blood, nervous system and also your auric field.

The Light travels through, in, around and down you and out your feet continuing through the pyramid, through to the edge of the Earth. It is beautiful to be held in this Light from Heaven itself.

From your lovely and loving heart centre the Light begins radiating out in concentric circles to your home, your loved ones, friends, neighbourhood, your village, city, town, your country and onwards in waves out into the whole wide world.

It feels so good to be held in the light of Love. Knowing you are a Light-worker for the good of both Gaia and the Cosmos.

Hold in your heart and mind this healing Light of Love as it travel through you to all of Humanity. To all of the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. To the elements and creatures of each element, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Ether. Send this Light to everything and everyone you wish to focus on. 

The Keepers of the wisdom of the Deep, Dolphins and Whales. To Sea mammals. All the fish and crustaceans and water dwellers. 

To creatures of the land both warm and cold blooded, carnivores and herbivores, to ruminants, flocks and herds of all animal families, beetle and bugs, creatures that creep and crawl. To all reptiles.

To the creatures of the air who take flight, birds, butterflies, bees, bats, flying insects.

And to the Earth herself, all her geology and geography. Her fossil fuels, minerals, crystals, rocks, granites, marbles, geysers, hot springs. Her Polar Caps,Mountain ranges, Valleys, Rain Forests, Woodlands, Fields, Prairies, Desserts, Beaches and her grasses, trees, flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables. Her oceans, seas, rivers, waterfalls, tributaries, streams, ponds and resevoirs.

FEEL AND KNOW yourself connected with all of Creation.

In this place of total connection, feeling your special place in the Divine Plan, we will call in the Divinities.

Invite the Angels to pour their Love and Light into your octahedron pyramids, to you and through you out into the whole world and everything that is in, on  and of the Earth.

Invite the Ascended Masters, the Saints and Illumined Ones for their compassion and understanding as they once walked your path and that of all of us upon the Earth.They understand our challenges, our hopes, dreams, fears, desires, aspirations. Our creativity, our destruction, our Light and our Darkness.

Invite the the twelve Archangels Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Raguel, Sandelphon, Uriel, Zadkiel to bring their Divine power and Light, healing and Love.

Invite all the other Angelic Host, the Principalities, Powers, Virtues,Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim for their Heavenly Love.

Invite the Divine Feminine, The Sophia, for the Unconditional Love in Her Aspects of Mother God: Mother Mary, The Lady Mary Magdalene, The Lady Kwan Yin, Gaia and The Goddesses known to the World.

Now see a brilliant golden Light pouring down, the Christ Light of compassion and Love for all that is, all that was and all that will ever be. 

Finally sense, see, feel  the Violet Flame of God holding the Earth, Our Gaia Herself, in Divinity. The Love of the Godhead for all creation transmuting all fear, pain and suffering into the pure essence of LOVE. For love is from where we came and where we will return. In truth, all there is and ever will be, is LOVE.

This healing meditation for yourself and our beloved planet is now complete.

Take several deep breathes and give gratitude for the blessings you have invoked for All.

Ground, by seeing golden roots from your root chakra, your feet and hands going deeply down into the good, rich Earth. And KNOW you matter and you are Loved.


© Eily Nash 

Check Mate ♟

Photo by SplitShire on Pexels.com

You were the one who chose the game

And placed the pieces on the board.

You made your opening move.

Lies wrapped in Truth.

Wanted your Lover’s game darker.

Black Queen with sights set.

Picked up your sacrificial pawn.

You did not see the gambit

….until it was too late.

The silent Rook took flight

Swooped and took your white Knight.

Check Mate.

Game over


Eily Nash ~2020

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In 2012 I penned my first novel. It came from a place of pain. Seven years on I have grown both as a Writer and a person. I decided to revisit “Wychwood” and give it a re-write, detaching myself from the drama and writing as an observer.

Although I received praise for the book I wanted to infuse it with more Grace, more Magic and occult layers.

The Main Character has a new name Phaedra (Fay’dra) and I have introduced some new and more sinister characters.

This is Chapter One…


It is said that for every soul who walks upon the Earth a Guardian Angel is assigned ~ there are times the Angel may walk beside a soul, there are times the Angel may carry that soul and then there are times the Angel can only stand and watch and weep...

Midwinter. Dusk came stealthily creeping in, intent on stealing away the remains of the day. Fog descended over the grey London skyline, wrapping the Victorian villas in a numinous mist. White stucco coated walls that had shone in the harsh glint of winter sunlight now took on a ghostly air. Comforting coals burning in the hearths within cast a warm glow through opaque windowpanes, orange eyes keeping watch on a cold, dark night. ‘Fire light, fire bright, all is well tonight.’ Smoke snaking from tall chimney pots into the chill air warned any gathering preternatural creatures of darkness to stay away.  As dusk succumbed to night’s embrace, the fog began to lift, revealing a star-studded sky. Lights were extinguished and weary folk made their way gratefully to bed, giving thanks to the Lord for the day that was done and the morrow yet to come. One house stood apart from the camaraderie of its neighbours, no warmth or light was to be found within its walls. The interior of number four was just as bleak as its cold, nocturnal façade. Winter’s icy fingers reached into the very heart of the despondent house, into a cavernous bedroom dressed in heavy furniture from a bygone century back when the house was proud and new. A huge mahogany bedstead, barely discernible in the gloom, rose as a dark island in a sea of darkness. Centre stage was given to a huge black Victorian cast iron fireplace, inset with tiles glazed with an elegant William Morris floral design. It was too dim to appreciate the contrast of the beautiful pure white flowers, against the blackness of the cold and empty hearth. Lilies for the departed soul now restored to innocence after death. The room was out of step with the modern world unfolding beyond its ornate walls patterned in rich shades of gold and teal. Heavy jade brocade curtains dressed the window, although slightly closed they admitted a pale sliver of light to slyly come creeping in and illuminate the scene within the room.

From the remoteness of the huge bed, a young child sat up, big hazel eyes wide open, scanning the room for a phantasmagorical Presence she could sense hiding somewhere in the shadows. She drew an eiderdown tightly around her tiny body, tucking the edges under her trembling chin. The big bulky frame of her Father lay beside the little girl. He was sleeping, lost in Morpheus’ arms with heavy breathing reverberating around the room, chasing away the creeping silence. Shadows danced along the walls, thrown up by arbitrary moonbeams. A gilded mirror hung above the fireplace and the child was mesmerised by the forms within its silvery depths.

At bedtime Phaedra loved to curl up with a book of fairy tales enchanting her. She imagined the ethereal creatures from the pages, elves and goblins, fairies, centaurs, unicorns, talking owls, nightingales and brave Knights and beautiful Princesses were all living in the mirror, inhabitants of a world within worlds. As another ray of capricious moonlight fell across the Oak floor, it illuminated a pale, languid, crumpled body. Comatose, the flaccid form lay curled in a foetal position, an almost empty brandy bottle clutched in a lifeless hand. A malevolent shape crouched beside the figure. Both were reflected in the mirror. Seeing the Presence, she had sensed, the child let a strangled sob escape into the gloom, alerting the man. Startled, he scanned the room and assuring himself and his tiny daughter that nothing was amiss, he urged her to snuggle down and sleep. His wife was where he had left her, on the floor. Having witnessed the same drug and alcohol induced scene for far too long and powerless to change things, he had ceased to care a long time ago. Defiantly, the child shook her head, soft auburn ringlets swaying around her little heart shaped face, eyes luminous and anxious.

‘Daddy, the thing is here again! It is sitting next to Mummy!’

‘There is no thing, it is just the shadows.’

‘I can see it in the mirror, flashing dark eyes with red sparks burning like hot coals, Oh Daddy!’

‘Phae, it is just the reflection of the embers in the fireplace.’

‘Daddy the fire is out. Mummy is cold, laying there on the floor, does she need a blanket?’ She enquired tentatively. ‘Why is Mummy on the floor again, and not snuggling up with us like she used to. Why is that scary thing next to her?’

‘Oh, that thing? That’s just Mummy’s shadow friend.’ With tired indifference, he humoured her, eager to go back to sleep. His once beautiful wife’s modelling career had paid handsomely but come at a terrible toll with easy access to drink and drugs and the descent into oblivion and addiction.

‘Shall we cover Mummy to keep her warm? She may be afraid of the dark and are you sure the thing is a friend?’ She persisted.

So many questions, so few answers. Thinly veiling his feelings of revulsion and contempt, voice laden with disgust, the weary man offered comfort ‘The floor is where Mummy and her shadow friend belong, go back to dreamland, Phaedra.’ Then kissing her on the tip of her nose, he rolled over and went back to sleep.

The little girl burrowed under the covers and lay down with her tiny face snuggling into her Daddy’s warm back. Mummy was fine, Daddy knew best. Her worries alleviated she slept the rest of the night comforted by the deep sleep of the innocent. In her dreams, the child called for an Angel, an Angel of Love and Light to come and take the thing away and keep Mummy warm. And the Angel hearing her call, came.

In the hours that lay on the cusp of night and day, a luminous golden radiance bathed the room and an Angel, with benevolent arms outstretched, stepped out into the gloom. He held a gossamer blanket, woven from the light of the stars from the heavens above. With a gentle touch He wrapped the child’s Mother in love and light and tenderness. For the Angel knew, just as the child knew, that the woman although bound by addictions was still deserving of love and compassion.

‘She is mine!’ Hissed a misshapen demonic form.

‘No! She is His.’ Serene cobalt blue eyes looked heavenwards. The Angel knew whilst barricaded into her own pain, it would take a lifetime to free the woman from her tormentor and captor. How long that life would be was written in the stars, yet the Angel was prepared to fight the demon for her eternal Soul.

The demon’s dark eyes flashed red sparks of pure malice and it pushed the brandy bottle across the floorboards. The woman stirred and through a haze she reached for the bottle and taking it from him she drained the last dregs. In his clawed hand the demon held a fresh bottle. The woman lunged at him, eager to feed her addiction.

‘It is yours, but not whilst you clutch at that useless thing!’ it spat in loathing, pointing his gnarled claw at the blanket of Light.

The blanket of Light felt good and through the haze of drugs and alcohol the woman knew she should keep a tight hold.

‘Go away!’ She cried, wrapping the blanket tightly around her body. Grace washed over her and soothed her unquiet soul into a deep and peaceful sleep where the demon could not reach her.

The demon spewed fire and brimstone. ‘If I do not take the mother, I shall return for the child!’ it hissed at the Angel, before its malignant form dissipated into the darkness, along with the stench of stale alcohol and bitter pungency of opiates pervading the air.

The Angel prayed silently and bestowed a quiet benediction over the child and her lost Mother and the man who had long forgotten the truth, as he slept in his warm bed whilst the woman he once loved and had lost her way, lay on the cold floor.

A fragrant blend of frankincense and attar of roses filled the room. The man did not smell the perfume purifying the space around him, his child and his wife. Nor did he see the celestial blanket of stars woven with the Light of Heaven wrapped around her. He did not see the pure white lily the Angel had placed in the woman’s hand when she took away the empty bottle.

He did not see the Angel of Light standing at the foot of the bed, waiting. The demon would return. The woman would try to fight. Without the help of the man her redemption would only come the other side of the veil. The man could not see these things, for he too was enslaved by his own addictions and unable to feel the Presence of God when an Angel calls.

And so, the Angel stood and wept.


Eily Nash~2019

Thank you for reading.

The Original version will remain in print as I work on my new version.

Attribution:Pentagram image from Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/witchcraft-spooky-pentagram-2390305/

Angel Paws

This is my Westie and my constant companion. I love this little dog to infinity and beyond. For 12 years we have hardly been apart. She brings so much joy and happiness to me. I have nursed her through many health issues and penned 3 fictional books about her. Angel’s tiny body holds a huge heart and a big personality. Did I mention I love my little fur baby?! ❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾Angel’s Books are Available on Amazon 🐾

She walks in Beauty…

In which the Muse is upon Angel as she channels Lord Byron and exposes Grannie as a love cheat along the way!


“Beauty, thy name is Angel… “

‘Oh is that by a famous poet?’ You may solicitously inquire, my Lovelies.

Hmm…It is indeed by someone famous, but not a poet. Someone who, dare I say, may well be a Literary Genius! Have you guessed??? Who comes to mind??? Clever you! Yes…It is by Moi, and it is all about Moi…Who else?! Now you and I, and all the World know I am indeed beautiful, so why am I penning the obvious?!! ‘Cos I can, My Lovelies…I Am The Paws! And like the first canine, like ever, to be a real Author…How cool is that??? No need to answer My Lovelies, the question is purely rhetorical. It is more cool than a polar bear in Ray Bans sunbathing on an iceberg.

‘How did you discover your talent for poetry?’ you may well further solicitously ask me, my Lovelies.

Well it was all because of Grannie skanking with a famous poet and threatening my family security and also our shopping trip to Nieman Marcus…Read on…time for another of our little “Shh…secret sharing sessions”

It was the day after the whole debacle with GrandPa and the floozie that turned out to be an annual herb, and my abandoned date with that Angel cake and Krios at the Loeb boathouse restaurant in Central Park. Grannie was trying to make things up to me and we were chilling with smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis and chilled Chardonnay in our Penthouse. I was trying to talk to Grannie about something really important. Shopping. But she just wasn’t listening and she had this really stoopid mushy, faraway look on her face. She was muttering something about ‘his words being soooo sublime and how blessed she was to have her perfect man.’ Hmmm…who was this geezer she was ranting on about and more importantly did my G.G.P (Grumpy GrandPa) know? and if not, why not…So in the interests of family unity, getting my own back and shopping, I did the right thing. I once again Face Timed him back home in in England’s green and pleasant land from my Apple iPad in the big Apple.

‘GrandPa, listen up, I need to snitch on Grannie, Erm, I mean tell you something…this is very serious….Grotty Grannie has another man and he has been sending her love letters!’ I solicitously informed him.

‘Grooouuumppphhhh…W.T.F? Didn’t you cause enough trouble yesterday, you little Minx!’ He eloquently answered as he choked on his Gordon’s and tonic. Obviously having had one or ten too many. Just sayin’ G.G.P!

Funny how I got the blame for what was patently not my fault. I decided to be the bigger dog, which is no mean feat when you are less than a foot tall, and ignore his accusation. This matter was way to important for pettiness. Direct action was called for. Westies are renowned for our feisty and fearless disposition, so ignoring his apparent discomfort, I proceeded with my expose of my manky, home wrecking and cheating Grannie.

‘See for yourself!’ says I, turning the camera on naughty Grannie as she sat, eyes glazed, reading some tosh from a card with a pink love heart and red roses on it.

‘What are you reading Grannie?’ I cleverly asked, my suspicion it was a missive from her mystery man was confirmed as she spouted…

‘She walks in beauty, like the night…’ sigh...

‘And all that’s best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes: 

Thus mellow’d to that tender light which heaven to gaudy day denies…’ sigh…

‘One shade the more, one ray the less, had half impaired the nameless grace which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o’er her face;

 Where thoughts serenely sweet express how pure, how dear their dwelling-place.’ Mega deep sigh

‘And on that cheek, and o’er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!’

Even deeper sigh. Eww. Humphhh…I’d hardly call Grannie’s black and shameless heart innocent, and I was sure G.G.P wouldn’t either!

‘See and hear for yourself G.G.P! Grannie is far from innocent and that geezer’s barely literate…’ I was triumphant! Grannie was caught cheating and totally unaware G.G.P was witnessing her bare faced skanking! That will teach her to ignore Moi when I need to go shopping…

‘Angel….You Minx!!!’ My ingrate of a GrandPa shouted at Moi. This was getting to be a bad habit.

Then Grannie’s phone rang. Then my Oldies had a very loooonggggg convo about Moi. Then unbelievably, and unfairly they both said I am so totally grounded. Again. Porquoi???

Hurrumphh. Who Knew???? The manky card was from him to her. Erm, it seems they had a thing called an anniversary. Seems she likes poetry. Seems she likes this geezer called Byron. But it is OK. He’s dead. G.G.P has nothing to worry about and neither do I, apart from getting down to Fifth Avenue pronto…I need to get ungrounded like right now. Hmm, I have a little idea! If some rubbishy old poet has that effect on my Grannie, then I definitely can do better. Neiman Marcus have some lovely Loro Piana scarfs in. I like them. They look good on Moi. I need Grannie to grab her Amex and  buy me a nice Jardin Berbere cashmere one, a mere snip at about $2,000 before they sell out…I want to look good when I finally get my paws on that Angel cake and manage to keep a royal date with Krios. So I have penned this just for her, I think she will be impressed to be immortalised in verse, and more than happy to flash the cash for Moi, don’t you?

She walks in shadows of the night

It’s really best she avoids the light

‘Cos her gaudy mush is a right sight

It ‘d give ole  Frankie Stein a fright!

Angel Cake available on Amazon to preview now!

Magic power of a wishing flower

white dandelion under blue sky and white cloud
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sweet Dandelion
Do you wait patiently for me
To come along and set you free
I’ve heard plenty an aged tale told
Of the magic a Dandelion holds.
Is that so little wishing flower?
Do you have such magic power?

I bid of thee, fly free, Blessed Be.
Bring my heart’s desire back to me!
Scatter through the fields and trees
Soft starburst on the gentle breeze
Treasured seed falls to Mother Earth
Within each one the promise of rebirth

…And so the dance of life goes on…

© Eily Nash

Lily Flame

Lady Lily Flame

My Lady,  My Love, My Lily Flame

Do you wear a sullied cloak of shame

Has purity and innocence taken flight

To the beguiling dark embrace of Night

Nyx and Erebus, alluring, starless charms

Mists enticing you into seductive arms

My Lady, My Love, My Lily Flame

Guileless innocence, without blame

Deny the Ferryman his Stygian fee

From Thanatos tenebrous domain flee

By  flames of Winter burning bright

Take safe passage through the  night

My Lady, My Love, My Lily Flame

Capricious gods may play Night’s game

Gates of the rising sun light the way

To sanctuary of Hemera’s breaking day

Purified by the kiss of the  Morning Dew

Absolution and Benediction fall on you

~Eily Nash 2015